Q435 Transcript

(Editor’s note: This tape was reviewed by Kristian Klippenstein. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

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Jones: [Speaking at a measured pace throughout] Attention. Attention. News of the day. Remember, those who wish to get into a bonus relationship where you’re not in structure – providing you are in working, productive relationships – we will be also able to make further considerations than just the freedom from tests.

The youth festival representing well over 145 nations still speaking through their organizational structure until the next festival. As you know, it was the largest international anti-imperialist celebration ever in the world, and the largest, of course, held in Cuba, since the triumph of the revolution in 1959. In those great two-week period, over 25,000 youths from more than 145 countries, gathered here for the 11th World Festival of Youth and Students. As I started to say, the organizational structure has condemned China for what it calls aggressive, expansionist aims that threaten the world peace. Havana, Cuba, one of the free territories in the Caribbean, has become indeed spokesperson for the majority of the world.

A new film portrays a– racism and sexism. The most popular movie in USA today, Pretty Baby, released by Paramount Pictures. Any appreciator of old photographs would have to admit they’re viewing [film director] Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby, the Seven Nykovist [Sven Nykvist, cinematographer] camera who– the Seven Nykovist– [pronounces phonetically] Se-ven Ni-krst camera work captures the quality of turn-of-the-century photographs, a hazy, yellowish, romantic idealization of child prostitution in Storyville, New Orleans in 1917, actually glorifying prostitution.

By the way, do you know some of your Russian today, do you still remember? [Pronounces “Я хочу мира” (“I want peace”) phonetically] “Ya-ha-tu mire,” “ya-ha-tu mire.” There’ll be some testing on that too. So look in to the library, to learn a few characters like “ah” [А/а], “be” [Б/б], you know– you know the various ones, and other phrases – [pronounces “Лéнин” (“Lenin”) phonetically with varying inflection] “le-neen,” “le-neen,” “le-neen,” “ya-ha-chu mire.” “I want peace.”

Anyway, this glorification of prostitution is sordid, and Nykovist achieves in his camerawork a part of what Malle achieves in the film as a totality: a distortion of real situations. It is not nearly as pretty as the photographs of E. J. Bellocq took of Stoyville in 1910, and on which the film is entirely based. Malle’s film leaps right into the action, if one wants to consider the passivity that permeates the film, and the corruption of morality, as action. Brooke Shields – Violet – hardly reacts to anything that occurs in the film. From the first scene where she witnesses her prostitute mother Hattie – Suzanne Saraden [Suzanne Sarandon] – giving birth to a brother– to her brother, to the end where she becomes a real child in a nuclear family, Violet usually lets things slide.

Malle, as a film director, has built himself a reputation of dealing with controversial subjects in an off-handed way. In Murmur of the Heart, he probably– he produced a comedy about incest. That’s the degradation of morality in USA, as it was in the degradation of Rome, when mother was sleeping with son, brother and sister. That’s how far the morals and decadence of US capitalism have stooped. In Lacombe, Lucien, he tried to tackle aesthetically the problem of a young French boy during World War II, where after being rejected by the underground, chooses to work with the Gestapo instead, to keep alive, and the sympathies are with the child– with being a fink for the worst elements of the state. Pretty Baby also has the quality of aloof aesthetics, in documenting prostitution in general, and child prostitution in particular.

Imagine how sordid US filmmakers have become to glorify children in the horrible role of prostitution. All we witness is the happy-scene extended family life of Neil’s [Nell’s] whorehouse, by romanticizing the oppression and exploitation of women – which is, uh, having a renewed campaign in USA, to put women down – mainly through the camera work, which emphasizes long, sustained shots. Malle – M-A-L-L-E – has let form dominate [Pause] content, content, uh– He has let form dominate– uh, content, and while– and what could have been a scathing commentary on child prostitution, if there was any social consciousness, even a welfare humane kenscious– uh, consciousness, uh, then it would’ve been a remarkable documentary, if it had scathed childhood prostitution. The use of children by the evil ogres of capitalism, and woman’s oppression, becomes another bourgeoise escape film with no message to anyone except the most critical observer. Pretty Baby may be pretty to look at, to the sordid, dehumanized mind of the capitalist, but it is preciselybecause it is so well done that it is extremely dangerous. The racism, the glorification of [Friedrich] Nietzsche’s power, that the capitalists have the right to take power over human bodies of the laboring class, and sexism, posed in their genteel, underhanded way, still dominate today in the process of documenting capitalist decadence in its last stage before it goes into an open fascism, where people are justifiably put in gas chambers, as [Adolf] Hitler did in the last stages of capitalism there – the last stages when monopoly capitalism becomes nothing less than state fascism or Nazism. Malle has also contributed to this decadence that only USA could put out. A film such as Pretty Baby could only be done in the decadent environment of the worst capitalist nation in the world. [Pause]

In Guam, a veto. [Pause] Guam has taken a popular referendum and does not wish to become a state and wishes to be freed from being a territory of the United States, [Pause] because horrid treatment leaving forty percent in malnutrition in the territory of Guam– Another possession like Puerto Rico. Guam clearly shows in a referendum vote, which was attempted to be controlled by press and even an outright voter fraud, the people still spoke very clearly.

Alabama has its primary. Also, accusations of fraud are present, as an entire white racist slate seems to be running in the fall run-offs.

[Jimmy] Carter– President Carter, vetoes defense bill. The nuclear carrier, which is nothing but a sentimental toothache, said BBC. Everyone knows that nuclear carrier is useless, that– that’s Senator [John] Stennis, powerful head of the Armed Services that governs the CIA, who we caught sending Air Force people, a clear conflict of interest, to do harm to Mayor Unita May Blackwell Wright [of Mayerville, Mississippi] – has now for the first time come in direct confrontation with Carter. Carter is not a– his life is not safe. He will either compromise and bow to the servants of Baal or he will be eliminated. Congress should not overwrite president’s veto, says BBC. Even when BBC, notorious spokesperson for capitalism says that, it’s obvious how unfair and fascistic the bill is. The next budget (unintelligible word) carrier, was killed. Three anti-submarine bills, also nothing but boondoggles of powerful capitalist lobbyists leaning on people like Senator Stennis, who once belonged to the Ku Klux Klan and has once advocated lynch mob rule and is still a racist and an utter fascist at heart.

