SF Housing Authority Letter to Jones, 11/78


[Letterhead for the Housing Authority of the City and County of San Francisco, Walter L. Scott, Jr.]

November 2, 1978

Reverend Jim Jones
P.O. Box 893
Georgetown, Guyana
South America

Dear Rev. Jones:

Just a note to thank you for your concern and interest in my well being. I have been reading with great interest the material that I receive from the Temple and of course the progress that the community of Jonestown is making. I know you are quite pleased. I do hope however, that you are taking care of your health.

Sorry to say that the predictions you made about “blacks and other minorities” in San Francisco have come true. I was sorry that Jean Brown left us, but, I understand she is doing much better. Vera has certainly been & great help to me and a staunch supporter through thick and thin.

Please let me hear from you, and the best of luck to you and everyone in Jonestown.

Best regards,
Walter L. Scott, II
Deputy Executive Director
San Francisco Housing Authority


LL-5-a-2: Envelope with Walter L. Scott address