Listings of weapons, gun owners

Type Number Quantity (in Rounds)
38 spl. 8 1120
357 mag 2 98
25 cal 2 414
22 short 1 9
22 Long rifle 1 377
30 Carbine 1 281
.308 2 (1 scope) 296
.243 1 (scope) 214
30-06 1 186
Shotguns 6 1093
22 rifle 2 2210
30-30 2 4


H-1-c-2, p. 64

[Editor’s note: This handwritten page comprises 18 names, plus – theoretically – the weapons each is permitted to carry, plus an unknown number for each. Since many of the notations are illegible, only the names have been transcribed.]

1. Emmett Griffith
2. Ed Crenshaw
3. Bob Kice
4. Al Touchette
5. Armondo [Amondo] Griffith
6. Poncho Johnson
7. [Illegible name]
8. Ava Jones
9. John Jones Sr.
10. Lew Jones
11. Joe Wilson
12. Ron Talley
13. Gregg Watkins
14. [Illegible name]
15. David [Illegible last name]
16. Bob Christian
17. Sebastian McMurray
18. Bruce [Illegible last name]


H-1-c-3a, p. 65

Toltal [Total] rounds of amunition [ammunition]

75 rounds of shells 357
150 rounds of shells 25 cal
48 rounds of shell 30 odd 6 [30-06]
156 rounds of shells 38 spl. [Special]
15 rounds of shells 243 scope
1180 rounds of shells 22 Long rifle
82 rounds of shells M-1 carbine
[blank] rounds of shells 3-80
4 rounds of shells 30-30 rifle
This is all I know of house in the compound


H-1-c-3b, p. 66

[Reverse side of H-1-c-3a, four handwritten notes]

– Denied Every Allegation McCarthyism again
– Was [Shirley] Ridley-Fields told about Jeremy
– Get the [illegible word] file to show him
– Get the release into Paula


H-1-c-4, p. 67

[Editor’s note: Listing of guns (Type) and licensee (Carrier)]

22 short (Auto), Michelle Tochette [Touchette]
22 Auto, Charlie Tochette
22 Rev. [revolver], Ava Jones
22 Rev., Sandi Jones
22 Rev., Line (Open)
25 Cal., Maria [Kartsaris]
25 Cal., Carolyn Layton
380 Auto, Stephan Jones
357 Rev., Tim Swinney
357 Rev., Jim Jr.
38 spl. [ditto mark], Tim Jones
38 spl. [ditto mark], Johnny Jones
38 spl. [ditto mark], Mike Prokes
38 spl. [ditto mark], Johnny Cobb
38 spl. [ditto mark], Jim Jr.
38 spl. [ditto mark], Mark Cordell

Rifles, Lew Jones
243 (scope), Stephan Jones
308 (scope), Tim Swinney
308, Tom Kicer [Kice]
30-06, Al Simon
30-30, [blank]
22 long Rifle, Chuck B. [Beikman]
30 cal. Carbine, Tim Carter


H-1-d-4, p. 72

[letterhead of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Mission, Port Kaituma]

[handwritten note: “File Copy – Original is just the same”]

Honorable Minister Frank Hope
Ministry of Finance
Main Street

Dear Minister Hope,

Peoples Temple Agricultural Mission is seeking waiver of duty and consumption tax on a .22 caliber carbine rifle. The sole purpose of the rifle is for the humane slaughtering of livestock and elimination of chicken hawks interfering with poultry production.

Approval for importation has been granted by both the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Trade.

Because of the nature of the exclusive use of this rifle for agriculture/livestock purposes, we feel that it falls under Item 9 (1) of Part B (1) of the Fees Schedule.

The rifle is presently at the Police Headquarters Armory, therefore we are eagerly awaiting a reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Yours Cooperatively
Paul Adams, Secretary


H-1-d-5, p. 73

October 5, 1977

Commissioner of Police Lloyd Barker
Eve Leary
Police Headquarters

Dear Commissioner Barker:

The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project would like to have some of the members hunt wild game for food. With a population of approximately 750 persons, we need several sources to meet protein requirements. The following list of persons were selected by Peoples Temple to be responsible for the guidance:

1) Al Simon
2) José Simon
3) Stephan Jones
4) Tim Jones
5) Lou [Lew] Jones
6) Jim Jones Jr.
7) Darrell Devers
8) Bruce Oliver
9) Tim Carter
10) Johnny Jones
11) Carl [Karl] Barnett
12) Johnny Cobb
13) Emmett Griffith
14) Walter Williams

Thank you so much for your kind and courteous advice. Bishop Jim Jones has remarked on several occasions about the tremendous integrity and principle on which you run your high-quality police force.
Hoping to hear from you soon on the approval of the above named people.

/s/ Paula Adams
Paula Adams


H-1-d-11, p. 83

[Letterhead of the Guyana Police Commission]

26th April, 1978.


Dear Comrade,

Application For Firearm License

I wish to refer to your letter dated 5th October, 1977 on the above subject, and to inform you that approval is given for the under mentioned persons to be issued with firearm licenses to use the two (2) shotguns belonging to the People’s Temple Agricultural Mission:
1) Al Simon
2) José Simon
3) Stephan Jones
4) Tim Jones
5) Lou [Lew] Jones
6) Jim Jones Jr.
7) Darrell Devers
8) Bruce Oliver
9) Tim Carter
10) Johnny Jones
11) Carl [Karl] Barnett
12) Johnny Cobb
13) Emmett Griffith
14) Walter Williams

Please advise them to get in touch with the office of the Divisional Commander ‘F’ Division, Divisional Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown, in connection with the issuing of the licenses.

Yours cooperatively,
D.A. Haynes, DSM
For Commissioner of Police

Cde. Paula Adams,
People’s Temple Agricultural Mission
Port Kaituma,
North West District.


H-1-e-1, p. 89

Front Date Security

Mon – Cindy Cordell – Sam Johnson
Tues – Sharon Kislinbury [Kislingbury] – Pat Patterson
Wed – Rose McKnight – [illegible name]
Thurs – Georgia Lacy – Jerry Smith
Fri – Keith Wade – Pat Jara
Sat – Juanita Bogue – [illegible name]
Sun – Gail Chaikin – [illegible name]


1. Terrick [Tarik] Baker
2. Vern Gosney
3. [illegible name]
4. [illegible name]
5. Jerry Livingston
6. Pat [illegible name]