Letter from Temple member Terry Carter to father Francis Carter, 10/78

[M-1-a-1: Pages 1 and 3 are front and back of envelope]


Dear Dad,

I just received your long letter, and sure was happy to get it. Well I’m not sure where Tim is right now he has decided to do some traveling around a bit. I don’t think he plans to be gone long as I know he misses Malcolm & Gloria.

Well you can finally start showing the pictures around, but they are growing so fast they don’t even look like that anymore. I’ll try to send more pictures quick. Our cameraman here has the kind of camera that develops pictures instantly. If you could buy the film I could send you a bunch fast. I’ll have to get the right name for you. Of course all the kids are doing fine. Chaeok is a phenomenon to us all as he is the first Asian child anyone has ever seen w/ blonde hair. Something else. Kaywana looks like the brown sugar bear, and Malcolm is the knock out w/ his long eyelashes. Thanks so much for letting him get some stuff for them especially in the shoes (I’m sure he’ll send them.)

By the way has Claire [Janaro] told you she is coming down for a trip? I have heard that she is I will be so excited to see her. I know she will be so happy to see Richard and her kids.

Why don’t you start looking into flight arrangements for the end of January. Tell me what you are able to come up with. Anytime around the end of January seems like it will be ok right now.



I’m really glad to hear that Uncle Bun is doing better that releasably very much I sure do miss him. I have a pretty tight schedule so I hope he understands why I just write both of you together.

I am still studying Pharmacy but also taking a Practical Medical Examiners Course where I am having to do physicals. We are interesting. We have the greatest opportunity to learn here. I’m really learning a lot.

Well I better close. I love you very much. Much love.