Rodney Williams letter to Burnham supporting, PT 8/77


[Handwriting: “Original mailed 8/12/77”, “copy” written twice]

850 Bryant Street, Room 421
San Francisco, CA 94103

August 11, 1977

Prime Minister L.F.S. Burnham
Office of the Prime Minister
Georgetown, Guyana

Dear Prime Minister Burnham:

This letter is in reference to Rev. Jim Jones whom I have known for about two years. Prior to that time I knew of his work in the San Francisco Community.

Rev. Jones has been very supportive of local programs designed to rehabilitate ex-offenders. As the past Director of the Police Community Relations Unit of the San Francisco Police Department, I personally know that members of his organization were instrumental in abating one of San Francisco’s most serious social problems existing in the Fillmore District of our City.

Rodney E. Williams