Freitas letter on Stoen case, 5/78


[Office of the District Attorney letterhead]

May 1, 1978

Ms. Phyllis Houston
P.O. Box 6143
San Francisco, CA 94101

Dear Ms. Houston:

I have received your letter expressing your views concerning the child custody dispute presently pending between Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O. Stoen of San Francisco and the Reverend Jim Jones, now in Guyana, South America.

On November 18, 1977, the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the City and County of San Francisco ordered this office to “…take all actions necessary to locate Reverend Jim Jones and to secure Reverend Jim Jones’ compliance with his order…” Paragraph 4 of the court’s order states:

“It is ordered that Reverend Jim Jones will immediately deliver the minor, JOHN VICTOR STOEN, to the Petitioner, GRACE LUCY STOEN or to her authorized representative.”

This office is now representing the Superior Court pursuant to Section 4604 of the California Civil Code. We still hope to be able to obtain the voluntary compliance of the Reverend Jim Jones with the court’s order. Our role is that of attorney for the court and not as an advocate for either of the parties to this dispute.

Your expression of interest and concern is appreciated.

Very truly yours,
Joseph Freitas, Jr.
District Attorney