1972 letter to Temple member from Mendocino County


[County of Mendocino Mental Health Services letterhead]

August 17, 1972

Ms. Christine Kice
1600 Tomki Road
Redwood Valley, Calif, 95470

Dear Ms. Kice,

I really appreciated receiving your letter of August 15th; I get a good feeling of support when someone in the community takes the time to write and express their feelings.

Although I’ve never experienced Pastor Jones’ services I have heard of the great good coming from the People’s Temple Christian Church. You are a living testimony to the ability of the Church. But even more, to the ability of yourself — you did it — you were given the chance to examine your life, closely and begin anew and you took it, and that’s a beautiful commentary on what kind of a person you are.

Thank you for your interesting letter and please feel free to drop by the clinic at any time to pay a visit.


Tom Brewster, MSW
Substance Abuse Coordinator