Notes on dates in Jim Jones’ life


Jim Jones

Social Security number: 303-32-5942
Place of birth: Crete, Ind, USA
Date of birth: 5-13-31
Marriage: 6-12-49
[Date of birth of] Wife: 1-8-27

Date of birth of each child

Suzanne O. Jones: 10-25-52 Fe [Female]
Lew Eric Jones: 11-23-56 M [Male]
Stephen [Stephan] G. Jones: 6-1-59 M
James W. Jones Jr.: 10-1-60 M
Agnes P. Jones: 1-14-43 FE

Date began service with Christian Church, Summer 1957


Missionary Brazil SA, 1962-1963


Ind. Ind. University 1949-51
Ind. Butler University 1959-61
Calif. Sonoma College 1966-68

Degree BS Secondary Educ.