Paula Adams letter to Guyana police commissioner, 10/77


October 5, 1977

Commissioner of Police Lloyd Barker
Eve Leary
Police Headquarters

Dear Commissioner Barker:

The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project would like to have some of the nembers hunt wild game for food. With a population of approximately 750 persons, we need several sources to meet protein requirements. The following list of persons were selected by Peoples Temple to be responsible for the guns:

1) Al Simon
2) Jose Simon
3) Stephan Jones
4) Tim Jones
5) Lou Jones
6) Jim Jones Jr.
7) Darrell Devers
8) Bruce Oliver
9) Tim Carter
10) Johnny Jones
11) Carl Barnett
12) Johnny Cobb
13) Emmett Griffith
14) Walter Williams

Thank you so much for your kind and courteous advise. Bishop Jim Jones has remarked on several occasions about the tremendous integrity and principle on which you run your high quality police force.

Hoping to hear from you soon on the approval of the above named people.



Paula Adams