Yvonne Golden letter to Freitas supporting PT, 2/78


742 – 37th Avenue
San Francisco, Calif. 94121

February 14, 1978

Mr. Joseph Freitas
District Attorney
City and County of San Francisco
Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Dear Mr. Freitas,

It has come to my attention again that you may have received inquiries regarding the re-opening investigation of an alleged charge, initiated by Mr. Tim Stoen, a former employee of your office.

Mr. Freitas, I do know that you have been contacted many times by a number of citizens in this city regarding the trust and confidence of your office to place in priority those investigative cases that will not be harmful or demonstrate an act of power play to those persons involved.

As you know the program carried on in British Guyana, by the Peoples Temple, is unequivocally marked by positiveness and enhancement to that community and all the persons participating. I sincerely believe the minor in question is certainly at a home where it will be in a long run, in the best interest of his minor and adult life.

I do hope that all officials involved in this decision will take in consideration the total aspect, rather than responding to a situation vindictively.

You have demonstrated well the responsibility that is heavily burdened on you to make the very best decision.

Yvonne S. Golden