List of Incidents compiled by Peoples Temple


26/9/78 [September 26, 1978]

List of Incidents, with notations as to available witnesses and documentary evidence available.

Aff: equals witnesses for affidavits
Docs: [ditto mark] tangible evidence or source
Q: [ditto mark] inquiry to be made


1. ARSON – RWV Church 1972-3
Q: Sheriff Report Mend. Co. [Mendocino County]?
Aff: ?

2. ARSON – SF Church 1973
Docs: Photos, Police Report, Fire Dept Report, Insurance Co. report, newspaper articles
Aff: Bea Orsot (ask her for others). [Handwritten additions] Prokes, Ruth Shelton, Karen Layton

3. ARSON – SF Church 1974
Aff: Archie? (Ask Jack)
Q: Police report? News articles

4. ASSASINATION [Assassination] – Chris Lewis 1977
Docs: Newspaper Articles, Police Report (SFPD)
Aff: Conversation with Verdella Duncan, Terri Buford

Car followed with shotgun pointed, on streets of Frisco
Aff: J.J.

Ran off road by a truck in RWV
Q: Police Report? Cal. Hwy Patrol report?
Aff: [handwritten] The boys, Francis

Horse was drugged and threw him in RWV 1971
Aff: Jack Beam? Eva Pugh? Who? [Handwritten] The boys, Esther Mueller
Q: Police Report?

Shot in Peoples Temple lot
Aff : Jack Beam, Carolyn Layton

[several words illegible] Ballroom, Phila., Pa.
Aff: Jack Beam, Jim McElvane

Bomb under bus in SF
Aff: Mike Prokes, [handwritten] Rose Shelton, Marcie

11. ASSASINATION – JJ 1975, 1976
LA Church, poisoning incidents
Aff: Rose Shelton, Joyce Parks, [handwritten] Jack Beam
Q: Did we call a doctor, or go to a hospital?

List of Incidents (Cont’d)

12. ASSASINATION – JJ (1976?)
Object thrown through front window of Bus 7 (“8”) with JJ riding in it
Aff: Mike Prokes, driver; Gene Chaikin, Karen Layton
Docs: Photo, CHP or LAPD, Police Report

13. ASSASINATION – JJ 1977 Shooting in Jonestown
Aff: Terri Buford, JJ, Others? [Handwritten] Stephan Jones
Docs: Newspaper Articles
Q: Guyana Police Reports?

14. ASSASINATION – Marceline Jones 1977
Poison in food, SF Church
Aff: Terri Buford, Sandy Bradshaw, [handwritten] Jean Brown (she at it)
Q: Police Report?

15. ATTACKS (?)
JJ waylaid and robbed in RWV

16. ATTACKS (?)
Pin placed in JJ’s underwear, LA
Aff: Rose Shelton?

17. ATTACKS Nov. 77
Jonestown kidnapping Foray
Aff: [Handwritten] Stephan

18. ATTACKS – Steve Jones
Aff: Steven Jones

19. BURGLARIES – Bonnie Beck’s auto in SF 1976 [Handwritten marginal note: “1976/1977?”]
Aff: Bonnie Beck, Jean Brown
Doc: Police Report, SFPD

20. BURGLARIES – Files stolen from trunk of Patty Cartmell’s car
Q: Police Report made?

21. BURGLARIES – RWV Homes and law office, fall, 1972
Docs: Mondo C. Sheriff’s office, reports
Aff: Gene Chaikin, David or Phyllis Chaikin, (ask Jack)

22. BURGLARIES – other files stolen from PT. Check with Terri Buford

Docs: Newspaper articles, carrying charges, saying suicide confirmed, reporting investigation of Coroner, LA; LA coroner’s investigation report, LAPD report; Attorney General’s investigation of the Coroner’s report

List of Incidents (Cont’d)

24. CHARGES PROVEN FALSE – Opportunity High “Influence” 1977
Docs: Newspaper articles, “Progress” and other records of the SFUSD

25. CHARGES PROVEN FALSE – New West “Break-In” 1977
Docs: SFPD reports, newspaper articles “before” and “after”
Aff: E.C. [Eugene Chaiken] or whoever saw TV where Phil Tracy showed “PT” file had been “dislodged” and noticed that the files was entitled “Peoples Forum”

26. HARASSMENT – Animals harmed, general history of cruelty to animals, cats skinned, crawled under car wheels, etc.
Docs: Relevant newspaper articles [handwritten] Touchettes

27. HARASSMENT – Custody Case of John Stoen
Docs: Mazor statement from Grace as to paternity, Stoen statement as to paternity, Stoen statement in writing as to intercourse with Grace (lack of it), newspaper articles, legal file Stoen v. Stoen
Aff: JJ
Q: Where do the money come from to hire Hughes?