The white smoke signifying the election will not be done today for the Catholic Church, saying that they have the mind of God, the hundred and eleven cardinals gathered– locked away, sealed in the Vatican. But it is said that the cardinals may heed the request of the greater world church rather than a few elements. It is still suspected that there will be a moderate representing the church of Rome, sitting in the church of St. Peter as the Vicar, the Appointed, the Elect of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the most shocking news of the day is that two hundred [Pause] Vietnamese are now inside China. There has been an in– a conflict going on all night. China provoked it, even admittedly by BBC, by killing several Vietnamese patrols in the– [Pause] the, uh, space between China and Vietnam, where thousands of Chinese– ethnic Chinese, who have evacuated Vietnam because China, uh– China offered them, uh, sanctuary, and Vietnam said they must be rehabilitated because they had been the worst of the cath– uh, the capitalist exploiters while living in Vietnam. In retaliation, the Vietnamese have penetrated into Chinese terp– territory, occupying a ridge at this moment. China has not counter-attacked. It goes to show that the Soviet Union – [pronounces “CCCP” phonetically] ess-ess-ey-eyre, ess-ess-eyre, as the Soviets would say – can wipe out China, or China would not be so quick to move. And perhaps, the Soviets have had their fill. The Vietnamese Republic is a close ally of China, and they are holding the territory. China is making all sorts of bellicose statements and appeals to other nations. But Vietnam has apparently had their fill of Chi– China’s expansionism. We know China’s domestic communism, but her hurts of the Boxer Rebellion and the opium wars have caused her to behave rather insanely in regards to the dangers of nuclear hell. The Soviet Union, being a humane people, are trying for every grasp of the straw to avoid nuclear war, though they too realize its dim and dire potential.

TWA flight 830 was hijacked for eight hours. It proves that the passenger apparently decided he could not carry it out, and got away safely. People are so apathetic and indifferent, they don’t realize who is their next-door neighbour in a airplane. All that was left was a false mustache, wig, and glass– glasses, pair of spectacles– left behind in a restroom, only, uh, way that they have of tracing who held up flight 830 of Trans-World Airlines.

[Pause] Ver Nuya. Uh. Uh, well, this is not important.

In Van Nuys, California, [Pause] the world’s record was made– USA is so decadent. The world’s largest sange– sandwich was made, six hundred pounds, much of it which would– went to waste. In the process of making it, meat was splattered everywhere, lettuces and tomatoes, to see how fast they could make it. Six hundred children took four hours to make this enormous sandwich of six hundred pounds, and an equal amount was wasted in the rush to make the sandwich. But it only took them fifteen minutes to eat the six-hundred-pound sandwich. Both Voice of America in its decadence and BBC was praising this achievement. How can anything happen but nuclear war when USA is taught that kind of imagery of success? Instead of children helping seniors or showing good character and getting citizenship awards, they’re being praised the world over in the voices of capitalist decadence for making a six-hundred-pound sandwich and eating it in fifteen minutes like hogs.

The army, civilian, as uh­– consulting firm, says that the army is a uh, virtual prison population. Fifty-one percent of the army live in what is called virtual prison population in USA. Twenty-six percent of the army is black, but blacks are underrepresented in every field, and actually barred – said even the Voice of America – from most programs of advancement.

Proposition 13, national attention. It has caused drastic results in the reduction of health, education, and welfare services to all people of color, minorities, and wem– women. It is feared that it’s going to uncontrolled levels in the entirety of USA. Spending as an increased at this– uh, at this state for the bureaucracy, that which the early conceivers of the constitution – even one Voice of American spokesman said – had not been seen. Taxes give– yet to rise to higher levels in spite of all of their cuts. It’s impossible to do anything to save capitalism. An open seminar on the Voice of Americaadmitted that [Franklin D.] Roosevelt saved capitalism by government spending and little welfare doles that hardly even begun to meet the people’s needs. Otherwise, capitalism would’ve been overcome by the fear and (unintelligible word) mission that the Voice of America in the 30s when President Roosevelt became the clever spokesperson to save capitalism. There’s a balance needed to control the budget, and admittedly the panel of esteemed US capitalist economists said there is no way to do it under the capitalist system.

Cardinals to elect Pope Paul VI in the tradition– uh, to a successor to him. They think it will be [stumbles over name] Sess– Sebast– Sebastiano Bastio [Sebastiano Baggio] who will be the likely one elected. This has been done through a computer. US computers have been greatly concerned as to who will be the next [Pause] fool pope for the irrelevant Church of Rome. He’s considered a moderate that will make no one nervous. A fence-walker– tight-rope walker who will be all things to all people and yet stand for nothing.

Air Force crews, uh, have been the– the victims, uh, of another silo accident near south-central Canada [Kansas]. It seems that everything comes in threes. Yesterday, it was the Titan II missile that caused the death of animals, and still many service people lingering near death at the si– at the hospital closest to the Titan II site near Wichita. Then, we have the plutonium leaks, where we find that out of the thousands of English workers in the plutonium factories, that has a half-life of one m– half million years – five hundred thousand years – one out of seven of all English workers already have a dangerous amount of nuclear radiation from plutonium in their bodies that will kill them sooner or later.

James Earl Ray is back in the eastern Tennessee prison. His evidence was distorted, said one commentator on BBC. He’s misrepresented, as we heard from our own new friend, Dr. [Don] Freed. He is a victim of circumstances, BBC would go no further. He may have another chance, said BBC, but the cards are stacked against him. BBC clearly said – the British Broadcasting Company – that the American government does not want any further move than James Earl Ray in reference to the killing of Martin Luther King, the great peace strategist. They say, they want to stop it with the lone assassination theory and any investigator – said BBC – could shoot holes through the theory that one lone assassin murdered our beloved Martin Luther King on that horrible August [April] 4, in 1968.

Accusations have appeared that Senator James MaGur– McClure was promised political favor that he would get bonds and support for a nuclear reactor if he would go along with President Carter’s compromise bill on deregulation of the gas industries, allowing the great gas corporations to raise their prices to unlimited degree. Carter has denied it, but the press of the world is now focussing upon this underhanded political deal.

