Letter to Ptolemy Reid drafted for Jones, July 77


COPY COPY – – but not exact replica

31 July, 1977

Dear Dr. Reid:

Lt. Governor Dymally of California, leading black representatives, and 75 church officials and community leaders are coming to Peoples Temple in San Francisco today to show their support for [Handwriting: “the stand” crossed out] Jim Jones and Peoples Temple [handwriting: “have taken for Guyana and Socialism” crossed out]. I just thought you might like to know this. The media has not been the least bit subtle in its attack on those who have taken a stand for Socialism. The black press, however, has been supportive, and a few of the liberal white press has been also. The tactics being employed [“by” x’d out] against those who have taken a stand for Socialism are unimaginable. It is one thing to read about this; it is another to live through [handwriting: “them” crossed out] it. There are five new chapters of the Ku Klux Klan in the San Francisco Bay Area alone.

Meanwhile, immigration is going [letter x’d out] very well [handwriting: “here” inserted]: 60 went to Jonestown on our boat last night. Everyone is very happy to [letter x’d out] have the chance to start a new life in Guyana.

We need to know who to contact about the saw mill. Unless you feel it’s important to catch someone trying to make a purchase in U.S. dollars, we will buy with Guyanese, which is our practice. We have run into a number of people who are very blatant in their desire to get U.S. dollars. Some seem almost desperate to get them. Of course, we would never buy with U.S. unless under your direction for security reasnons. The main purpose for this letter is to say we are deeply concerned about your health. We just heard last night you weren’t feeling well. Please take good care of yourself.