Counseling Notes, Jonestown, July-Aug 1978


Counciling Sessions, July 29, 1978

Councilors: Sebastian McMurray [McMurry], Maud Perkins, Claudia Bouquet, Rhonda Fortson, Corlis Boutte, Rosie Burgess [Burgines], Tina Turner [Teena May Bogue]

  1. Re: Santiago Rosa & Gloria Rosa: They live in cottage 30. Gloria stated Santiago doesn’t help clean house. When he’s asked to do it, he gets hostile. Santiago admitted to this and that he wasn’t doing his share of work.

Resolution – Gloria will report to council next week as to how he cooperates now

  1. Re: Sue Jerrium [Jerram]: She was seen w/ an orange, which [she] got from Grover. She said she was only holding it for him. She was told to stop checking on Grover’s food, that she was that the supervisor of Grover’s food. She was also confronted on making the statement, “I did a day on New Brigade because someone lied on .” When she was told by Dorothy Brady that the jury found her guilty she replied, “Jurys have been wrong before.” She stated that she said this because she was upset with the jury’s verdict.

Resolution – She was told to follow procedure of writing of criticisms to Dad next time.

  1. Re: Bonnie Simon: being McCann wrote her up her up because they both live in cottage #45 and Bea heard bumping in Bonnie Simon’s loft. Later when she looked in the loft she saw Kenny Reid in the loft. Bonnie stated Kenny wasn’t



in the loft with her. She said that she had mud on her pants from knees on down so she had asked Kenny to go in the loft and get her soap & towel. Stated nothing was happening. That she was muddy. Kenny wasn’t. Bea brought up point how couples are not suppose [supposed] to put themselves in a position to be gossiped about.

Resolution – Bonnie was told not to put herself in this position again.

Re: Willie Grady: He was brought in to discuss situation of swings not being repaired on playground. Rhonda Fortson bought up fact Willie will be needed in rehearsal for band.

Resolution – Willie was asked to write up situation and turn it in to Rhonda Fortson so that Administrators can check out situation.

Persons present: Shirley Gieg, Rob Gieg, Kim Brewster, Connie & Don Fitch, Don Jackson, Tom Grubbs.

Case: Shirley Gieg wants her son Romaldo Hicks to move out of Kim & Connie’s cottage to another one. Shirley felt Romaldo could grow more if he was staying somewhere else. He does have a cottage to move to. It was suggested that he improved on responsibilities at that cottage first before moving. He has improved in class, says Tom Grubbs. Tom brought up Shirley is hard to approach concerning her son.



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The cottage he is moving to now has less supervision.

Resolution – Romaldo will spend 2 wks. in own cottage before moving out.


Re: Ollie & Eugene Smith: Lois Ponts wrote them up for not cooperating at Dorm 3. They were not keeping the hall and porch clean. Lois was very hostile during this session. At the end she didn’t want to say her gratitudes but did. Later on she came back and apologized.

Resolution – Ollie & Eugene have apologized for their hostile attitude toward Lois and have taken the responsibility for the porch at Dorm 3.


Re: Melanie Simon: She had been talking negative at her job (vegetable stand). She says Michael doesn’t take time with the baby. She’s bothered because she doesn’t receive gifts from the States and others do. (She has in the past but not lately.)

Resolution – She was advised to write it up for counseling with Michael Simon and who she thinks is receiving gifts from the States.


Re: Chris Jones: Keith Wade wrote him up for moving to the loft of their cottage w/out clearance. Romaldo Hicks has taken the bunk.

Resolution – Informed by members of Housing committee that nobody has been cleared for loft. Keith was cautioned not to throw his weight around. Chris suggested counseling



for Co-Supervisor.


Re: Kim Barnett: Newandrean [Newhuanda] Darnes wrote Kim up because she wouldn’t let Elond work on Saturday nights w/ Braun. This is Elond’s only time to spend with his brother. He can’t spend the nights with any of her sisters on Sunday nights. Kim thought it wasn’t fair for him to spend time with him.

Resolution – Explained to Kim it’s alright for Elond to stay with Braun only if it’s alright with the supervisor.


Re: Francine Crenshaw: Rennie Kice wrote her up because of her bad attitude. She’s nasty and cursed her when Rennie asked her to keep the baby quiet. She explained Tiquan had an ear infection. Francine says that she will not work on attendance table.

Resolution – During intercession, she apologized and will stay at attendance table. She will pick Tiquan up earlier since she works at night.


Re: Agnes Jones: Joyce Touchette wrote her up for negative talking about Joyce to others in the kitchen. She told Stanley Clayton that we had Mark Cordell to work in the kitchen to watch him. (A white man watching a black man.) She thought everyone hated her and used her. Mother told her next time she loud talks anyone she will be dealt with on the floor publicly.



