Undated notes from Tish Leroy


June dear and family there:

We think of you often and thank you for the valiant effort you all make in standing there. We have found a lovely place here and long for you all to be here with us in the Shangri-La we call Jonestown. It is truly a lovely place and you will all want to be here soon as possible. We are working hard on so much here – that you will not believe what we have is possible! But it is not only possible – it has happened! So… Hurry on over… Tell Betty our baby is about as lovely a little thing as she has ever seen – for that matter, all of our babies are quite special. They are born without the tensions that stateside hospitals cause the mother, they are all breast-fed and it shows in their healthy, happy little bodies.

Would like to take about an hour telling you about it – but it is midnight now and Terri [Buford] will be getting nervous about my getting this into her.

Regarding Truth Enterprises…

1) IF YOU LEFT THE TITLE IN [Eugene] CHAIKIN’S NAME (which was not to have been done) As long as the state board of equalization papers are filed, quarterly as I recall on that account – there is no trouble. In fact, if they forgot to send it in – then just get it prepared and send it in. If you goofed and let it lapse – send in the reports current along with a letter requesting reinstatement and giving a good reason for failure to file – change of bookkeepers in Mr. Chaikin’s absence might do it – and send in $15 with it for the reinstatement, plus the charges and taxes.

2) IF THE TITLE OF THE PRESSES CHANGED TO PT, and the paper is being bought by PT, then you should have gotten a resale and use tax permit – on that basis. In that case, you buy it wholesale and pay use tax to the St. Board of Equalization ON ALL YOU BUY – paper, etc., everything taxable.

In this case, you could point to Mr. Chaikin in So. America, said he gave the equipment to PT and that he is not there. HOWEVER, you must consider that it can then be attached under lawsuit – which I am not sure it could not be anyway… whether or not it was a valid attachment, but they could target up a helluva while until “Gene’s” attorney could get it sprung loose, and if he was part of the suit or named in it – it would eventually be lost anyway…

3) My recommendation is to crate those presses and move them out of there as soon as physically possible.

4) In reference to Janaro – I would like to see us stall the IRS as long as possible since Richard brought a lot of their 75 and 76 and 77 tax papers down here and has stupidly managed to lose them… He is brilliant, but somehow the papers have gotten misplaced… the canceled checks, the income register and check stubs and his bookkeeping cost records… He brought all of them with him and they are misplaced. He has moved about four times since he got here and thus things got scattered. He is trying desperately to locate them. Perhaps when Claire gets here she can help him locate them and then I can send it back to IRS whatever is needed, or can arrange to go into the US Consulate here and taken the support information IRS wants to see… At any rate, I do not see how she can possibly submit to audit without the papers – but soon as Richard can get them to her, she will send them in or bring them in immediately… that is what she should tell them, you understand…

At this point – just keep filing for extensions, perhaps another 2 mo. extension will do it… should be no trouble getting the time extension with him out of the country – and they know he handled all of that type of business.

Have tried to simplify this greatly – hope I succeeded. We do miss you all and look forward most sincerely to your arrival – each and all… You know who loves you…

Always, Tish [Leroy]

[Additional note]


It is a sub- chapter S corporation… and this is filed with Chaikin’s papers… the income tax is not paid direct – rather, the LOSS WILL BE SHOWN in his personal tax returns…

These are being done by Wicks in Los Angeles – as soon as Gene’s letter requesting this reaches Mr. Wicks.

Let me know if any other problems – Take care all of you…

Hi to Sandy [Bradshaw] and Maxine [Betts] and the others. Tell Maxine I am down to a size 14 and still going down – am 146# now … plan to reach 125 before I stop. It is easy to lose here!

— tl