The Attorney General of the United States [Griffin] Bell may open up what is the– the most corrupt era, even exceeding Watergate – if US press brings it out – said Radio Moscow, and even the Voice of Netherlands. What has happened is, that Bell has said he will give the socialists forty million dollars, rather than reveal the fact of what was done to them to frame them. The fact is, we learn from our own Dr. Freed, who wants to retire and live here, just like Dr. [Carlton] Goodlett, which should tell all of you what a beautiful homeland you have, how much danger there is of blacks being exterminated – and Indians – and nuclear war, or they wouldn’t want to be coming. What is the case, Dr. Freed said – the author, the prominent author who’s going back to help us now to crack the conspiracy – is that there are no witnesses. The government framed a case based on no witnesses against the socialists, and harassed them without reason and did criminal acts against them, and the government would rather pay forty million dollars than to have to expose the files to the socialists. It is also said– it is also said that [Pause]– it is also declared that indeed the federal judge [U.S. District Court Judge Thomas P. Griesa] may not buy Attorney General Bell’s position and he may– he may come before it’s over with– with a [Pause] citing of another contempt proceedings, which he will not then be able to get out of. So, it could mean a confrontation much like Watergate. Time will tell.

President [Josip Broz] Tito of Yugoslavia enters into three days of talks with members of the Soviet alliance out of fear that he has alienated the Soviet Union by allowing Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj] to appeal to Macedonian nationalism, and by extending the offer of Macedonia to operate under the cover of Yugoslavia. The Soviets have always put down appeals to nationalism, even said BBC. They appeal to internationalism, to make a unified soviet– or a unified socialist bloc with a great deal of individual autonomy. This has put Yugoslavia on a collision course with the Soviet Union.

Saint Peter’s Square. The election of a new pope is close, said the news just now, but has not yet been decided.

Federal mediators are now discussing US intervention in the Near East. The Soviets said that they will not tolerate it, nor will the world. I had predicted this kind of thing was being negotiated, and the Soviets had confirmed it even a few days ago.

CIA officer charged– another active, prestigious CIA officer charged with selling documents to the Soviet Union. Julian Temple. He’s now been transferred to Athens and put under arrest, facing life or even death for espionage. He showed the entire satellite system, says the USA in their charges. He revealed the secrets to the USSR – [pronounces “CCCP” phonetically] ess-ess-eyre, as the Russians would say, to name their own country. Showed the exact number of satellites, how they’re made. The US had a sophisticated satellite that could even pick up license plates below. Now the Soviets have all of the equipment. Obviously there are pro-socialists inside the Central Intelligence Agency, because they uh– this one passed it over for nothing, uh, but just a pittance, covering travel. The last one charged who gave in– insights into USA spying devices did it for only three thousand dollars, undoubtedly revealing that two CIA people ha– realized the dangerous, fascist overtones and undertones of the CIA that have overthrown – with our tax dollars – so many wonderful governments around the world.

In the selection for the pope, many commentators in the world say it’s high time that a Third World leader is represented. Even though only 27 Italians are on the College of Cardinals out of 111, and twelve Africans are present, they still feel– the Church of Rome apologetically says, Catholic Church– that it will be an Italian because he could better able to carry out reforms. Ha ha.

Judge Earl Jones, in handing down a sentence to someone [Herb Overton] that had been in possession of marijuana and was selling it. He said, the uh– the defendant said that the Bible says that every herb growing seed is for meat, or for the good of man [Gen. 1:29]. The judge, in a clearly atheistic decision, said, I will postpone sentencing until the fall to give you proof that– that you have spoken to the higher court of God. He said, if you can provide me scientific evidence that God will intervene on your behalf for passing out dope in American society, then he might take a change in decision. Undoubtedly, the chap’s going to face whatever the law violation means, because the high court of God has never been known to speak. All that comes down from the sky is bird shit.

Arson for profit is the largest crime– I mean, it’s the mo– the highest crime in the United States and the fastest-growing racket of capitalists in combination with the underworld and the mafia. It’s the costliest crime. It’s into several billion dollars per year lost to the American taxpayer.

Nicaragua. Near-riotous conditions, as the brave Sandinista Liberation Front has sparked the hopes of liberty under the dread Somoza regime that has been upheld for 44 despotic criminal years by US monopoly capitalism. General strike of all the three major unions, closing of all businesses, as business and labor combine. One commentator said that if– unless Somoza [Anastasio Somoza Debayle] resigns immediately, it will definitely mean that a socialist government like that of Cuba will be the successor to leadership in Nicaragua. Of course, this is quite a change of tune for Voice of America from yesterday, when they said that these had to be Cuban activists, the twenty or so that took over the national palace and did this heroic feat that was enabled as they held some of the richest families and relatives of the dictator Somoza to release over 140 of the most significant political prisoners in Nicaragua. Yesterday, Voice of America said it could not be Nicaraguan, because they’d already been killed off, and USA said it almost proudly ten years ago. But today, they are forced to admit their lie of yesterday, as the whole of Nicaragua is in general strike, riots, and all labor unions and all businesses are closed in a joint effort opposing the fascist regime of Somoza, upheld by our tax dollars which should cause us great pain.

China claims that there’s a military strangulation taking place, that USSR has surrounded her, now that Afghanistan has had a successful Marxist-Leninist revolution. She fears now Soviet direct military inv– intervention. China, according to her own commentator, is taking seriously that the Soviets may have means to penetrate her underground shelters, which mea– would mean that the Soviet Union is the most advanced nation in the world in military defense systems. She– China, USSA– USSR has already conceded that they are able to stop incoming missiles from the USA by laser and other devices which they will not go into, and to stop the offensive industries and weapons of warfare from her satellites and space platforms in outer space, which can hone on heat the size of a half-dollar, wherever it would be emitted, and it has means of detecting varying degree of heat until they can tell exactly what is exuding the heat – from the smallest cravet– uh, crevice on the earth. [Pause] China says that the Soviet Union are not concerned about the welfare of the Chinese, and the Soviet Union says that they are concerned more about the welfare of the world, who stand to suffer under the nuclear holocaust. They say they take no glory in the fact that they have the military capability of wiping out the Chinese nation and the USA, but they are tired of all of these uh, maneuvers to– to try to divide the balance of power and to cause confusion. They call the Chinese confusionist who are not behaving sanely in reference to nuclear war and what it means to so man– so many millions of innocents. The USSR said it is not because we are fearful. We can sustain our people. We have means of defense of our people. We do not think that any socialist nation should base its policy on the absolute of nuclear war, even though we know it’s a reality and the gravest danger. We too would agree that it’s a very hard prog– pragmatic conclusion, and if there’s any way out– Perhaps there’ll be a scientific breakthrough that would stop the capability of all nuclear weapons, but as long as there’s life, there’s hope.

Certainly we should get our people out of USA, without a shadow of a doubt, and it’s marvelous to behold that we have this alternative in the Soviet Union, in the greatest modern and purest communist state in this regard. They have not only developed Communism to their citizenry, and collectives of free medicine, free housing, free utilities, free entertainment, but they are the avant garde. And that’s just exactly just the way the Russians say advanced guard: “avant garde.”

