Documents of Pamela Bradshaw


[Signed, but incomplete form for “Financial Power of Attorney”]

I, [blank space for name] hereby appoint [blanks for four names], individually and severally, as my attorneys-in-fact with power to sign checks on my behalf, endorse checks made payable to me, sell, convey, transfer, assign and otherwise conduct any business concerning my real and/or personal property, to take mail from my US Post Office Box, to open letters and forward same to me, and to provide for the care and maintenance of my family and myself.

Executed this [blank] day of [blank], 197[blank], at [blank], California.

Signed Pamela G. Bradshaw

[Blank acknowledgment to be signed by notary public, blank]



[undated, no signed witnesses to statement of resignation]

I, /s/ Pamela G. Bradshaw, hereby resign my membership in Peoples Temple Christian Church. I am resigning because my beliefs and activities are at variance with the beliefs and activities of Peoples Temple Christian Church, and Jim Jones, the pastor of said church. I have no criticism of the church or the beliefs or standards of the Peoples Temple Christian Church. My only reason for resigning is that I do not feel that I cannot hold these beliefs and my current activities take too much of my time.

I have been treated fairly and with justice and love by Pastor Jim Jones and the members of Peoples Temple. At no time have I have any reason to be unhappy or to disagree with any of the treatment that I have received.



[Certificate of Marriage, June 25, 1975, between Pamela G. Bradshaw and Russell Moton, officiated by Timothy O. Stoen]



[handwritten statement]

I actively participated in causing the explosion of the boxcars of ammunition in Roseville.


Pam Bradshaw

I am proud to be a Communist!



[handwritten statement]

What does socialism mean to me?

It means a society where everyone has everything equal. There are no rich and no poor. Everyone of all races has the same opportunities for jobs, education, and housing. What each person does is important to the good of the collective society and they take pride in whatever position they have; whether it be the one who tends the garden or a doctor, both are equally respected.

There is no crime, for no one has reason to steal when they have the same amount as their brother or sister.

The streets are kept clean, the housing and equipment are kept up because they belong to all of the people instead of individual land owners.

There is not one person who makes profit from the industry’s because all of the money goes back into the people’s land which they collectively govern their country.

Socialism is social and economic equality; it is a step on the road to pure communism, which is the most perfect, most satisfying way of life. Jim Jones is teaching us this way of life and is the perfect manifestation of the love and beauty of socialism.

Why am I here?

I would like to say that I’m here to build this new society because it’s the most righteous ideal in the world. And that I’m here because I’m deeply concerned about those in this country who are being mistreated. Unfortunately my major reason is that I’m concerned about my own ass. Out in the capitalist society, it’s a dog eat dog world. You’ve got to be a little quicker and a little tougher than the next guy, but there’s always someone a little quicker and tougher than you. They’re all dieing [dying] for a true friend, someone to talk to or confide in who won’t shun them off after a while. I’m here because I’m not sharp and I’m not tough and only here is a true friend who will stick with the person through hell & high water. I’m here because outside their lives and no meeting, they’re empty. People are judged by how much they have materially, even if they have owe their soul to the company store to get it.

Why do I think I should stay communal?

I do wish to stay communal to have the chance to attempt to repay the debt that I owe Father and the cause. This would allow me to turn in the maximum amount of money which is so desperately needed in these times. I would quit school and get two jobs or a full-time job at a full-time church project. I would pamphlet every weekend busting my butt to make as much money as possible – at least $20 each time I went out. As well as thinking of money making projects.

Pam Bradshaw



[handwritten statement]

feelings on Jesus, God, immortality, healings

Jim –

I feel that Jesus is something that is blown out of proportion. Whether or not he was all that is said isn’t important because that lifetime is gone.

I feel that God is the highest principle, which is socialism. The most “godly” person is the most socialistic, but we have to use the term “God” because the majority of people are religious and we have to meet people where they are at so we can explain socialism through their terms.

I believe in reincarnation and that we have to keep coming back to this plane until we are socialistic enough to go to a more socialistic. plane but I feel that this shouldn’t necessarily be the ultimate goal. We should try to make the best out of where we are regardless that there is a higher plane.

We need to have healings to bring in more money. The religious people believe that skygod can heal them, not socialism. So we have to pretend that it’s sky god who’s healing them so that they’ll give their money to socialism. With their money we can buy more lands, etc. for the people to have and also to improve our escape means when marshal [martial] law is declared, so that socialism can live on elsewhere or else die and take the rest of the world with it. Because the only way that it’ll die is if they kill all of us and they can’t do that without us putting up one hell of a fight. But meanwhile we have to play their game of religion and try to show as many people socialism through religion as will listen.

I know that Jim Jones is the only manifestation of socialism (and to the religious mentality, “God.”)

Pam Bradshaw



[Statement of membership in Peoples Temple]

I, /s/ Pamela Bradshaw, am a member of Peoples Temple Christian Church, also known as Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ. I am fully aware of, and I fully believe in the ideals and standards of this church, and of its pastor, Jim Jones. Because of this belief, and my faith in its humanitarian works, I have donated and given, and will in the future donate and give, certain items and monies to this church to be used as said church or said pastor sees fit. I have given these items and monies freely and willingly, without any pressure of any kind. I have no intention of ever asking for or receiving them back again.

In the event that I should terminate my membership in this church, or that my membership should be terminated in any way whatever, I hereby promise and affirm that I will never ask for nor expect to receive any of these items or monies back again. They have been given as a gift, and they are no longer my property or the property of my heirs.

Signed /s/ Pamela Bradshaw

[2 blank lines for witness signatures]



[handwritten statement]

I have been involved with SDS and the Weathermen in a direct conspiracy to overthrow the government in Syracuse, New York.

Pamela Gail Bradshaw