Strategy Notes on Protecting Jim Jones

H-1-e-2a, p. 90


  1. Dad[‘s] house should for the next several days should have a stationary security force of 3 men in the area. I feel they should be armed with 2 shotguns one semiautomatic and 2 hand pistols. Also Jim should have not only a hand gun in his possession but also a shotgun. If it’s not possible for Mother to be with Jim, security should be located at her house also while she is there.
  2. As is already done security should be kept in the tower 24 hours a day at night there should be 1 semiautomatic located there.
  3. We should have at least 4 revers – 2 sisters and 2 brothers with one shotgun and one rifle. Naturally each group should have a CB in their possession.
  4. If not already done, we should have an alternate radio set up just in case of other activities. However, I do feel the chance of a real force attack is slim. More than anything as Dad has said they’ll either try an assassination attempt or a kidnapping – it will probably be quick and fast, and probably wouldn’t last more than two days, unless they have connections with some in this area.
  5. Spot lights should be also located behind the vegetable stand area in order to light up the windrow behind West House. This can be done by two sisters.
  6. Our wells should be watched very closely and should be kept locked.
  7. A bomb squad should be assigned if we are successful in the making of such a weapon. They should be pre-trained.
  8. 15 min. radio contacts should be kept at all times with all posts.
  9. A reserve squad should be ready at all times, more than likely they should live together for the next week or two in a central location w/ weapons available to them. I would say a reserve force of about 6, this could also include silent weapons.
  10. Maps should be stretched out with our general area layout into sectors and assigned codes and studied by all groups until they are known by heart. That way we would not give our position away whnen communicating over the radio.
  11. In case of an attack, it is in very poor judgment to have everyone meet in the Pavilion, because we can all be easily made targets. We should probably meet in two apartments with nurses available.



H-1-e-2b, p. 91

A reserve medical station should be set up in the apartments.

  1. [12.] Full security should be from sundown to sunup and can be very light during day hours.

The following are those used last time on weapons:

  1. Greg Watkins
  2. Tony Walker
  3. Cris Jones
  4. Don Jackson
  5. Don Fitch
  6. Al Simon
  7. Al Touchette
  8. Poncho Johnson
  9. Bruce Oliver
  10. Ronnie James
  11. Ed Crenshaw
  12. Joe Wilson
  13. Johnny Jones
  14. Tom Kice
  15. Bob Kice
  16. Ronnie Dennis
  17. Lou [Lew] Jones
  18. Alfred Smith
  19. Bob Christian
  20. Johnny C. Jones

To set up the safeguard I have described what would take 13 men and 4 women. Plus those assigned to the bomb squad.


H-1-e-3a – 3b, p. 92 – 93

[Duplicate of H-1-e-2a – 2b, with scattered notations]