The dollar plummeted again to new lows. As you heard earlier, the capitalists really have no feeling that they can save the system.

An arsenal along the Vietnamese and Chinese border. The clashes will continue. Several dead. The Vietnamese have managed to be able to resist the Chinese first attempt and have killed more Chinese than Vietnamese were killed. And the small nation of Vietnam has actually penetrated into China, and this is an amazing new situation, which would reveal to us that China takes seriously yesterday’s threat from the Soviet Union that she can wipe out the Chinese nation. Nothing has been done by the massive numbers of China, which are a billion, and Vietnam only has a few millions, but nothing has been done to reclaim her territory at this time.

USA raises in prices are ten percent [Pause] on the next couple of months. [Pause] They expect another ten percent increase in cost of living.

Also, in the USA, they’re expected a new air war– uh, price war between commercial airlines. They uh, Air– Federal Aeronautics– uh, the uh, Federal Aeronautics Administration has agreed that all airlines can raise their prices by ten percent, or cut them by seventy percent without any governmental approval. That’s how bad off the economy is, and how much there needs to be given incentives for people to fly, because people cannot afford to fly in airplanes. Even the middle class. So the government had to take off these controls, because the government is actually giving welfare – not to the poor, that’s being cut away – but big rich airlines like TWA are given welfare, government subsidization, uh, your tax dollars going to save big corporations.

Proposition 13, as you know, is being passed here, there, and everywhere in the United States scene.

Continued negotiations are going on with the Union of South Africa, as capitalists sell out capitalists – it’s always the case – and they are going on between the Union of South Africa and the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, of all things, a shocking, surprising breakthrough. [Pause] This shows you that, in the final analysis, all the money that has been poured in by our tax dollars to the Union of South Africa, Union of South Africa capitalists – the worst in the world – are going to think of their own welfare in the finality.

The patriotic forces– the Front– the Patriotic Front liberation forces of Rhodesia, what the white man calls Rhodesia, or we – and black people – call Zimbabwe, are on the verge of an outright military victory, ZANU [Zimbabwe African National Union] representatives told the UN this week, in a report of the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. “Lots of fighting remains to be done,” the ZANU spokesman continued, “but we bluntly state that we have broken the regime’s back.” The liberation forces now control over ninety percent of the Rhodesian countryside, according to ZANU leader Robert Mugabe – he’s the Marxist-Leninist. ZANU is in with Joshua Nkomo, the nationalist, to form the Patriotic Front. Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist, was speaking in Maputo, Mozambique, and the armed struggle has now reached into the capital city. Rhodesian officials for the first time reported that the brave Patriotic Front is– has appeared in Salisbury on three occasions – twice this month and once last month – fighting in the streets of the last stronghold of the white racist regime.

No wonder that the whites are prepared, in the Union of South Africa, to sell out the whites in Rhodesia. Socialists don’t sell out socialists, but capitalists always sell out each other. Security comes in socialism. A capitalist never is secure – his own family may undercut him. He may end up – though the richest man in the world, like J. Paul Getty – to be alone when they die – or Howard Hughes – dying without the medical care that even a tramp could get on the street, even people trying to cause him to– to die by indirect homicide to get his money. You have the security of– of twelve-hundred strong to fight for you. A great miracle was done for Jackson, Ralph Jackson, he was facing the courts here because of the violation of the law in his driving. Miraculously, all of his records disappeared. That’s one of the miracles that we don’t talk about, they happen every day. [Tape edit] Miraculously, they couldn’t be found, so there was no matter of a case.

Meanwhile in Rhodesia, Prime Minister Ian Smith and the three black puppet figures, including Bishop Mizu– [Abel] Muzorewa, who is the he– head of the Methodist Church – you could imagine the only three Uncle Toms are heads of the religious orders in Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe. In their Executive Council, confronted by an eroding military – and even desertions of some of the white mercenaries that were trained in the USA, even whites are deserting him and going to the other side – and a political situation within the country that is uncontrollable, have lashed out in an attack on Zimbabwean uh, re– villages in Mozambique, murdering women and children with US planes, because that’s all they have left. Even they have to be piloted by murderous US pilots trained and backed by our tax dollars from USA. They have also stepped up efforts to gain outside support, notably in a successful drive in Congress for a resumption of trade with USA, the only country that has given them unlimited economic background b– aid and military assistance with our tax dollars, which I hope we all feel the guilt for. ZANU’s estimate of the military situation is evidently close to that of the British and US governments, which have let it be known that they are making a so-called evacuation plan for Rhodesia’s two hundred and fifty thousand whites. They have faced that much of the danger that Rhodesia’s going to fall. British contingency planning has been concentrating, for some months, on the possibility of organizing airborne rescue on the lines of the Franco-Belgian Shaba operation [May 1978 air operation by Europeans in Zaire during Shaba II conflict], if the increasingly widespread predictions of imminent bloodbath prove accurate. The Financial Times of London stated in its last-week editorial, as ZANU now pointed out to the United Nations committee on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples in the August 8 testimony, there is the smell of Saigon everywhere, shortly before the American puppet regime was routed and fled. And then, USA did not even take care of its own CIA agents, confining them to death [Pause] and life imprisonment in the Vietnamese country, because they had been traitors to the Vietnamese people. Even production– predictions of an imaginary bloodbath are similar, trying to get the whites to get together to get out of there.

But the purpose of the leaked stories on evacuation plans is not yet clear. In what was perhaps a trial balloon, a New York’s Times report in typ– typical capitalist sell-out traditions from London last week suggested that the United States would probably join a rescue operation if it were humanitarian and non-political, and noted that it is highly unli– unlikely that US troops would be involved. It could be a cover, though, for military intervention, but US is spread thin and cannot reach to all of the trouble spots of the world. The same piece seemed to go further – from the New York Times sell-out print – in suggesting South African intervention, but this has – as I told you – been curtailed by South Africa, willing to negotiate now with the Patriotic Liberation Front. There’s also the feeling, it’s said, that South Africa would probably start a rescue operation of its own, which might be to get more whites, but they will do nothing to save Rhodesia, by their own admission at least, in the news of yesterday.

