June Crym note to file, 6/17/78

[Editor’s note: This document retains its original spellings. The name “Olga” is in code.]


from June 6/20/78

Notes remembered from meeting with Charles Garry June 17, 1978

Jean had asked him the day before who he would or could predict might be charged criminally in the future so that we might plan in advance and send them out – and he had said he could not predict that and would not give a definite answer. This time I asked him if someone were indicted along the way, assuming we didn’t know ahead of time who it was and had not send them overseas, would they be able to get out of the country – he gave a guarded answer, something like people to travel  don’t they – as if to say, legally and ethically he could not answer that question but implying that there are ways to get out, when you have a passport. I pointed out that that was not the preferable route, that we would like to know ahead of time. He went through the long explanation of what happens when you are indicted (he’s woried about federal indictment) and that you’re entitled to bail. Well that’s not the point of course, but he would not have it any other way and would not elaborate on whether he had any ideas of who it might be. We both explained over and over how if one of us found ourselves charged and jailed, Jim would have no alternative but to do what we know he would do, and Garry doesn’t buy that. Instead he said he would have to talk to him direct when that time came if it did, and “instruct” him. He doesn’t have any idea of the real situation as far as that area is concerned.

He likes the idea of suing Olga does not want Christina’s children to be involved because they would have to disclose too much of their personal background and history once the suit began since she would have the right to cross-complain. Also, if they sued for stolen items, she could allege she had not been compensated for all the past years of work she had put in and justify the theft that way. He prefers for one individual to sue her.

He wants us to invite the Black Caucus – because he didn’t think any other Congressional circle would give us a fair shake or listen to us; because it would make a good impression on the black community; and because it would make a good PR impression in the media, our opening ourselves up at a time when all the accusations claim close ourselfs off. Sometime back when we were hassling the Leo thing, he said he didn’t want this thing to end up with him having to go before the U.S. Congress because some hostile Congressman turned off by our unavailability and found a resolution against us, and it didn’t want to end up going to the United Nations because of some