Undated Amos Memo on “Trip Strategy and Problems”


Sharon Amos


– to formulate a second list, we have to know whether people would actually go or not / we were holding off asking them because it was a group decision of the planning group not to ask him because people were talking like Mary Griffiths outside the church family and because of those instances of people who did, we were afraid if a person was asked if they would go if asked, they might assume they were due to go and contact relatives/ but if we don’t ask them we have no way of making up a list from the hundreds of people who attend without having a huge list which you would then have to glean people from. I don’t think we can get you an adequate second list yet/ it takes hours of interviewing people just to get through all that number of people / we have been focusing totally on the first list/ emergency burning of staff material, moving staff room, PR contacts because of the newspaper article – we have been making up cards for people as possibilities but the interviews will take time/ we can send a quick list of people based on the fact only that they aren’t on the first list and that they come to services/ that we could get together somewhat fast, in a couple of days but if you want an in-depth thing with lots of info that includes good occupation info, it will take time/ with the rush jobs on the former list you didn’t get good occupation info as we often only have an hour to guess at people occupation and Tim [Stoen] got the info that we shouldn’t go too far from the truth.

– do you want seniors on the first list/ We added a few that seemed functional/ can you take all of the rest on the 2nd list? any problem with people leaving jobs/ some on the first list and the additions have job income that is non-transferable


– we’ve selected several people (about 71) who will be “Special Aids [Aides]” to help people pack and get out quickly

– we have cars set up to go out to each commune – with one person to help every 3 people pack (may have to be 1 to 5 in some cases depending on the amount of aids that will go around – Page St doesn’t need aids much as they are all packed and only need someone to go help Pat Grunnet deal with the special problems)

– along with the packers will go a coordinator for every commune to stay by the phone (or phones) to see no-one calls out and gather all material after the commune is vacated

– along with the above goes a reassurer for each commune to talk to people who aren’t going if they are upset and deal with problems such as this (this person will use the strategy of people being trickled out little by little so that people don’t realize at once that this is a large exodus)

– at the church will be 8 runners (trouble-shooters) who can be sent out if a great problem develops – to deal with panic etc. They wilol [will] each be assigned a car

– a packet will go out with each coordinator with a check out list/ I’ve already made out the check out list – they are printed and have each person’s name and bus number on it/ as the packer helps them pack, they ask the person about pink slips etc., (the idea like pink slip is already circled when they go out so the packer knows what is needed to collect) – they check off if the person has taken their medicine with them, if they need to notify welfare, Social Security etc.



– if people are worried about not taking property, the packer brings with them file labels that can be put on property with their name on it and we tell them we will [two deleted words: “try to”] send it later [deleted words: “if we can (no promises tho)”] (this goes for sewing machines etc.)

– no-one will be pushed to go, if they give a rationalization, we will accept it rather than make them hostile so that they will call relatives/ we will tell them they can go later, or can visit if they would rather some time (if they wish to pay for it) – if we are worried tho a person who decides not to go could contact people we will send a trouble shooter from the church to stay with them kindly but so they won’t do something irrational

– after the check off list is filled out, the coordinator collects them, and people are driven to church in cars we already have organized

– when they get there, they are immediately taken to the bus where they already have an assigned bus, a hostess will be there to meet them and help them put their luggage on the bus and they can get settled without wandering around/ we will encourage them to go to the bathroom before they leave home

– only those people who have been checked to have special situations will go to tables set up in the main dining room/ so they can deal with these problems/ a legal table will be set up/ a passport table for any papers that need to be signed at the last minute/ a freak out table with people who can answer last minute questions or deal with anxieties, Social Security and welfare table, job table for people who have info to give or get about terminating jobs, luggage check table for anyone with the wrong size luggage etc., car cable for Ellen Klingman to check pink slips, medical table to deal with any medical problems, financial table for financial questions or problems

– Bonnie thought peopole [people] should only go in and out of the church if they have passes

– the aids [aides] – there is some question about when to orient them to their job/ we thought that the meeting was let out at 10:00 that eve (if it is a weekend night) the aids could be called to the gold room at 9 so that they don’t leave after the meeting and meet until 1:00/ they [then] they would be deployed at 1:30 to their assignments without leaving the area/ the problem is that we need so much personnel for an immediate departure given an 1 and a half to do it all that we need to use some people for aids that are also going on the trip and they won’t have time to pack unless we either tell them in advance of the regular group or not orient them at all until after they pack like all the others, but then we won’t have their help until late and we will be needing everyone we can get [Handwritten addition: “Can aids know 2 hrs ahead & pack so can be better used”]

– on the busses we thought Marcie [Marceline Jones] could make a speech to all as they get ready to go, so they know they will be well taken care of/ perhaps playing a tape of your voice

– a plan to have a very nice dinner the next day for people not going and perhaps rent a nice movie/ a big pep talk from Marcie and maybe a taped message from you reassuring them it will be soon for them (not too much push for money that day unless it’s put in the light of their getting over sooner if they help???)

