Commendations from SF Mayor Joseph Alioto, 1972-73


[Office of the Mayor of San Francisco letterhead]

October 19, 1972

Pastor Jim Jones
People’s Temple
1859 Geary Street
San Francisco, California

Dear Pastor Jim:

I have heard of your great work and the good you are doing in our community. You inspire and motivate the community in a constructive manner, and I send you my best wishes for continued success.

This evening I am pleased to be so ably represented by Mr. Joe Johnson, one of my principal deputies and advisors.

Through him I send you my kindest greetings.

Joseph L. Alioto


[Office of the Mayor of San Francisco letterhead]

August 10, 1973

To Whom These Presents May Come:


These presents will serve to introduce and identify Reverend James W. Jones, who with his Peoples Temple Christian Church, will be holding meetings in Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston and Washington, D.C.

Reverend Jim Jones is the pastor of what is probably the largest single Protestant Church in the State of California. The Church has a California membership of over 10,000. Reverend Jones has hundreds of parishioners in the Cities he intends to visit.

I am well acquainted with Pastor Jones’ social service programs, which are extremely supportive of local law enforcement. His members hold important positions in local government.

I respectfully trust Reverend Jones will receive every courtesy and consideration during his travels. For purposes of identification his signature appears below.

Very truly yours,
Joseph L. Alioto

James W. Jones