28. HARASSMENT – Goons tried to break Fresno picket line, 1976 late at night, when relatively few there
Aff: E.C., John Harris, [handwritten] Tim Carter

29. HARASSMENT – History of Jonestown siege 1977
Docs: Resume by Carolyn

30. HARASSMENT – Long history of crank calls
Aff: [handwritten] S. [Sharon] Amos, J. Beam, Carol Stahl, Rheavianna [Beam], Eva [Pugh]

31. HARASSMENT – Impersonation phone calls 1976
Calls duplicating the voices of JJ & Prokes
Aff: JJ, EC, [handwritten] Christine Lucientes

32. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – Airplane we could not buy
Aff: Norman Ijames
Docs: “Airplane Purchase” file

33. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – Cleveland bus incident 1976
Q: Police Report made? Witnesses?

34. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – hassles of our advanced crews
Aff: Lee Ingram, Dick Tropp, Karen Layton, Patricia Cartmell, [handwritten] Tim Carter

35. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – LAPD Passel of LA Temple security following LA “riot”
Aff: Versie Perkins, Kay Nelson

36. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – General history of packages ripped open, letters opened, deliveries delayed

37. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – Pan Am refusal of seats on flights to Guyana 1977
Docs: Records of travel agency, “Jackson Travel Agency”
Aff: Tim Carter, Karen Layton

List of Incidents (Cont’d)

38. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – Promotion of Anti-PT materials in Guyana, by mail, and in person
Docs: Copies of Anti-PT materials distrib. in Guyana, get from Guyana government, thru [Vibert] Mingo
Q: What does GuyGvt know about this? Who arranged dist of stuff from USA? Where printed?

39. INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS – Santa Rosa Bus incident
Docs: Trial records, Report of Santa Rosa PD [handwritten] See Joe Wilson life history
Aff: Ronnie James, Joe Wilson,?

40. MEDIA ATTACKS – Jim Clancy, 1977
Docs : Tapes of his shows, tapes of his talks with Prokes, Mazor information
Q: His agency connections? Working with Tracy? With Mazor? With Conn? With Mertles? Used all on the shows.
Corr: other media attack files, Mazor statements

41. MEDIA ATTACKS – Wide distribution in USA of Anti-Temple lit. Kinsolving column, Indianapolis Star, Review of the News (Birch Mag)

42. MEDIA ATTACKS – Coordination of ‘77 Blitz
Docs: All media output (Summarized).
Aff: Dick tropp, Mike Prokes

43. MEDIA ATTACKS – Kathy Hunter episode 1978
Docs: GPD records on bomb threats at Pegasus, Guy Immigration records on Kathy Hunter’s entry and exit cards, other GPD records, all newspaper articles (Stoen greets her on return), our tapes?
Aff: Tim Carter, [handwritten] Prokes, Debbi Touchette
Note: calls from Prime Minister, Invitation? arrest of our people at the Pegasus

44. MEDIA ATTACKS – International spread of anti-PT articles; Toronto Star, London Observer, Soviet New Times (article by Chas. Foley), Caribbean?
Docs: Copies of Articles
note: syndication of Kathy Hunter material by UPI, when local UPI knew nothing of it.

45. MEDIA ATTACKS – Lester Kinsolving 9/72 et seq.
Docs: His articles, materials from briefcase, transcripts of radio and TV tapes, other Exam articles, all including his foray into the “SF Progress” in 1975, tapes and pix. Statement of John Moore (Stoen vs. Kinsolving), is agency connections
Corr: Caroline Pickering of the Indianapolis Star, see correspondence
Note: correlation of his attacks to ‘73 Temple fire
[handwritten] Aff: Jann Gurvich, [illegible name], Carolyn Layton

46. MEDIA ATTACKS – Klineman Press Demo
Docs: His articles, statement by Conn that he was a “Big fan,” his connections to Phil Tracy
Q: Nazi Connections?
[handwritten] Aff: Andy Silver, Rita Semet

List of Incidents (Cont’d)

47. MEDIA ATTACKS – LA Mag Reporter tries to gain entry without disclosing he is a reporter 197_
Docs: Pix? Lisc. No. tracing
Aff: Patty Cartmell, [handwritten] Christine Lucientes, [illegible name], Harriet Troo, E.C.

