Excerpts from Temple endorsement packet

[Editor’s note: The complete packet of endorsements for the Temple from which the pages below have been extracted appears here.]



“I want to congratulate you on all the good activities you are engaged in to help young people. I especially want to commend you for the good work you are doing in your church. Perhaps, this kind of work will help to eliminate the bigotry which is really at the root of instructional problems of Black children.”

Kenneth R. Johnson
Institute of Race & Community Relations
University of California, Berkeley

“It is good to know there are such men as Pastor Jim Jones in this world.”

Paul R. Ehrlich
Professor of Biology
Stanford University
Stanford, California

“.. the description that you and others have given me of the works of your church – and of your remarkable Pastor, James Jones make it clear how deep and broad and various are your commitments to improving and humanizing society, and how marvelously effective your tireless efforts have been.”

Anthony G. Amsterdam, Professor
Stanford School of Law
Stanford, California

“Your Peoples Temple Group under the direction of Reverend Jones has always been an active supporter of education and educators in the area. I an my fellow educators are most appreciative of your efforts in our behalf.

J. W. Tully
Principal, Ukiah High School


“Both Dr. Miller and myself are glad to know that there are still people outside the medical profession who realize the problems of venereal disease in today’s society and who are attempting to do something about it.

“As a member of People’s Temple Christian Church you are doing an equally important job, which unfortunately is too often neglected in this age of materialism. We wish you continued success in your calling.”

John A. Sykes, M.D.
Director of Research
Southern California Cancer Center
Los Angeles, California

“I wish to convey to you my grateful and sincere appreciation for all the time and effort you have voluntarily devoted to the Mendocino County Commodity Program. ..The successful and positive result is directly attributed to your strong and capable leadership.

“Your energetic attitude and tireless dedication represents to me thoughtfulness, concern, and sincerity for other’s well being that I felt should not go unrecognized.”

Dennis R. Denny, Director
Mendocino County Welfare Dept.

“Your donation will help us in preventing juvenile delinquency and providing a tennis program for the youths in the underprivileged areas.”

Richard P. Williams
Executive Director
California Tennis Association for Underprivileged Youths
Los Angeles, California

LL-5-i: Page of Temple testimonials and a photo of Joe Johnson, Deputy Mayor of San Francisco

“… all of you have that capacity for love and understanding and belief in the respect for your fellowman and better than anything else the hope that that togetherness brings to one another the belief of true Christianity through loving one another and living in an Apostolic community.”

Most sincerely yours,
Raymond Pace Alexander
Senior Judge, Court of Common Pleas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Both Charlie Ericksen and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and the opportunity to meet you and the other members of your church.

“Hopefully, we will be able to return soon and learn more of the work which you are doing to create a church which is truly alive and dedicated to the brotherhood of man. ”

Philip Montez, Director
Western Field Office
United States Commission on Civil Rights

“People’s Temple Church is certainly doing a marvelous job for the children of Redwood Valley. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about it. With all best wishes.”

(Mrs.) Patricia Reilly Hitt
Assistant Secretary for Community and Field Services
Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare
Washington, D.C.

[image of Joe Johnson with caption:]
Joe Johnson, Deputy Mayor of San Francisco, frequent speaker and participant in Temple services.



“Peoples Temple Christian Church, which has a congregation in the Fillmore District, has started a fund to aid the families of slain policemen, ‘We are utterly horrified by this move to murder police all over this nation.’ the Reverend James Jones… told the Chronicle yesterday. The Disciples of Christ congregation started off the fund with $150. The money collected will go to the families (of a Berkeley officer and two) officers killed last weekend…”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Thank you again, Reverend Jones, for imparting the spirit of God and human fellowship to your congregation. We are deeply indebted to you.”

E. M. Davis
Chief of Police
City of Los Angeles

“I have read with interest about the fine work the members of your church are performing for your fellow man, and you are to be commended for this outstanding service to mankind.’

Donald M. Scott
Chief of Police
City & County of San Francisco

“The continuing interest and support of your church family is not only deeply appreciated but also most encouraging to all of us who believe so thoroughly in the need to bring our San Francisco jail services and programs into line with the best concepts of criminal justice.”

Anne Belisle Daley
Confidential Secretary to Sheriff Richard D. Hongisto
San Francisco, California

“On behalf of the members of the Ukiah Police Reserves, I wish to extend our appreciation for your very generous donation of $225.00 to our group.”

Al Foster, Captain
Ukiah Police Reserves
Ukiah, California


Dear Pastor Jones:

“It is indeed a privilege and a pleasure that I write this letter. I have been
overwhelmed by you and your congregation and your activities with law enforcement. The strength of God truly must be with you.”

Winston Churchill
Chief of Police
Indianapolis, Indiana

“.. congratulate you and your church for its efforts to foster better understanding between the peoples of these United States. It is always a pleasure to learn of the efforts of those concerned citizens who actively work at making our country the way that in theory it ought to be. ”

Laurence B. Green, Esquire
Police Affairs Division
Neighborhood Legal Services Assoc.
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

“Your support of those organizations dedicated to the maintenance of law and order — a very difficult task in these changing times — is particularly gratifying.”

J. R. Fisk
Chief Constable
Vancouver Police Department
Vancouver, British Columbia