Temple memo on upcoming political events, 10/78


[Handwriting at top: “Terry Buford”]

from: Andy/Vera
re: Fundraiser for anti Death Penalty
Sun. Oct 15 [1978]

Vera, Phyllis, CJ, and I went to someone’s house for this fundraiser. Willie Brown and Sheriff Eugene Brown were the two best known people there. I met twwo people Steve and Sonja Arnold originally from NYC and old friends of Mark Lane [Jim Jones’s attorney]. He is a real estate agent. We talked to Sheriff Brown, Willie Brown, and Randy Stallings who is the head of the anti Death Penalty initiave. Stallings told us that in his speaking engagements through the Central Valley, he finds an overwhelming number people persuaded in favaor of the death penalty because of the recent rape and ax mutilation of a 15 year old girl. He understood how the media had conspired against PT.

re: fundraiser for Congressman Burton (John)

We four met him at his fundraiser held at the St Francisc [St. Francis Hotel] (5.00 dollars each) where he had just flown in from Washin D.C. on a 8.45am flight after finally signing the Energy Bill at 7:15am yesterday. He listened to us talk about Mark Lane, the press coverage, and said he would look at the press clippings if we sent them to his office since he hadn’t seen the Sun Reporter article or any other. I talked to Stann Smith of the Building Trades Council who told me that he had seen one of our people [word crossed out, looks like “recently”] a while back. I asked, “Which one?” He said, “Tim Stoen.” I asked, “was this while he was with us or when he turned against us?” He said, “was there ever difference?” I gather he meant that [text xx’d out, looks like “agents”] Stoen had always intended to turn against us. I didn’t have time for more talk with him. He was friendly if that means anything. We saw Harvey Milk [underlined] who was the same Harvey- friendly, telling us the press coverage had to improve and the tide had to imptove sometime. We nodded to Sue Berman at both functions today.

P.S. Willie Brown was concerned about a date for the upcoming dinner. I explained that as yet no specific date had been set, intentionally. I assume he had a letter drawn up ready to go but he needed a date before he could get things rolling.

Jean Brown indicated that J.J. wanted the community’s response to the recent findings of Mark Lane and the Sun Reporter article. Some of the reports that I am getting, from those folks who have read the articles are, We are beginning to fight back



In my last write-up, I mentioned that Justice Clinton White had not heard much about P.T. other than what he had read in the newspaper. But what I failed to include in the report was, he also mentioned that U.S. Attorney Billy Hunter had also given him some information on Peoples Temple.