Shortly after the first reported guerilla action in Salisbury at a time when white morale in Rhodesia was at a very, very low ebb, the Robe– Rhodesian combined operation headquarters announced the raids on Zimbabwean installations in two provinces east of the Rhodesian border. But it is thought that this is the last reflex of a dying chicken. They were the first acknowledged cross-border attacks since the early spring raids on ZAPU [Zimbabwe African People’s Union], Patriotic Front forces in Zambia, in March, and the first Mozambique raids against ZANO– ZANU since December. This time, the Rhodesians claim they had neutrized– neutralized ten Zimbabwean camps, but made no claim as to casualties or arms destroyed. There were a number of communities, the camps – actually, concentration camps, in which they were holding Zimbabweans – that have been utterly destroyed in true Hitlerite tradition. A Mozambiquan spokesman said that targets included a school, and that 110 out of the 122 students had been wounded, and twelve were killed. Mugabe, in Maputo, was quoted as saying that no Rhodesian ground forces were used, which he attributed to the low morale of Rhodesian troops and generally limited manpower.

At the time of the raids, the Uncle Tom puppet sell-outs, Bishop Abel Muzorewa and Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole – members of the four-man Smith government – were out of the country. Sithole’s party immediately declared the attacks were ill-advised and disappointing. The Smith regime was going too far, even for the Uncle Toms. But on his return, Sithole, repeating the fiction that Smith has conceded the principle of majority rule, stated, it was our duty to defend that rule. But they are planning – the Uncle Toms – to be– for emergency evacuation for their own families, said another London report. Reached in London on his way home from a lobbying Michigan– mission in Washington, Muzorewa – head of the Methodist Church, Uncle Tom – refused to say whether [Pause] as a member of the government’s, uh, [Pause] puppet council, he accepted responsibility for the raids. When asked if he had been consulted in advance, he said it was of no significance. While out of the country, the bishop came under attack from four senior members of the executive committee of his own party. They resigned in protest against his inept and cruel sell-out to white leadership. The failure of the transition government to stop the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front’s war, and the continuation of race– race discrimination were– were also cited, and he was cited for being unable to stop the white regime from murdering village after village of the brave Zimbabwean people.

Muzorewa had gone to Washington at the invitation of right-wing, [Pause] neo-fascist Senator Jesse Helms – Republican, North Carolina – sponsor of an amendment to lived– lift at once the US trade embargo on arms and tax aid – again, causing me to be– feel sick inside – against the Rhodesian people. Helms staff member John Carbaugh laid careful plans for Muzorewa. Carbaugh arranged a luncheon invitation for him from the influential Washington Post – all the press is nothing more than servants, obedient servants, of the slave masters that rule Washington, the monopoly capitalists – then told the reluctant State Department that to refuse a Rhodesian a visa would interfere with freedom of the press, according to a detailed report in the Washington Post. All the press back this white racist regime. USA is a cancer, as Dr. Freed said– or as Dr. Goodlett said. And the only way to get– to handle cancer is to get away from it before its cells attack and kill you. Don Freed called USA, as you know, in our Peoples Rally, a disease that needs to be eliminated. Carbaugh, also – C-A-R-B-A-U-G-H – also got Muzorewa – M-U-Z-O-R-E-W-A – in to see Henry Kissinger, architect of the fascist Rhodesian settlement, then called reporters to Kissinger’s doorstep, where the former Secretary of State urged the Carter administration to give the Smith government a fair chance. As I always said, Republicans and Democrats, Kissinger was a Republican secretary of state, but they’re both two sides of the same filthy capitalist coin. During the debate in Washington on the bills, Helms – right-wing racist senator – and Carbaugh kept in telephone touch with Smith – the worst fascist outside of [Johannes] Vorster in all the world – and shortly before the crucial vote, Smith announced an election date, December fourth, for the new government. Helms immediately announced this fact on the Senate floor. The Senators were warned by knowledgeable sources that lifting sanctions would encourage Smith in his refusal to negotiate with the true people’s representative government, the Patriotic Front, and would offend most Aff– of Africa, the Organization of African Unity, and lead the Patriotic Front to stop negotiations with the US imperialists and Britain. Also expressed was a fear that the action would lead to increase Soviet and Cuban influence in South Africa, which we see growing daily.

Despite the warnings and White House lobbying, the Senate passed a compromise bill July twenty-sixth – so-called, that is – which seems to assure lifting the embargo by the year’s end on all types of equipment. It’s even rumored that they have put under US auspices the neutron bomb, that the US army and Air Force jokingly call their nigger bomb, because they intend in an emergency to drop it on black and Indian ghettos so they can have black and Indian property, and Asian property, but eliminate all forms of life, as you know, the neutron bomb does. It recars– it requires the president to remove the sanctions if the Smith regime offers to negotiate the terms of independence with the Patriotic Front. As you know, they lifted them without that assurance. Even if the terms are unacceptable to the Front, and holds so-called free elections under the international supervision of the UN, which has always worked in the best interests of the United Nations– uh, United States, imperialists. The vaguely-worded amendment now goes to conference to iron out differences with a similar House bill. Last week, ZANU leader – Marxist-Leninist – Mugabe – [spells name] M-U-G-A-B-E – attended the International Youth Festival in Habana, Cuba, free territory in the Caribbean. It was his first trip to Cuba, and the occasion of his first meeting with President Fidel Castro, who is heralded as one of the world’s leaders of liberation– world’s greatleaders of liberation. In our particular case, Dr. Mugabe said– the Marxist leader of, uh, ZANU – Z-A-N-U – and the co-leader of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front that includes nationalist leader of ZAPU, Joshua Nkomo. But Dr. Mugabe said to the Financial Times – capitalist mouthpiece for Britain – last week on his return to Maputo in Mozambique, we have asked for material assistance by way of arms, and by way of military training facilities which Cuba is affording our counterpart ZAPU in the Patriotic Front. We would like her to extend similar facilities to us, he continued. They certainly have not said no, and they are now considering the matter. And in New York, New York, the ZANU representatives at the United Nations said, we promised this committee that we will now go flat-out to smash the white fascist regime in Salisbury, by escalating – stepping up – our armed struggle, in accordance with Marxist-Leninist principles, that only armed struggle can free people from the oppression of capitalism and fascism. Fascism. We are determined to win outright by our own swit– own sweat. A victory is absolutely certain. That gives you some background on the situations.

