Letter to Charles Garry from Charles Gain, 5/78


[San Francisco Police letterhead]

May 24, 1978

[Stamp: “Received May 31 1970 Garry, Dreyfus, McTornan & Brotsky”]

Mr. Charles R. Garry
Attorney at Law
Garry, Dreyfus, McTernan, Brotsky, Herndon & Pesonen, Inc.
1256 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Mr. Garry:

The uniformed police officer who was observed by the attorney associated with your office, was an Assistant Patrol Special Officer employed by the H. Salt Esq., and Kentucky Fried Chicken stores located at Geary and Steiner.

The Assistant Patrol Special Officer, in accordance with his employers’ instructions, was assigned to security of these stores on the night mentioned in your letter. Several persons apparently approached the Assistant Patrol Special Officer on the night mentioned to talk and photograph him and therefore, we would have no idea who the person was that appeared to be eavesdropping with some sort of equipment, as reported to you.

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.



Charles R. Gain