Richard Boyle letter to LA District Attorney, 8/78


[Horizons Unlimited San Francisco letterhead]

August 18, 1978

Hon. John VanDeKemp [VanDeKamp]
District Attorney,
Los Angeles,
210 W. Temple
Los Angeles, Ca. 00012

Dear Mr. Van DeKemp:

As an active member of the San Francisco community, (candidate for Supervisor last year, finishing 5th in a field of 13) and youth instructor and counselor and coach for a CETA [Comprehensive Employment and Training Act] program for low-income youth, I have a strong interest in the affairs of my city.

It has come to my attention that your office is investigating alleged misconduct of the People’s Temple, much of which has been reported in the media. Here, in San Francisco, it has been shown that these media charges were often trumped up to discredit the fine work in the cause of human rights conducted by Rev. Jim Jones and the Temple. I know Rev. Jones personally, for many years, and have nothing but the highest respect for his fine work and that of the people in Jonestown and the Temple.

I would suggest that your office spend less time going after men like Rev. Jones, and concentrate on actions such as the LAPD gunning down unarmed civilians and city attorneys shredding confidential police files to protect violations of human rights.

Yours truly,

Richard Boyle