UN hedges on Walvis Bay. Namibia Pact is in limbo, in a state of nothing happening. The prospects for negotiated settlement in Namibia remain in limbo. Uh­– Two weeks ago, the United Nations Security Council hastily passed two resolutions on Namibia. Resolution 431 and 432 call for the appointment of a UN special representative in Namibia, thus opening the way for implementation of the Western plan for independence that has been in the works for the past eighteen months. The resolutions also stated that the territorial integrity and unity of Namibia must be assured to direct the reintegration of Walvis Bay within its own– with its territory. But probably most significant in the action, unfortunately– [Pause] the most significant thing in the action, the Security Council left the issue of Namibia’s only deep-water port, which is also the center of the Namibian territory’s communications and transport industries, to future bilateral negotiations between South Africa and the government of an independent Namibia, not giving clear support to the rights of the Namibian people. Although, the lay– latest news that we have is that South Africa is willing to sell out US capitalism and all of her other capitalist, uh, allies to get a peace of her own.

Puerto Rico. Repression mounts, as seventy-five percent of the people are clearly against to the USA’s colonial government. It’s paving the way for an intensified drive against statehood, and sharply heightened attacks against US presence there. Repressive measures, even fascist measures, according to Radio Sweden, has been used against the growing independent forces in Puerto Rico, territory of the United States that US is trying to manipulate into statehood. There have been thousands of arrests of those favoring independence, and an increased police surveillance and even the use of searches and torture in recent weeks, culminating in the cold-blooded police murder of several young independeest– independistas on the l– first week of August of this year. July 25 has long been a significant date in Puerto Rico. It is officially designated Constitution Day to commemorate the 1952 signing of the documenting– the document creating the island’s present commonwealth status, a form of independence that the Puerto Ricans are determined to carry out. Independistas, independistas – I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-I-S-T-A-S – also remember July 25, 1898 as the date the United States military forces, in true imperialist manner, landed at Guánica, Puerto Rico, beginning eighty years of US fascist colonial domination.

Remember: Study your Russian now.

Iran is still in the midst of upheaval as people are rebelling in every city of [Reza Pahlavi] the Shah of Iran. He was put in power many years ago by the CIA, when [Mohammad Mosaddegh] a popular president of the left was murdered in Iran. But uprisings are shaking every major city and town across the country. There’s nothing that the police – the secret police – and even US aid, that has set up the worst CIA secret police, Gestapo, in the Near East, nothing it can do to stop. People have been killed in the streets, shot down like dogs, but the resistance continues, even in the face of the Shah’s maneuvering to try to make the people feel that the left were guilty of murder. He went so far with US aid to burn down one of his principal theaters. Including some of his own members of government were burned in that horrible pyre – that sacrifice of fire – in which four hundred Iranians were murdered, burned to death. This brings the government’s acknowledged number of people killed in mass upheavals this year to– in the four thousands. Unofficial estimates, however, put the total at closer to ten thousand. The most recent mass upsurge now of the people in joint effort to rebel and liberate Iran is taking place in thirteen cities. The government does not have control of those cities, in spite of controlling the press, the army, and the secret– [stumbles over words] the secret, uh, police.

Peru and Columbia are still [Pause] controlling the countryside. [Pause] In spite of military dictatorships, there’s nothing that apparently can be done.

[Tape edit, begins in mid-sentence] –recalls challenge automaker profits. More automobiles were recalled due to safety defects by US capitalist money-hungry manufacturers last year than were actually produced. That many cars of all the leading automobile industries in United States are made unsafe for the American people. Automakers are worried, not so much because of the untold numbers of people who were killed or will be killed or injured due to the unsafe cars made by the capitalists, but because of the possibility that strengthened federal safety measures demanded by an irate public mood– Even though it’s apathetic in regards to socialism, there’s a real mood in USA protesting these unsafe cars, and it may reduce their profits to little or nothing this year because of their lust for profits. They made [clearly and deliberately enunciates number] fourteen million, three hundred thousand unsafe vehicles that had to be recalled last year, four times the average for the year 1974 through ’76, according to Clarence M. Ditlow, director of the Center for Automobile Safety, a Ralph Nader group. I fully expect twenty million US cars of all the– the car companies – GM, Ford, Chrysler, you name them – will have to be recalled this year because they’re endangering human life every time they go down the road. Well, we’re not surprised. Life means nothing to the US government or the big monopoly capitalists that run the government, that are the secret government, the invisible government of the United States.

Evidence of massive political surveillance on all civil rights activists – not only the left – have come to light with the release of the list of some two hundred organizations whom the police had under scrutiny all through the year last. The spying has also added another dimension to the general wave of police terror plaguing San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other cities of California. Los Angeles police have already killed 140 people this year in cold blood, surpassing the record number killed in 1977. The most recent spying dic– disclosures have brought renewed outcries from activists, as well as sharp criticism from some politicians, though that there still not the mass movement needed to stop fascism and nuclear war in the United States. No doubt we are one of those groups in the two hundred. We have not yet got back our back our demands – which are supposed to be guaranteed – for Freedom of Information from the FBI and the CIA on who they’re spying upon. The CIA admits they have information on people, files on such people as Joyce Touchette, who was never involved that much in politics, Sharon Amos, Jim Randolph, several of our black leaders, but they deny having anything on me. Can you imagine, when I have been a Marxist, a socialist ever since I was a teenager.

Witnesses tie segregationists, uh, to the King murder, and big business. A major lead on the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King was concealed by the FBI for many years. The new information, which has just come to light, strongly links leading segregationists – now dead – with a plot to let out a fifty thousand dollar contract on the civil rights re– leader’s life back in 1967. Russell G. Byers, a former St. Louis auto parts dealer, told the House Select Committee on Assassinations – that was brought about by our new friend [Don Freed], that called me the greatest man and this, the greatest organization on earth – last May, that he received such an offer from John M. Sutherland [John H. Sutherland], head of the St. Louis White Citizens Council – a big businessman – at a secret meeting in Imperial, Missouri in 1967. Byers passed this information to an FBI agent in 1973. The meeting, he said, had been arranged by the business Chamber of Commerce and associate John R. Kauffmann. According to Byers, Sutherland said that he was making the offer on behalf of many businessmen in the St. Louis region alone. And another offer came out of Atlanta, thus showing that James Earl Ray was not the only lunatic assassin at– acting alone. In fact, Dr. Freed – our author guest, prominent US author who wants to move and be with us because USA, he believes, like Dr. [Daniel] Ellsberg, will be a desert wasteland from atomic bombs, and he believes that all minorities will be murdered just as they were in Hitler’s Germany. He states that James Earl Ray was merely a fall guy, just as like [Lee Harvey] Oswald said, he was a patsy, he really had no part in it, he was just a comfortable fall guy. Segregationists sell-out segregationists. Even though James Earl Ray was white and Southern, he uh, was the fall guy for one of the horrible murders of our time.