– bus lists are already made out with hostesses chosen (but we’ll have to add the additions) and add another bus for the additions/ we have 8 busses now so that would make it 9

[Handwritten addition: “– Judy Flowers said she’s not going this trip(?) some question about luggage – at this point it’s small suitcases or plastic bags –“]



Sharon Amos


– Christine Lucientes/ has some doubts about going to PL [Promised Land] tho will go/ doesn’t think she liked it there – doesn’t want to live with other people [Handwritten addition: “(feels very left out of planning etc. See continuation pg. 3”)

– Lois Ponce [Ponts] willing now to wait on JJ’s instructions/ I told her that it could save her from an airplane crash/ that JJ knows that kind of thing and she bought it – a message from JJ might be helpful

– Bessie Johnson/ welfare investigator came by – but we called and he said it was routine now, to do that for any person transferring in from another county – she turned him away

– Social Security – seems to be going smoothly, routine processing with no hitch

– Brenda Jones – outside boyfriend, staying out at nights

– Leslie Wagner Wilson, passing bad checks – marginal attendance but saw her around today

– Becky Flowers – outside boyfriend but willing to get her shots for passport

– Maria McCann, Rosie Ruggerio were on the list to go (with Maria’s son Michael [Angelo McCann]) – It was decided to call the mother who is marginal attender in LA (Marcie thought it would be better that way) – and her mother said she could cover for 1 of her daughters but not two or three (with the father) [Handwritten addition: “– Decision now is to send them but thought you should know the mother’s reaction.”]

– Toby Stone has a 14-year-old daughter/ she’s going to try to get custody back from her mom/ will send her other two children [Tobiana Stone and Tracy Stone] on ahead

– Dale [Parks] isn’t sure how to proceed on the dialysis machine/ it was requested by the office but we were told we could only do it on a prescription basis/ possible member who used to use such a machine Mary Darnell – otherwise needs govt. clearance

[Question mark in margin along this paragraph] – Sharon Kislingberry [Kislingbury] was felt to be a high risk to go because of her family having much contact with her during the week, because she is [deleted words: “fucking around”] messing around a lot (love affairs) – but she is also a possible conservatorship problem

[Deleted paragraph, five lines long, illegible]

– Mary Lou Clancy was going to drop it in about the Mission Field, that she might be chosen to go/her mother likes the idea, when heard about it some time ago – so they won’t be totally shocked and called the police etc. – make it 6 mos. trip or something like that (they have like the idea in the past that Mary Lu got an opportunity to travel

[Balance of page scribbled through] RE: Last day – pick-up of trip people

– plan is for simultaneous pickup

– 1:30 AM packers, reassurers, and coordinators leave for the various communes/ people not forced if they don’t want to go – trouble shooters standing by if any panic or emotional problems

– tables set up a church for last minute problems (legal, financial, etc.)



[First two paragraphs scribbled through] – food loaded same nite after service from 12-2

– people told that in the communes the people are going trickled out (so they that are left don’t realize at first that so many are leaving)

– John Maher of Delancy St. very willing to call the SF Newspaper tho at first he felt that we tend to overreact, you have to expect this kind of thing if you are powerful – thought it would be better to hit the advertisers and call the editor, he would send it one of his people with us to advertisers, also suggested that we have someone influential go, like Pat Montedan (as she comes from that background) or a wealthy Gay Group like the Advocate – he said few people read that magazine, it’s poorly written – the people who do read it are well-to-do

– Bob Gnazada said he felt a direct call to stop the article might stop the article but create more hostility in the long run/ he also suggested influential people he knew like a very influential friend/ this friend will write a letter

– very positive response to the slides, especially to such things as pictures of the bed and room, Debbie with a little puppy, the picture of sinks with nice wood around them (such slides would be helpful, even more of them with shots like this) – the faces of individual children, how all look so happy

[Marginal note: “He may know all of this already”] – Kay Henderson met Phillip Lacy/ told him a bunch of stuff about PC [Planning Commission], how PC people live higher than others etc. He left the church. Georgia’s very concerned about getting her foster children to the PL

– Marcie and others went to visit her, but she’s still concerned

[Marginal note: “Rumors”] – the number 360 people leaving got out and people thought they were leaving right away/ we spread rumors that 36 people were leaving in a few months and people seemed to be believing that so now they aren’t sure.

– the slides raised the morale of a lot/ don’t seem to be too much morale lost because of the expectation of going tho the money is probably falling down a lot

– a message from JJ now might help telling of interesting things happening (as if he had just visited there, don’t need to say he’s staying there) will help

– we thought a taped message from JJ what helped also to plaintiff people as they leave for the PL, to keep them calm and aware that they will be well taken care of there.

