Notes of confession, self-incrimination

I, Timothy Jones, stole money [illegible word] People’s Temple which was of $350
/s/ Timothy Jones
I, Timothy Jones, would kill anyone that hurt anyone in this family and I would travel anywhere to find them.
/s/ Timothy Jones

I, Timothy Jones, stole money from Peoples Temple Christian church.
/s/ Timothy Jones

[several lines crossed out]
For Socialism I would be willing to kill, be killed, or undergo any physical or mental torture conceivable.
This includes relinquishing all my worldly pleasures, killing myself, killing a loved one, etc.
and those dumb suckers didn’t even know I stole it. 1500 dollars, wow!
Catch ya later,
/s/ Stephan Jones

dad, I would like to go back and kill old Tim Stone and Liz Forman & no these to the other I don’t know them I am willing to sacrifice my life together the ones I don’t no & would like to get them to. You have done so much for me and my family to help those that are not in the cause got them out of jail save them from bad car accident. I would like to get to Tim & Liz. Emma

I would kill anyone who in any way shape or form try to talk about or do harm to my socialist movement.
/s/ Timothy Jones

I, James W. Jones Jr. will destroy the body of anyone who would trie to harm Father or this cause.
Signed: James W. Jones Jr.
I, James W. Jones Jr., stoled money from Peoples Temple church
Signed: James W. Jones Jr.