Proposition 13 is triggering a rent revolt, at least. Perhaps more pinching on the US working class nerves and middle-class nerves will bring about some resistance. Since the passage of the tax revolt-inspired Proposition 13, California’s political chemistry brews with yet another potentially volatile fired-up element: a renter’s revolt. As you know, it was so strong that in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles council had to say to the landlords – even though they’re sympathetic and representatives of the landlord class – that the landlords will not be able to increase their rent this year.

Antitrust. Xerox retains copany– copy monopoly. In the final analysis, the courts always favor monopoly capitalism. It was an unwitting comment on the state’s endorsement of corporate fascist monopoly capitalism. A federal court in Hartford, Connecticut ruled last week the five-billion dollar Xerox corporation has illegally monopolized the paper copying business since 1969, yet Wall Street investors, wise to the antitrust game, appeared unshaken at the outcome. The value of the Xerox stock on the big board fell just a hair. The reason? Although Xerox – X-E-R-O-X – lost the thirteen-month trial, the longest in federal court history, the huge monopoly’s penalty will merely be what? Financial damages, rather than a court-mandated break-up on antitrust grounds. The judge [Jon O. Newman] will levy small penalties against Xerox later on in the s– uh, month of August or September. So, that’s what they know. The courts are a part of the system, the courts represent capitalism. The police: capitalism. The army: capitalism. The Senate: capitalism. As Dr. Goodlett pointed out, half of the Congress owns gold in the horrible racist regime [Pause] in Union of South Africa. The people have no representatives.

Zimbabwe’s supporters target Senator Hayakawa, neo-fascist senator from California. Twenty-four members of the ad hoc coalition to enforce the Rhodesian embargo occupied Senator S. I. Hayakawa’s Republican California offices here in San Francisco for an hour until ousted and brutally beaten by San Francisco police. We know how brutal they can be. They were a part of the initial conspiracy by the testimony wa– already of one outside conspirator against Peoples Temple. They were protesting racist, fascist Hayakawa’s announced intention of voting to lift the embargo against Rhodesia. Others picketed outside the building. They called the senator an enemy of the people – an Uncle Tom-san – and an enemy of the people of the world and Zimbabwe in particular, and the working class of USA.

This is about the consummation of the news. There are uh, other points, but I think that is a good news coverage. If you want to pass the test, pass this news. I mean, two tests: one test requiring us to know the basic– some few basics in Russian. We may study Russian (unintelligible word) the people’s, uh socialist classes will all under– uh, gather in the, uh, pavilion – the theater pavilion – and, uh, we’ll go from there. As to the test, and what type of test, and then we’ll– perhaps in the– before the test – give a little bit of Russian review. We want to keep that, talk it to each other so that we can point out clearly– Radio room, point out clearly that if the people in town are asked to speak any Russian, they say they have not been out since we began the mass classes, that all citizens of Jonestown are studying Russian. Remember, [pronounces “Лéнин” (“Lenin”) phonetically] “le-neen, le-neen, le-neen,” and [Pronounces “Я хочу мира” (“I want peace”) phonetically] “ya achu mire, ya achu mire”: “I want peace.” Th– That, and know the background. US capitalists misconstrued in lies what [Nikita] Khrushchev was saying when he made that statement to the United Nations. They said he wanted the world because [pronounces “мир” (“world” or “peace”)] “mire” also means “world,” but he was saying [Pronounces “Я хочу мира” (“I want peace”) phonetically] “ya hachu mire, ya hachu mire”: “I want peace.” [Pronounces “Лéнин” (“Lenin”) phonetically] “Le-neen,” great founder of the first socialist revolution in October 1917, the first socialist revolution in the avant garde s– That’s the way it sounds in Russian. The first revolution took part– took place in the Soviet Union, in Russia, and indeed the Soviet Union has been more consistently the liberator of Third World people, in spite of the fact that some new changes in China that have given assistance to even black countries resisting imperialism.

That’s the end of the reading of the news commentary, mostly commentary. Much love to you. I love you much. Produce, so we can our people to freedom, get them here, so we can build here, or wherever. We have another option now. We have an alternative, if we’re ever threatened. Not many people on earth have this much security. Jail term and then miraculously, his whole, uh, police record disappeared. Remember the records of yesterday: the miracles, the miracles and miracles. Keep an– uh, a high attitude of faith and gratitude, and you will be well. No complaints. Know also that you will be tested on what you are to say to all guests present. You’re always to say how much you love it here, how you’d never want to go back to the United States. If you want to go back there sometime, to the desert radi– radiation zone, and die of slow radiation poison, if you want to live in the concentration camp and be put in gas ovens, that’s your privilege. But remember: now we tell to all how much we love this place, how much we would never want to go back, how the– good the food is – meats, fruits, vegetables every day, the clean air. Don’t speak against the US government, but just say you’re free here from fear of being mugged or raped or robbed, we don’t have to lock our doors, you know, all the beauties. Remind yourself through the tape of last night, and know the news of yesterday. If you have– If you– In order to pass without taking extra classes, the five extra classes, you must be able to pass what Dr. Freed said – Don Freed, who’s become a new member of Peoples Temple – and yesterday’s news. Today’s news is only required for those who want to miss the next test and get other considerations to be in a more relaxed environment. I love you very much.

[15 seconds of silence]

Jones: [Speaks softer and slower, with pauses between phrases] Attention. Attention. It’s essential that we keep things picked up and beautified. And if you care, my darlings, you won’t be idle. You’ll produce. We have the greatest security now in the world for our babies, our seniors, with the Soviet Union willing to give us sanctuary – the most powerful, most humane, of all the socialist countries. Free education, free recreation, free medical care, dental care and in many areas no rent at all. It’s a country that has beautiful warm resort areas like Hawaii, that reaches so far of the world’s geography that it goes to the colder regions of Siberia. I urge you, please, to be studying under the library when you have your shift over. News is to be played at 5:30, and 6:30 again to give those people that deserve the chance – an opportunity – to get out of extra tests. Also, good work reports will figure into that too, even if you didn’t do quite so well on a test, because we appreciate those that work without having to be asked to work. So, observers and supervisors, speak very strongly about that.

Remember to smile. When I have anyone in a mass meeting – like I said, someone may be here Tuesday that needs it, or a day off – please smile and back up and clap, everything we stand for. Remember, we’ve had the most encouraging thing.

