Request for Tim Jones application for firearm licence

H-1-a-11a, p. 14

[Marginal notation: “#075-246”]

Handgun – it is under Tim Day / that was the type of work he was involved in before, that was his last job / and that’s what it’s for / esp. concerning the warehouse bec. of where our equipment was gone, and also concerning protection of Jim. I have gotten word from up there that everything is approved and processed and just waiting for a word to come from him. Letter of Approval needed.

p. 15 is reverse side of p. 14

H-1-a-11b, p. 16

[Hand-typed Letterhead of Peoples Temple Agricultural Project in Georgetown]

October 5, 1977
Commissioner Lloyd Barker
Police Headquarters
Eve Leary

Dear Commissioner Barker:

The People’s Temple Project would like permission to import and license a .357 Magnum revolver to one of our members, Timothy Jones.

Due to a number of recent incidents at the farm in the North West Region we feel it is necessary to secure our supplies warehouse and to maintain an on-duty guard for the protection of our children who have been threatened with kidnapping. The kidnapping threats are not mere heresay [hearsay] but were witnessed first-hand and because of the possibility of this occurring undetected until after the fact, runs a high risk.

Timothy Jones, whom we wish to become our security person, has been employed as a security guard in the US and has proven to be of fine character and demonstrates controlled reactions to crises. We therefore feel that he would be well suited to the urgently needed appointment.

The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project has always been a peace loving group but because of the organized conspiracy and the lengths gone to harass, we feel a protection weapon of this caliber to be an urgent necessity.

Our appreciation to the fine leadership of Guyana can never be stated enough, and – always sharing good relations with police authorities – we hope you will consider this request expeditiously. Our regard for you and your department has always been with great respect. Thank you.

Cooperatively yours,
/s/ Paula Adams
Paula Adams, Coordinator

H-1-a-11c, p. 17

[Reverse side of p. 16, with handwritten note: “How did rifle originally get in police station. Who was it issued to?”]

H-1-d-10, p. 82

[Letterhead of the Office of the Commissioner, Police Headquarters, Georgetown, Guyana]

26 September, 1978.

Dear Comrade,

Application for firearm license – Timothy Jones

I refer to your letter dated 5th October, 1977, in connection with the above subject and wish to inform you that the application for Cde [Comrade] Timothy Jones to be licensed to use a .357 magnum revolver, is refused.
I wish to point out that it is not the practice to issue firearm licenses to persons who are as young as Cde Jones.

Yours cooperatively,
/s/ H. Martin
H. Martin
for Commissioner of Police.

Cde Paula Adams,
Peoples Temple Agricultural Project,
PO Box 893, Georgetown.