Law Office Report #32, May 31, 1978

B-3-d-1 – d-3

Legal Shit
To: Carolyn L. [Layton]
From: Jann G. [Gurvich]
Law Office Report #32 May 31

  1. [illegible name] and Dave Garrison. Chaikin’s signature is on conservatorship [illegible word] that Julie requested. See conservatorship attached to Law Office Report.
  2. Melvin Lowery: No follow-up from us required but here is my opinion. [Several illegible words] recommend sending [illegible name] to Guyana but if “his attitude is rotten & he’s been saying the Temple hasn’t helped him enough in this inconsistent on saving up for work with [illegible word]” etc. maybe [illegible name] should review his case again. [Marginal note: “moving to LA”]
  3. Ulrich Richmond. No follow-up. I have no opinion.
  4. Jack Barron. Follow-up done. I told same about pension.
  5. [illegible word] Fuel Store. It’s dangerous to leave fuel tanks unchecked. Any injury to exploring or dangerous fuel tanks registered in one of our members’ names – Danny Kutulas – could bring a big civil suit asking lots of damages ($). Try to persuade the man to let you check condition.
  6. See attached – Soon [several illegible words] June immediately.
  7. IRS. Request for [illegible word] re Corporation we know nothing about. Chaikin wrote letter already.
  8. Vincent Lopez. Chaikin isn’t signing attached citation re Vincent Lopez guardianship (summons). My opinion obviously, this needs some follow-up. June should look into it & decide if P.O. should be contacted (not on Chaikin’s behalf, but on Vincent’s behalf, just to let others know Vincent’s doing fine at which time she might be able to get some more info (offhandedly). (This may be a necessary. June may already have some idea on how to proceed.) [Marginal note: “She was to call them.”]
  9. If we pay the taxes & back taxes, can we [illegible word] it? Is it worth it? I have to talk to Jack Beam to find out the condition of property first.



[Peoples Temple letterhead]

May 30, 1978

Mr. Richard Bandettini
2908 Fulton Street
San Francisco, California

Dear Mr. Bandettini:

Mr. Melvin Lowery has informed us that you are his probation officer, and in his case comes before you for annual review in June. Mr. Lowery’s mother is a member of our church, and that was with her help and suggestion that he came to us several months ago for counseling and volunteer work with our program. We have offered services for several years in various areas including carpentry, printing, and auto mechanics, and have found this an effective way of contributing to rehabilitation for people in such situations as Melvin. Our church membership is quite large, and we have found that to support its programs takes a lot of cooperative effort; the training would provide mutually profits both our work and those persons like Melvin who might be on probation or parole or in need of a positive, productive environment. There is no financial requirement; we are a nonprofit corporation and all work that comes our way is volunteer.

For the past several months, Melvin has worked under the supervision of a member who is an associate minister as well as a master craftsman in construction and carpentry. Melvin responds well to such training and attention; and he gets along well with his fellows, many of whom are of the same age and background. We have welcomed Melvin into our fellowship and are most willing to continue such an arrangement as long as he is willing. He has mentioned that his probation will be up in October. We would suggest that you consider possibly terminating his probation at an earlier date, considering his present positive involvement.


J. Crym


[Lease for storage of fuel, for Robert Peters and Dan Kutulas]