Undated Jim Jones recommendation letter for Tim Tupper Jones


Mr. Jack Persaud
General Manager
Plaza and Strand Cinema
Georgetown, Guyana

Dear Mr. Persaud:

It is a pleasure to introduce my son, Tim Jones, and to recommend him for employment as a security guard at your cinema. Tim has proven himself to be an excellent worker, conscientious and reliable in everything he undertakes. I have no qualms about speaking to you on his behalf. In the United States, he was employed as a security guard on a night shift, and his employer commended him for doing his job well. I’m sure that the dangers and the frustrations of his job were far greater in the US and they will be here in this lovely capitol city.

While Tim has been extremely helpful at our Project Headquarters, assisting especially in the necessary tasks of procurement and transportation, he has thoughtfully work out other means for these jobs to be accomplished so he can help us financially during this time of expansion for our Project in the North West District. While we are making splendid progress, we must realistically calculate that the experimental farm will not become self-sufficient for another few years. Some of our main investments, for example the fruit orchard, will not become highly productive until the trees are about five years old. In the meantime, we are pouring every cent we can raise in the States into equipment and supplies to support the growth of the settlement and to clear and cultivate more and more acreage. We appreciate Tim’s concern and hope that he will be able to work with you. As importantly, we feel he would be a great asset to your security team, and could easily head it up to your advantage.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our coordinators, Debra Touchette or Paula Adams, as I may not be available for a few days. I’m sure Tim will satisfy your requirements in the best possible fashion.

Thank you for your consideration. My best to you.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Jim Jones
Jim Jones,
telephone: 71924