Law Office report, April 8, 1977


[Editor’s note: First page typed in all capital letters.]

Law Office progress report

April 8, 1977

Real Estate – See attached report from [Eugene] Chaikin.

Charles Wesley Williams –

Probation and sentencing hearing set for April 18. Letter signed by Dale Parks offering overseas mission as probation site hand-delivered to District Attorney assigned to Williams’ case, and to Probation Officer’s office. Chaikin next plans to confer with judge.

Don and Betty Carroll custody hearing –

Chaikin will handle trial Monday, April 11.

Ron Crawford’s cases –

Teal appeal – Appeal Court appointed new attorney and Bea Orsot hand-delivered file and briefs to him.
Irma Furtado – Probation and sentencing hearing continued to April 14; Chaikin will attend.
Joyce Parks personal injury claim with Veterans Administration – receive letters from District Counsel of Veterans Administration denying claim. Chaikin says this was expected as there was no permanent disability from the injury.

Social Security meeting

Sharon Amos, Lorie Efrien [Laurie Efrein] and Barbara Hoyer met with two Social Security representatives at the church today who came in conjunction with the regular monthly processing of SSI/SSA recipients. [Handwritten addition: “(This is the normal monthly meeting – nothing unusual.)”]




121 Fillmore, SF June 15 $26,000
258 Howth, SF** June 8 39,500
7th Lee St., SF May 25 32,500
1660 Page, SF* June 8 100,000
1727 Sacramento St., Vallejo April 20 11,800
265 Montana St., SF June 25 20,000
7600 Weld, Oakland June 20 11,000
1127 Sage St., Palo Alto June 10 6,000
7600 East Road, RWV [Redwood Valley] May 7 8,000
7640 East Road, RWV May 7 (plus a 6 month Note for $8,000 1,000
2901 Road I, RWV April 5 28,500
Road H, RWV closed today 19,891 cash
Tomki Rd, RWV Note sold at 10% discount 3328.56 in hand
Ellen Lane Rd., RWV April 12 23,000 less 6% commission & less 4500 on 2nd mortgage note.***
2 vacant lots south of church closing in one week 9,000 less 10% commission; 10,000 less 10% commission
Parkfront Walk, LA 60 days $19,500
W. 55th St, LA 30 days, discount 7,000 cash, 3,100 trust deed

* Offer pending; unsure if all cash; McElvane not get reported on it.
** Estimated. Counter offer is verbally accepted only.
*** Monthly payments on note not certain yet.



Towne Street, LA 30 days $13,000
Nadeau St., LA 60 days (resale) 16,000
W. 88th St., LA 6 weeks 6,000


Following sold prior to last report, may have been reported already:

W. 38th St., LA 19,000 sale, check sent to Maria 1 week ago
Century Blvd., LA 2 weeks 7,000
W. 84th St., LA 3 weeks 16,000
Lincoln, LA 3 weeks 16,000
W. 53rd St., LA 6 weeks 14,500
2nd Ave, LA (Medlock) 6 weeks 19,000


Newly acquired: With estimated net worth

Roberts, on Clovis, LA: $15,000

Smith, on Homedale, LA: 29,500 (don’t know balance due)

Medlock on Don Zarembo, LA:  38,500

Johnson, on Hobart, LA: investigation not complete

Turner, on Wellington, LA: 13,000

Blair, on E. 56th, LA: 4,000


Morman [Mormon] Church group is interested in church and parsonage in RWV – is asking clearance from Salt Lake City based on asking price of $195,000.

Whispering Pines, RWV to be sold as a residence. There is an interested customer. Asking price: $60-65,000.

Santa Rosa: Offer on April 7 from realtor to buy note. Note is worth $21,000. His offer is to buy it at 20% discount.



Balance of Bay Area properties (except Williams) are listed but not yet sold. Mertle property in Richmond  will be completed in 2 weeks. Hope to list Williams this weekend.