Pets Unlimited Lawsuit vs. PT, 3/78


[George Agnost, City Attorney letterhead]
[Handwriting: “CL copy”]

March 31, 1978

1859 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94110

Property Address: 2243 Fillmore Street
Superior Court No.: 736-212

Dear Sir:

We have filed the above action in the Superior Court to compel the owner to correct violations of the: San Francisco Building and Housing Codes that exist in the above property. An examination of the public records reveals that you have an interest in the property which may be jeopardized by the final judgment in the suit and, for that reason, we must have you made a party and serve you with a summons and complaint.

It is our hope that the owner will take out the necessary permits and correct the violation. If the owner does úndertake to correct the violations, we do not wish to impose upon you the burden of answering the complaint. Accordingly, you may have until 15 days after we request in writing, by mail, to answer or otherwise plead to the complaint which has been served upon you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Very truly yours,
George Agnost
City Attorney

[signature of Victoria Thomas McGhee]
Deputy City Attorney

LL-5-b-2: Summons from Superior Court of California for Peoples Temple

LL-5-b-3: Summons from Superior Court of California for Pets Unlimited, Inc.

LL-5-b-4 through 11-5-b-9: City and County of San Francisco complaint against Pets Unlimited, Inc., Bayview Federal Savings and Loan, and Peoples Temple

LL-5-b-10: duplicate of letter on LL-5-b-1

LL-5-b-11: Acknowledgement of receipt of summons and complaint

LL-5-b-12: Copy of summons for Pets Unlimited

LL-5-b-13 through LL-5-b-18: Complaint against Pets Unlimited