48. MEDIA ATTACKS – Newsweek rptr lied at PT to gain entrance and said he was from AFSC [American Friends Service Committee] 1977
Aff: [handwritten] Dick Tropp, Harriet Tropp

49. MEDIA ATTACKS – Caroline Pickering
Docs: Her PT articles, her correspondence with L.K. [Lester Kinsolving] , TOS notes on meeting with her, his trip to Psych Bd., any PT correspondence with her?
Q: Her Agency connections?
Corr: Media Attacks, L.K. file
Aff: [handwritten] Jean Brown

50. MEDIA ATTACKS – [Tim] Reiterman, SF Chron?
Q: Agency connections? Tie-in with others, Tracy?

51. MEDIA ATTACKSs – Phil Tracy (New West mag)
Docs: New West articles, Mazor Interpol rpt? Tapes and TV tapes of his various appearances
Q: His agency connections? He is working with Examiner, Chron and other writers
Corr: Media Attacks – M. Kilduff, “Concerned Relatives,” possible agents – Mertles, possible agents – Conn

52. MISCELLANEOUS – SF media man? Tells JJ he is the 2nd most dangerous man in the USA, splits for Australia
Aff: JJ?

53. MISCELLANEOUS – Cubana Airlines Incident 1977
JJ to be on same plane
Q: Reservations made?
Aff: Maria Katsaris? Carolyn Layton? [Handwritten] Terri Buford, Prokes

54. POSSIBLE AGENTS – Jim Cobb, the Santa Rosa Dorms, the Tonki residence, arms, subsequent harassment of PT
Aff: Jan Wilsey, Joyce Parks, Sharon Cobb, Dick Tropp, Mike Prokes, Charlie Touchette, [handwritten] Harriet Tropp, Christine Lucientes
Docs: Complaint – Cobb v. PT, Mendo Co. Sheriff Dept Report made when “8” left.

55. POSSIBLE AGENTS – David Conn
Docs: Banks Declaration, Mazor statement
Aff: Christine Lucientes (under Conn house) [handwritten] Tom Adams, H.T. [Harriet Tropp]

56. POSSIBLE AGENTS – Joseph Mazor
Docs: His criminal history, his listing with Interpol, Notes of his Interpol report, his declaration tape, other taped statements, take of his media appearances. Connection with State Department.
Q: Connections with agencies, including AFT [Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco], Customs, FBI, [illegible initials]

List of Incidents (Cont’d)

57. POSSIBLE AGENTS – Elmer and Deanna Mertle
Original Conn connection, joint employment with Standard Oil, theft of property and materials from church and subsequent use for smear.
Docs: Mazor statement, Conn’s Statements to Banks
Aff: Gene Chaikin (files return last seen when in PT safe), stuff in Mertles’ home after they left, subsequent anti-Temple activities [handwritten] Rita Tupper, Don Bowers

58. POSSIBLE AGENTS – Danny Phillips
Note: left PT in ‘69 or ‘70 to join Mil Forces, supposed to have attended several special training courses, went to Germany. Returned to PT in early ‘73 or late ‘72, split 12/30/73 from Georgetown and ended up in Germany.
Q: Who knew about him? Mil Hist? Friends? Funds?

59. POSSIBLE AGENTS – Benny Piriana, across from RWV Church, Emp. Temple people
Q: How investigate

60. POSSIBLE AGENTS – Timothy O. Stoen
Docs: Newspaper East Germany article, Mazor comments as to his CIA and Interpol connections, bad and divisive legal advice, subsequent use of confidentially obtained information against PT
Aff: Gene Chaikin, Jim Jones, ???
Q: Money, Canada a/c? Venezuela funds? Source $
Note: TC purportedly of TOS before story broke that he was on our side in working for us that he knew what was happening

61. POSSIBLE AGENTS – David Wise
Cross Ref. Tel. Tap file
Aff: Marie Duckett (tel. tap), Kay Nelson (disruption of LAPT), Versie Perkins (disruption of LAPT) [handwritten] Ron Talley, Verdella Duncan, Harold Cordell
Note: Interview Smart children, DW history of parachutes

62. POSSIBLE AGENTS – the “8”
Cross Ref. Poss Ag. Jim Cobb
Jim Cobb, Mickey Touchette, Wayne Pietla, John Buddulph [Biddulph], Vera Biddulph, Teresa Cobb, Tom Podgorski, Lena Flowers
Docs: “Exodus note” from Mendo Co. Sheriff Rpt., tapes of t/c w/ Wayne Pietela?

