Memo on steam generator plant

H-1-d-8c, p. 78

[Editor’s notes: This page, which is an incomplete memo, is likely a piece of scratch paper, used as a second side to page H-1-d-8c.

[The type on this page is in all capital letters.]

June 27, 1977
To: The office [Jim Jones]
From: Gene Chaikin
Subject: Construction of steam generator plant

I am attaching to this memo detailed plans for the construction of the cement base for the two steam engine alternators. We need to draw our own plans for the slab floor for the entire generator building which would house, presumably, the boiler, two engines and alternators with panels, and one 100 KVA diesel standby generator with panel and fuel tank. In addition, we need sketches of the construction of the refractory which should come from England.

We feel that the construction should be carried out as follows. First, we should contract for the purchase and delivery of the construction materials needed for the project. These would include sand, gravel, cement, bricks, construction steel. We would import a boat full, which would likely include at least 150 tons of sand and 150 tons of gravel. At Port Kaituma, it could be unloaded either with our crane and a bucket, or, preferably by the government crane into railroad cars and dumped at the three mile point.

We should contract the building of the foundations, slab and refractory to a builders co-op in Georgetown experienced with cement construction work. There are several builders co-ops in Georgetown which might qualify and which would have all of the required equipment available. They would provide the labor, equipment and skills, and could also build the brick refractory and smokestack for the boiler. There is a good bit of sophisticated cement construction work in Georgetown and I am sure that people could be found with the requisite skills.

The Englishmen who come over will supervise the placement of the equipment on the foundations, hook it up, put it through a trial operational period, and train our people in maintenance and repair. They will guarantee that it is operative there. This is

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