Harriet Tropp Randolph request on Jones’ biography

BB-18-Z-55 – Z-56

MEMO: July 16, 1973

We are currently working on a feature article on Jim to be submitted to various magazines for publication. We need detailedinformation on aspects of Jim’s life. Please write down memorable experiences (esp. re: character, human service, courage, etc.) pertaining to Jim that you have encountered. We are particularly interested in his childhood, youth, activities prior to moving to Calif. For example, Patty C. has told us of the time Jim by himself integrated a hospital in Indianapolis – refusing treatment for cancer until the hospital was integrated. Don’t forget the “small” examples of love & concern – the personal, even humorous incidents & events. Pick out a few experiences & elaborate in detail.* (We realize that every incident would require volumes) Please try to have this into me no later than this Friday, June 20th. We have a deadline to meet & it’ll take time to sort through, organize & write the article. I will be contacting several of you for more extensive interviews.

Thank you,


* Try to remember such “unimportant” things as what time of day the incident occurred, or was it summer, winter? hot, muggy, dryer, cold? what did the place look like where the incident occurred? Try to remember sequence of events (in what order things occurred). Who was present? Can you remember what they said – what they wore? What was going on before or after the particular experience involving Jim? These are the kinds of details that help make a story vivid, real & believable. Please don’t worry about writing a “good” essay or story – we need facts!

Thank you,


BB-18-Z-57, notes without context, could be reverse side of Harriet’s note

BB-18-Z-58- Z-59


Were concerned not to appear to have [illegible word] the Temple Reporter arrived the Congressional Record reprint in order to show off to the community, i.e. it should not be on the front page?

Also don’t we need some kind of definitive statement about our reason for the paper – some little hello from the Temple Reporter/editor to clear the air. What is there not at? one time plans for an open house how about something to answer questions about our use of this building and the recent activity here.

Perhaps we need a list of staff as friends of Jim Jones in order to make it clear that he has not written this so that we take full responsibility.

Consider the juxtaposition of the Bill of Rights with the Ukiah Peace officers/PT in Congressional Record.