Undated notes of resignation

Editor’s note: Pages B-3-c-2 through B-3-c-7 consists of undated, handwritten letters of resignation from Peoples Temple. The texts of the notes are identical. The text reads:

“I, [name], on [blank date] give my resignation as a member of Peoples Temple. I know Jim Jones to be a man of the highest esteem and he portrays great principle and character. But, I wish to do my own thing and not dedicate my life to this great humanitarian work. Signed: [signature]”

The following people signed this note:

Jack D. Barron (B-3-c-2)
George Philip Blakey (B-3-c-3)
Rebecca Beikman (B-3-c-4)
Kenney Bernard Bowie (B-3-c-5)
Charles E. Beikman (B-3-c-6)
James Ernest Bogue (B-3-c-7)