63. SURVEILLANCE VERIFIED – Jonestown flight 1978
Docs: copies of notes made, correspondence and reports to GuyGvt. Photos of plane? Tel. Statements of Enquirer man that he flew over (tape?) [handwritten] Ltr from Garry Guy adm
Aff: Witness to plane, maybe Don Jackson (photog), witness to tellcall with Enquirer man. [Handwritten] Tim Jones Day [Tim Tupper Jones], Ujara [Don Sly]

64. SET UPS – Kinsolving “Burglary” 1972
Doc: Articles where he said his home had been burglarized, inferred that PT had done it
Aff: denial [handwritten] Johnny, Joyce Parks

List of Incidents (Cont’d)

65. SET UPS – “LA Riot” 1973
Docs: LAPD reports, LA MuniCt File P V. J Brown P V. Cleveland Jackson, Health Dept, Ambulance Rep., pix?
Aff: Prokes, JJ, Marcie [handwritten] Johnny, Joyce Parks

66. SET UPS – JJ and Prokes Blind Corridor
Docs: LAPD? SFPD? Rpt.
Aff: M. Prokes, JJ

67. SET UPS – 647 [California statute on “Lewd Conduct in Public”] on Jim, LAPD 1973
Docs: LAPD rpt, our file, LA MuniCt. [Municipal Court] record, order to “seal” D. Kwan File, AG review of judicial propriety or order to seal
Aff: K. Kwan, JJ

68. SET UPS – Fire SF Examiner during picket 1972
Docs: Newspaper Article, Examiner records, SF PD?
Aff: ?

69. SET UPS – Threatening phone calls
The format is the phone someone who is in an antagonistic situation with PT and threatened them in some way, saying that they are from Jim or PT. Van De Kamp, LA DA, the Enquirer reporter, New West Magazine manager, Examiner writer John Todd (9/72), Kathy Hunter, Steve Katsaris (9/77)
Docs: Newspaper and mag articles
Aff: No PT involvement

Jeanette Kerns had split and returned, came to a meeting with van parked in front of church with electronic equipment, also in car of her “friends” chase, etc.
Docs: Sheriff Rpt? Pix?
Aff: Jeff Carey, Jack Beam, E.C., Mike T.

71. SURVEILLANCE VERIFIED – Unita B. Wright 11-7-76
Docs: Correspondence and responses, tapes? Notes?
Aff: H. Tropp, Penny Kerns, P. Cartmell, [handwritten] Tom Adams
Q: Involvement with Stennis? USAF, Intelligence? Who was their target? UBW or PT?

72. TELEPHONE TAPPING – David Wise 1975
Aff: Marie Duckett, a.k.a. Lawrence, [handwritten] Prokes, Rose Shelton, Karen Layton

73. TELEPHONE TAPPING – Pacific Telephone, under Kinsolving (and FBI?) Request
Docs: “Gannatoes” statement, records of Pac. Tel. (complaints and investigation report)
Q: Police or Sheriff Rpt?
Note: tapes [taps?] on Chaikin’s Law office and Temple phones

74. TELEPHONE TAPPING – wires in SF PT basement
Aff: Donald Sheid, aka Cassanova [Casanova]

List of Incidents (Cont’d)

75. THREATS – bomb, LA Church
Docs: LAPD Rpt (they were called and came)
Aff: [handwritten] Christine Lucientes

76. THREATS – Flowers delivered to SF PT with death threat
Q: Do we have the note?
Aff: Mike Prokes?

77. THREATS – Phone calls, throughout history
Q: Police rpts?
Aff: Carol Stahl, SF phone op? Versie P. [Perkins]? [Handwritten] The boys or Esther Mueller
Docs: Ltr to SFPD Chief Gains outlining same in app for license to carry concealed weapons 1976

78. THREATS – Shots into RWV Church 1972
Aff: Jeff Carey

79. US CUSTOMS DEPT – Opening crates 1977
Aff: James Randolph
Docs: memo from shipper, Mazor statement
note: Mazor’s statement – ATF had investigated fire arms allegations in RWV, and put Customs checking as part of that check

Docs: Ltr from SF [illegible initials] denial, Mazor File on tape that he read FBI file on JJ, Church, Gannatoes sta working with FBI, business card
Aff: E.C. Verbal denials of invest. by SF agent

81. US POST OFFICE – interference with mails, checks
Docs: Copies of letter cancellations, memo to delivery of checks
Aff: Tom Adams, Hattie Newell, Conv. with PO worker

82. US SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION – interference with SSA checks for Guyana (Jonestown) Recipients
Aff: Maria Katsaris, get all from McCoy
Docs: Post Office memo

83. US TREASURE DEPT – Investigation of PT
Aff: Patty Cartmell putting Conn in Brightman home, Dennis Banks, Lee Brightman, Adams aff. of JR Purifoy statement
Docs: Notes Banks made at the time, tape under Conn house??? Mazor statement that Conn was working with SF agent.