Listing of Treasury Department Offices and Functions




  1. Manages federal finances
  2. Enforces laws relating to finances and taxes by investigating and prosecuting:
    1. Tax evaders
    2. Counterfeiters
    3. Forgers
    4. Moonshiners
    5. Gun law violations
  3. Protects executives, i.e. President and family, Vice-President and family


  1. Customs, over 300 ports, 11,000 agents
    1. Assesses and collects duties on imports
    2. Controls entrance of persons, vessels, aircraft and vehicles into country
    3. Controls import and export of merchandise, mail
    4. Narcotics
    5. Smuggling and related frauds
    6. Helps enforce laws at ports of entry
  2. Mint
  3. Savings Bonds
  4. Accounts
  5. IRS [handwritten note: “intelligence, investigation & preparation of cases for indictment. See the attached article. (The only relevant article I found.)
  6. Secret Service
  7. Engraving and printing
  8. Public Debt


100,000 employees total. 5000 enforcement agents, with 4500 outside Washington DC.

40% for intelligence and inspection functions of the IRS

35% for Alcohol, tobacco and firearms

25% for Customs, Special Agent, Secret Service





San Francisco:
Alcohol, tobacco and firearms
Regional administration of national banks
Regional director
District director
Savings Bonds

Secret Service


Alcohol, tobacco and firearms

San Jose:

Alcohol, tobacco and firearms

Looking through the Washington DC telephone book directory for the Dept. revealed no other offices and functions than the ones listed above. Very little information at all on any aspects. This includes govt publications/documents; books; magazines in the library


Editor’s note: C-7-a-14 – a-16 is an article from the January 8, 1977 edition of The Nation Magazine entitled, “’Intelligence’ Abuses by the IRS.” A handwritten note on a-14 reads: “This gives a vague idea of the T-Dept modus operandi for IRS investigation by intelligence division. Some of the stuff they do & have done – this article talks more about Justice Department & IRS but IRS Intelligence is a division of T-Dept – for gathering info preparatory to possible indictment & prosecution.”