Rodney Williams letter to Burnham supporting, PT 8/77


[Handwriting: “Original mailed 8/12/77”, “copy” written twice]

850 Bryant Street, Room 421
San Francisco, CA 94103

August 11, 1977

Prime Minister L.F.S. Burnham
office of the Prime Minister
Georgetown, Guyana

Dear Prime Minister Burnham:

This letter is in reference to Rev. Jim Jones whom I have known for about two years. Prior to that time I knew of his work in the San Francisco Community.

Rev. Jones has been very supportive of local programs designed to rehabilitate ex-offenders. As the past Director of the Police Community Relations Unit of the San Francisco Police Department, I personally know that members of his organization were instrumental in abating one of San Francisco’s most serious social problems existing in the Fillmore District of our City.

Rodney E. Williams


Originally posted on May 20th, 2022.

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