Another thing I forgot: Dr. Freed, the world-famous author, says that he is going to hold lectures, he’s going to push himself around the clock. Every person he meets, he’s going to talk about Jim Jones and Peoples Temple. Jim Jones being the greatest man that he ever met, and Peoples Temple the most caring organization. So let’s show that care. Let’s be tender and loving to our comrades. Please dress up eyesores. I’m asking again the committee that I included, such as the inspection committee, Public Services, then I name several people. If the administrators will see that they go around. I want everything planted between the school pavilion – people continue to walk through there – between the school pavilion and the fence of the radio room. In between the two school pavilions, I want banana plantings, except for good walkways. Now, bring this to the attention of the CAOs [Chief Administrative Officers], there may be an emergency session now. And then, from behind the school pavilions, get this done, planted, by Monday, please. Plant that region. I commend Comrade [Eugene] Chaikin and the nursery department to keep building that up. That takes away from the eyesores and– so people won’t stomp through mud and make things look worse than they are. A portion between the fence of the radio room and Comrade Ava’s [Ava Jones] apartment to Joyce and Charlie’s [Joyce and Charles Touchette] is an area also that could all be planted with safety. Have just a little place there in the drive where the tractors go through, so people can walk through it, and a path, but be sure everything is planted. That area needs to be covered.

Be sure to read the blackboards of Theresa [King]. She’ll put down the news as soon as possible that I just gave. I’ve been up several nights and days. There’s no reason for me to even discuss sleep, because I would have to take drugs of a proportion that would be dangerous, so I don’t sleep by night or by day. I was up all night, gave the news early– uh, give this news at noon, I’ve been going over reams and reams of requests, suggestions. Please write up anything that you see that could be improved. We just cannot, and will not, tolerate gossip. Take this to heart, my darlings. Any eyesore– I’m holding all of you, but I’m holding the special committee again responsible to go around and see that everything is dressed up. We still need some patchwork in the, uh, tool and dye area of the machine shop – inventory area – so that the lights don’t shine through the [unintelligible word]. Make every patch clear, but most important, everything clean. And we need the rail that, due to an accident, was broken, both those rails on that bridge – I’m so concerned about all of your lives. That’s why I can’t sleep. I have nothing in my mind – but Jim McElvane, every black brothers and sisters back there that the vicious Stoen conspiracy is trying to destroy. We’ve come through every battle to get IRS off our backs. To get the FCC – another fascist agency – controlled, is nothing less than miraculous. Remember to remind us, in case we need to show, that we’re not anti-American people, we are the true patriots, that we can sing something like “America the Beautiful,” “O spacious skies,” or whatever. It is not that that we war with, it is the military industrial complex, the invisible government behind the scenes. Remember to accept under no circumstances any letter. Say, “I’m not interested.” Don’t say why, but it would be a means of serving you with something, giving you notice that could hurt people back there, and start some legal proceeding. Though it would not be honored in Guyana, we want to take the tensions off. And always tell how much you love this place – don’t want to be anyplace else – and talk with enthusiasm like some of the seniors did last night, and set such a remarkable example.

Much love. Let us step up the production. Please fly– [Pause] Uh, get after the swatting of the flies. Everyone get your flyswatter out. I notice, going through the community, there’s not enough of this. But we will have to discuss that tonight in socialist classes, or Peoples Rally, if you don’t get busy with it. We had the flies almost licked. Mosquito treatment, I would suggest a little more treatment. I see a few, and uh, ‘round the office residence, considerable. So do what you can to eliminate those. Be very careful. Safety. Do not leave out any chemical. Don’t endanger the lives of our children. Remember when I had to raise six up, literally from the death, a worse than death, brain damage. Nothing that could be taken. Have it all in the central supply under Ernestine Blair, who does a very proficient job. And we should give commendation to Rita Lenin [Rita Tupper] and her staff – we would say, to the ordinary community of course, Tupper – so that people will not be able to spy out our beautiful liberty. Her staff, herself, does a remarkable job in helping buffer some of the enemies who’ve used many of your relatives to try to trap you and get you destroyed. But we have come through, and the best thing could’ve ever happened to us is Dr. Goodlett getting his healing– he said he’s gonna print it, put it everywhere. Lieutenant Dymally [California Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally] stepping forward and saying he knows that it’s CIA, thus confirming what Freed said: that [Tim] Stoen was in the CIA.

So we have much to be thankful for. All of you should write glowing letters, telling how much Don Freed, tell the books he authored, and Dr. Goodlett, what he had to say about this lovely place. They can give you excerpts from the tapes. All of you should do that, and when your name’s called for pictures, get them out, so your people will find a place to come to before the atomic war makes it – as Dr. Daniel [Ellsberg] said, and Don Freed – nothing but a desert and a wasteland. Have you seen a desert? How hot, dry, and nothing alive in it except a few lizards and snakes? I don’t think you begin to realize. You don’t know what a concentration camp is. Keep in your mind The Night of the Fog [Night and Fog], all those horrible, horrible bodies that were worse than death. Their living was worse than death. Thank you very much.

Immediately, please, clean up the area, because the Prime Minister [Forbes Burnham] has said he will come as soon as his schedule – his busy schedule – permits, and we want to have ourself in readiness to receive all of our Guyanese neighbors. Thank you, and I love you very deeply.

[Tape edit]

Jones: [Speaking louder and slightly slurred, with pauses between phrases] Attention. Attention, attention. Still too much idling in my survey. Observers will be taking pointed lessons – we will not talk just Public Services. Swat the flies. Another bit of good news, Dr. Hamilton Green, prominent cabinet minister, Minister of Health, Welfare, Labour, has said that he will move any obstacle to get our medical supplies in. He also was so trusting of us, he told of domestic difficulties he’s having with his own wife. That shows, certainly, a great indication of trust. Also, the opposition party happened to meet, the head Dr. [Cheddi] Jagan, and he was very, very kind to Marceline [Jones], and very sympathetic. [Pause] Very empathetic. So, those are good news for you to hear. Much love. Please use the heavy rains – that’s the time to catch the flies. Everybody – children, everyone – get to work. And do plant that section, because we may have guests tomorrow. Make that a crash-through– a crash-through right now. By area, radio commun– re-emphasize between the school pavilions and the radio fence– in between the school pavilions and to the west of the school pavilion– uh, the east of the school pavilions going towards the apartments, or what we’ve [Pause] called “dormitories” but must not do so anymore.

I’m utterly fatigued from so many days and nights of– without sleep I cannot enumerate. I do love you but let’s all take an interest in ideas of making money and saving money. Things look pretty positive. Much love.