Memo on Interpol Investigation

H-1-d-2, p. 70

Interpol – Washington Office October 22 [1977] letter to Georgetown Office

from Mr. Louis Sims

RE: JJ file #13024

Subject: Trafficking in Currency and Weapons

The cover letter was accompanied by a report given by an intermediary agent S. E. Murtaugh. Murtagh was reporting on information provided by an agent who met with 13 former members on February 24, 1977. The agent was unidentified. [Handwritten addition: (“Feb 8th – initial contact made.)]

From information given, it is clear that one of the 13 was Grace, [handwritten addition, “Danny Phillips”]


one source mentions having had 170 weapons stored in her home (Grace)

claims sent to G. [Guyana]

Mary Ruth named as person receiving $$$$.

One source mentions having had 200, 300 $$$$ kept in her home

Mentions allegations, says that because of PT political influence in welfare, SF DA and other departments, no investigations of allegations possible, therefore the 13 had contacted investigative reporters, and subsequently articles appeared on Jones and in broadcast media.

Jones allegedly seeking political influence ain G. “possibly an ambassadorship” (this could possibly refer to letters sent in that regard from TOS [Timothy O. Stoen] to Mondale [US Vice Pres. Walter Mondale] in Nov. and Dec.)

claims that by estimates PT has several hundred weapons in G.

claims that in 1975 JJ “was seen throwing teargas into demonstration in G.

sees JJ as seeking to politically influence and become a factor in G. politics.

Mentions support of Black Panther party and Black Muslims.

Does not mention us as Socialist – probably because the two above-mentioned organizations have a reputation for violence which fits in with this weapons thing.

[Handwritten insertion: “Talk in code to SF on radio.”]

*** says that G. and PT have agreement that no inspection of any crates marked agricultural supplies or “used clothes” – inference that we are shipping in shit with cooperation of G. government.

*** Observers now located in Houston, New Orleans, Miami to watch PT shipments going out.

SF immigration confirms being “deluged” with requests for passports from people going to G. – Part of move to G.

RECOMMENDED FUTURE ACTION: MORE OBSERVERS [Handwritten insertion: “(more outposts to observe)”], and immigration to watch for $$$$ and weapon trafficking, investigate.

[Handwritten additions] – Also mentioned Dennis Banks approached – (didn’t mention [David] Conn by name) – conversation taped & tape turned over to Jones. Subsequently 5 letters received that contained references to parts of conversation, saying shd stop.

– Also mentioned reference to State Dept involvement in investigation.