Stephan Jones membership in – and resignation from – Peoples Temple

BB-19-G-1 – G-3

[Editor’s note: Page 1 of this document is the form for the Church Identification Card – which all members of Peoples Temple completed – for Stephan Jones. The form asks for biographical data, as well as what he perceives his role to be among the Church Functions. This latter form of the document is blank, other than the notation that, “I’m in charge of the counting of offering.” The form also includes a small picture of Stephan as he appeared in May 1974.

[Page 2 is a standard resignation letter which Stephan also signed. It is undated. The text of the letter follows.]

I, [name of Stephan Jones filled in the blank], hereby resign my membership in Peoples Temple Christian Church. I am resigning because my beliefs and activities are at variance with the beliefs and activities of Peoples Temple Christian Church, and Jim Jones, the pastor of said church. I have no criticism of the church or of the beliefs or standards of the Peoples Temple Christian Church. My only reason for resigning is that I do not feel that I can uphold these beliefs and my current activities take up too much of my time.

I have been treated fairly and with justice and love by Pastor Jim Jones and the members of Peoples Temple. At no time have I had any reason to be unhappy or to disagree with in the other treatment that I have received.

Signed [name of Stephan Jones filled in the blank]

Witness [blank line]

Witness [blank line]

[Page 3 is a continuation of page 1, with space for elaboration of comments.]