Lynetta Jones Notes

BB-18-Z-105 – Z-107

When Jim was just four years old, he was always bringing home animals and people he would find hungry on the streets. I never ceased to be amazed at the consistency of his character – always caring about the welfare of others.

I remember when a lady up the street was dying. Little Jimmy went to visit her, and then he came to our next-door neighbor’s house and got some flowers & took them to her. The neighbor came home he was very angry. He came to our house and asked why Jim had taken his prize flowers. Jim told him, “the lady was going to die before you got home, so I didn’t have time to wait to ask you.”

Sure enough he checked and found that the woman had died shortly before he came home. When he realized that Jim cared so much, he offered him all his flowers and any other food in his cellar to use for any need that ever came up.

Now I live with Jim & his family and I see him give the same type of care to a multitude of people – and I always marveled at his life has always been exemplary in every way.