Q871 Transcript

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Side One

Several seconds of low conversation by young woman, followed by tape edit.

“Lisa Layton”: Nobody, nothing care could I be– could be found anywhere. Jim Jones, who has shown tremendous care and concern for me, has offered to send me a government emergency plane to pick me up here and take me to Georgetown and to the hospital. He has also offered to send me to another country, such as Cuba or the Soviet Union– Union to seek further medical care. However (low chuckle) I do not wish (pause, which includes rustling of paper) to go anywhere. I want to stay right here in Jonestown. In fact, when I die, I wish to die right here with the people I love in Jonestown, and no place elsewhere.

Tape edit

Young woman: (unintelligible word) Uh– Try to get to them privately because we wanted to know who was who. Uh– We want to (unintelligible word) but it was too late. It was too late.


Side Two

“Lisa Layton”: –vomiting, I’m not keeping any food down, I have a fever, and I’m being taken of in a beautiful Southern way. Jim Jones has suggested that if I don’t recover to his uh, satisfaction, he would like me to go to Georgetown and possibly to Cuba to have a specialist look at me. However, I feel this is premature, because as long as I have a fever, I feel it’s a virus. I felt– I’m feeling sick to my stomach, and I’ve been getting shots to do away with the nausea, and aspirin suppositories bring down my temperature. Anything should ever go wrong, I’d like to stay right here and die in Jonestown. I really do not want to kick the bucket anywhere else. I like this place, and I belong here. Thank you. (edit) (Pause)

This is July 4, 1978, I have been given the opportunity to go to Georgetown for medical treatment, and I have asked not to go, because I’ve been feeling too sick to bother being put on a plane. And I feel that I’m getting good care here and I feel it’s imma– uh, it’s uh– immature [premature]. I mean, it’s– what do you call it, it– it’s too– going in too early because you don’t know what’s wrong at this time. It does look like a virus infection to me. Lisa Layton.