John V Moore letter to LA District Attorney, 8/78


[First United Methodist Church letterhead]

Aug. 10

Dear Jean,

I have sent a copy of the enclosed to Charles Gary [Garry].

I fully expect the story to include allegations about Carolyn and Kimo.

If you decide to write to James Wall or Robert McAfee Brown, you can say I suggested them. They may or may not remember me.

With best wishes,
John Moore


[First United Methodist Church letterhead]

August 7, 1978

Mr. John Van de Kamp
District Attorney, Los Angeles County
210 West Temple
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear John:

Jean Brown of Peoples’ Temple has asked if I would write telling you something of our experience with Peoples’ Temple. Our oldest daughter has been a member of Peoples’ Temple for approximately eight years, and our youngest daughter for six years. Through them we became acquainted with some of the service ministries of their church, and with their pastor, Jim Jones.

In May we visited them in Guyana. I am enclosing a copy of an article which we wrote following our unique experience.

I am

Cordially yours,
John V. Moore

cc: Jean Brown