– Tim and I aren’t always given clear indications of what criteria you want for people to go/ first told to put on all people with hostile relatives, and conservatorship possibilities, then told to watch for any problems that would fuck us up when coming into the govt. – so we don’t always know and take people off lists and put them on again as all of us aren’t sure what is best

– Maureen Fitch is very paranoid/ was paranoid about being put on the list to go/ thought she wasn’t trusted or she’d be kept back/ when told she was a conservatorship problem, she approached Pat Hess and said “why aren’t you going” you are a conservatorship problem too. very upset and hostile about not being included in planning but frustrated when you talk to her about how to work out things.



– Laurie Efrein cried because she isn’t in planning meetings, feels we need input on Social Security/ we have so many people involved as it is, and the process is often slow so she was told we’d contact her about Social Security problems when we have them/ she is very excited about going


– Edie Kutulas asking about transporting quite a few animals, seems to feel you will arrange it for a compound on our property

– Dorothy Worley asking with some concern about her cat

– Emma Jurado  doesn’t want to travel without her birds

– Johnnie Mae Yates expects to take her dog/ knows Eva [Pugh] took Cats & Edwards took dog(s)

[Handwritten annotation: “from SB [Sandy Bradshaw] – I feel we should tell people that their animals will be taken care of (in RV [Redwood Valley] or the ranch) until the arrangements can be made for them to come over all at once – have people expect to see them later. Then go ahead according to the plan SB submitted before (Graduation) there seems to be no other possible way. (I can tell people I will take responsibility for the animals to care for them since I will be here to the last)”]

– children are still going to diversion schools – will have to continue a few more weeks until they leave/ should some more children be diverted towards the end or leave it this way. The school questioned at first but we told them people were being relocated because of employment opportunities

– we haven’t contacted Evonne [Yvonne] Golden about the plan to leave/ thought we should contact her after they are gone/ this will make her hostile, or should we tell her in advance that some might be going there???

[Handwritten insertion: “Chris [Christine] Lucientes – separate travel”]

– since Christine Lucientes is so potentially volitile and could get people hostile on the buses and maybe even dissuade some from going to the PL (she mouth off a lot, spoke in front of Christa Amos when I wouldn’t loan her my car one eve because of possible need due to the contacts we were making), said I’m tired of fucking capitalists around here. Talked to Joan Pursley in front of Christa about Kay Henderson and how she got it in PC etc. Should she go separate travel with one other person as she is a terrible disturber on trips especially one like this that is final and when people even tho they want to go might have anxieties.

– there has been some question about whether to notify people or not about their children going/ Marcie thought we should ask Michelle Fitch about Danielle going with Don and get her permission. Is this generally better if one of the parents is a member even if they are potentially hostile – problem with Michelle and Leslie Fitch having a father who knows [Lester] Kinsolving/ both were contacted about their children going.



[Editor’s note: The names on this list are typed in capital letters. There is no indication of what the asterisks or the dashes denote.]

Special Aids [Aides]

Hattie Newell
Don Jackson
–Marilee Bogue
*Ellen Klingman
*Dee Dee Macon
–Pam Bradshaw
Phyllis Houston
Carolyn Looman
Barbara Hoyer
Glenda Polite
–*Brenda Jones
*Estelle McCall
Andy Silver
–*Geraldine Bailey (could man a table only
[Name crossed out, notation of “outside man”] Joyce Douglas
*Thelma Jackson
*Larry Layton
–Bobbie Stroud
–Mike Rozynko
Lisa Layton
Marvin Sellers
Joyce Johnson
–Anita Ijames
–Debbie Blakey
Sharon Amos
–Michelle Touchette
–Joan Pursley
Pat Hess
–Phyllis Chaikin [Handwritten notation: “worked on meds for refills – should be at med table”]
–Kim Brewster
Scott Thomas
Rita Tupper
Karen Layton
Vera Young
Kathy Tropp
Brian Kravitz
Gloria Rodriguez
–Laurie Ephreim [Efrein]
*Vernell Henderson
Jane Mutchsman [Mutschmann]
–Andrea Martin
–Pumpkin Witners [Winters] (?)
Ava Brown [Handwritten notation: “trouble shooter”
Dick Tropp
Sandy Bradshaw
Dennis Allen
Tim Carter
–Annie Moore
Dale Parks
Mike Prokes
Harriett Tropp
Robin Touchetter [Tschetter]
Bonnie Beck
Lee Inghram
Jean Brown



Special Aids, (Page 2)

–*Steve Addison
–*Pat Martin
–Rheviana [Rheaviana] Beam
Ruby Carroll
–Anita Ijames
–Carol Kerns
–*Gail Chaikin
Chris Kice
–*Patricia Houston
Diane Louie
Lee Inghram
Judy Ijames
June Crym
–*Peter Wotherspoon
*Patty Chastain
[Handwritten additions]
Leona Collier – trouble shooter
Judy Flowers
Tom Adams