Temple Memos, Spring 1977


Paul F. [Flowers] got arrested on an unspecified charge. His P.D. [Public Defender] wouldn’t tell Hue [Fortson] what it was, but Paul got the P.D. to issue supoenas [subpoenas] for J and Hue as character witnesses. J is okay since you [are] out of jurisdiction and doesn’t have to show. Hue is going to call P.D. and tell him that, although he doesn’t want to hurt Paul because he thinks he has problems, he will naturally have to tell the truth if he testifies, and that will not reflect well on Paul, since he left our church because he stole money from senior citizens. Hopefully, the PD will see that Hue will not be a positive character witness for Paul, and will drop him.

/s/ Harriet [Tropp]



Some concerns that come to mind:

  1. Need guidelines for purchasing and packing of medical supplies. Georgetown has a list of supplies but to my knowledge has not told us what we can and what we cannot bring in or how.
  2. Need guidelines for items that departments and individuals want to ship over:

– animals
– sewing machines
– tools
– sporting gear like diving equipment
– stereos
– books

  1. Worried that changes in schedules and in selection of peoples might result in having too little time to accomplish everything that needs to be done to document them properly. We will try to work ahead now to counter that.
  2. Too little supervision of youngsters in the Temple.

Overall things could be much worse.

We have about 1215 passports now. People are getting passports and shots daily now like they are finally taking our move seriously. Unfortunately getting passports from scratch in a hurry sometimes requires telephoning departments and wiring money which never would have been necessary if people had acted long ago.

Files are virtually complete on the first list of people. We should begin on the second list tonight or tomorrow.


Jim Randolph



Report to Father

Re: Accounting Department

April 7, 1977

[Handwritten notation: “from Tish”]

All of the short form tax returns are completed and sent in with the exception of a very few who have not yet received their W-2’s. [Handwritten note: “$44,616.69 due in refunds – about $10,000 going out…”]

Care Homes: Taxes are done on all but Janaro’s which will likely be finished Saturday night.

[Eugene] Chaikin: His taxes are moving along. The tax people requested some additional information which only Gene could supply, and so we had to await his return. I would have put it through on the message if he had been staying there – but we got me that sort of discussion on the cia lines… He should not be owing too much from the prior years, but the 1976 year “may” be a little different with the scale of his stock, though he said not. (Chaikin said not – I am not so sure…) At this point his tax people are giving us extremely “kind” cooperation, and I think they know their business.

Bills on accounts: They are running about what we expected, per my last report to you on the various amounts. We had a $5000 bill on Four Star Lumber, which was expected. Jack is making the large crates at this point. Ron Sines is down from valley and is making most of the crates, Jack says.

Communal bills: It was the decision of the reference group you appointed to pay all communal bills if folks know they are Peoples Temple – that means we pay most of the bills. I did not understand paying Tim Stoen’s bills at $25 installments on his medical (as I recall), and sent it back twice and each time was told that was right… So that is how we handled it. His checks are coming in 1st and 15th at this time from DA’s office.




He had them sent to my attention, I suppose because I had been handling his bills directly before he left because of the PR problems of any delinquencies. I have to assume we do not anticipate a PR problem now.

Wind down book: Am preparing instructions on all of the accounts and apartments for June Crym and Jean Brown on the finances after we leave, keeping in mind the various tax situations, etc.

Relics: Selling out fast! Even the cases are sold. Beverly is VERY positive about it all.

Cars: Lee and Jack are getting these sold as the insurance runs out. They are wholesaling them as I understand it. As yet, they are not moving too fast on this – but a few have been sold. Tommy Kutulas is down from Valley as of today, and will be helping Al Bell on the cars which is much needed.

Vitamins: We have closed the stand down and are packing the excess to go over to the F. L.

Food: The procurement people are doing well on their foods… Maxine is pretty well stocked. I understand Delancey  sent us some other seafood dishes that got – and they did give us “some” needs. For the rest, we just bought soap, kotex and the real essentials.

Passport people: Have been working out of our office. Phyllis Houston and Jim Randolph have shown persistent dedication in getting this all completed. [Handwritten marginal note: “Should be commended!”]  The place has been noisy beyond imagination. She is working steadily on it. She is working steadily on – very hard to work in for accounting, and it has caused some serious mistakes… but hope we have caught them. Lisa Layton also has worked very steadily. [Handwritten footnote: “We are managing okay because it is needed –”]



Credit Union: Jean Newson is moving along with closing it down. We are deliberately breaking a few rules – Chaikin and I are pretty much agreed on this. Jean Newson is going along and trying to cooperate. She is working steadily on it. It we are behind in our deposits does take time.

American Express: We are running behind in our deposits and in our reports. I mentioned this to Chaikin on his return today. The folks upstairs do not understand the seriousness of this. We are behind in our deposits and they [handwritten insertion: “American Express”] may give us a bad time over this – perhaps not. Perhaps we can hold out till we are ready to close out that phase. Certainly after the first wave of people go over, it will be less difficult in many ways… the sheer volume we handle is trouble.

Rents:  The rental situation was not correctly handled and we had to pay another month’s rent on all premises. We should have issued written notices on the 1st and this did not get done. Someone made a phone call instead – don’t know who decided on that as I just heard about it after the fact. I trust Maria will give you a more complete run down on that. Then Rheaviannia [Rheaviana Beam] talked on the phone and some were upset… (I don’t know.) Rheav. said that when the call was made to Joel Williams (former reporter for [Carlton] Goodlett) that Joel called our other landlords… I do not know if this is accurate, either… it is all rather confusing. Anyway, I know we got an order to prepare the rent money orders again for April. Pat Hess was to take them out individually around the 6th along with written notice… I recommended our PR people go with her on the ones at 998 Divisadero where the lease does not run out till October 10th … or thereabouts… Pat Hess and June Crym were handling and I got no feedback on it subsequently.



Bus Insurance: It looks like we will be keeping the buses after 24th, so this means paying the $35-40,000 then getting it short-rated, with a refund. It is likely the cost is at least a month’s extra in fees – but they will not insure on a month to month basis. Also, since it is so hard to get – we would be chancing losing our carrier if we did not reinstate. The other thing is we can give him [handwritten insertion: “Mayfield”] a “verbal” go ahead, and a “deposit” of say $5000… and then be a little late with our payment… holding off until the buses are not needed anymore… then prorate it ourselves, and send in what we think… he will then give us “THEIR” calculations and probably an additional bill which we will be obliged to pay… but at least it would not keep so much of our cash tied up.