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(cont.) Agnes often makes negative statements about people out loud. She is to shut or [her] mouth.


Re: Patty Dennis: She came to council to discuss things that she doesn’t agree with concerning Corliss Boutte (her house supervisor). She stated that they get into arguments over things. Patty stated she tried to move out but Ava Jones told her no and that she should stay in the house. (Carol Dennis came to session) Corlis stated that Carol doesn’t support Patty in her acts. Carol states that when Patty comes and complains to her about Corlis, Carol tells her to write it up. Patty never does. Patty says she has conflicts w/ the 3 oldest girls about sharing clothes. Patty has never taken this to Corlis  about girls not sharing clothes. Patty admits that was her own fault. Patty yells and screams to get her own way and Dana Jones is following the same pattern.

Resolution – From now on Patty will eat dinner with the rest of the girls. She says the session was fair and will not fuss with Corlis anymore, and will do chores.



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August 3, 1978 Thursday

  1. Situation: Mary Ella Cook & Lue Esther Lewis

Lue Esther wrote Mary Cook up for questioning a small child about who all lived in her home and how many people lived there. Mary Cook said she was not thinking. Stated that she had no reason for asking. She was told to think next time. The child was one of Margaretti [Marguerite] Romano’s child – Bippy. She was told not to do this again. Mary Ella Cook was told to turn in a paper on what makes a person treasonist.


  1. Situation: Richardell wrote up L.V. Ginnis [Levatus V. McKinnis]

Richardell Perkins wrote up L.V. Ginnis for trying to take special privileges in the kitchen. He tries to bribe more food from the workers by telling them he will mop the floor, porch etc. L.V. denied this. Richardell also stated he brought up the point that he turns in money to the cause. He was reminded of being on the floor for this same thing. He also denied doing this. He was told to be grateful for what Dad provided for us and stop talking so much.


  1. Situation: Richardell Perkins & Lena Benton

Richardell stated that when Lena comes up to get seconds before times and can’t get it, she makes complaints that she’s starving to death. Richardell also complains in line. Lena denied this. Says she never say anything about food. She continually denied all accusations.


Counselors present:

Sebastian Mc [McMurry]
Ruby Carrol [Carroll]
Tommie Keaton
Mary Castillo
Farene Douglas
Avais Bridenbach [Avis Breidenbach]
Maud Perkins
Evelyn Leroy
Lis Wright
Magnolia Ferris [Harris]
Claudia Bouquet
Rosie Burgines
Gloria Carter
Selika Bordenave



  1. Situation: Sharon Kislingbury, supervisor of Stephanie Smith, brings her to counsel. Stephanie has been stealing, stole powder, three shirts from new lady, etc. Said when it is so obvious, she denies it. Stephanie also doesn’t make it home on curfew time. Stephanie is also filthy, messy & sloppy.

Stephanie stated that she tries to keep her clothes neat, but they get messed up. She also stated that she sometimes borrows people’s stuff without asking. She was explained this was stealing. Ordered to get herself together and stop being so filthy. Stephanie was also placed on Public Service.


  1. Situation: Pat Patterson and Brady brought in council by Rosa Keaton.

Complaint: Pat & Michaeleen Brady had not been keeping their quarters clean in the cottage. They were told to clean up or they would receive a warning on the floor.


  1. Situation: Donna Riggs and Ruth Lenin [Tupper]

Each one suspects the other of stealing their powder. Donna said Ruth stole her powder and Ruth said Donna stole hers. Ruth also noticed some other things missing from her duffel bag and thought Donna was responsible. In the meantime while Ruth was confronting Donna her stolen sheet mysteriously appeared. Ruth had also brought up the point that Donna was talking about her while she was sleeping. She woke up and heard part of this. It appeared to council that a third unknown thief was involved. They were told to stop being so paranoid about each other & get their heads together to locate thief. There were also told not to gossip about situation. Ruth was told to tell Janet not to [illegible word]



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August 3, 1978 Thursday

in the cottage getting anything out. If Ruth wants to lend Janet anything, Ruth is to give it to her herself.


  1. Cottage 22: JoAnn Johnson; Jean Willsey [Janice Wilsey]; Jan [Jann] Gurvich; Janet Johnson; Mabel Cordell; Gail Chaikin; Ruby Bright; Wanda Souder; Patsy Johnson; Shirley Baisy; Mary Griffith; Denise Hunter

Ruby Bright brought in her cottage roommates for not taking on full responsibilities of cleaning up the house. Ruby stated that they already have two warnings on the house. She stated that the inspectors left notes in the house giving them a warning.

Point was brought up but there is a lot of shoes on rack that nobody wears. They were told to take these extra shoes to the warehouse. When asked who is that participating, Denise Hunter stated that the people in the loft were not participating. It was brought up that Denise had not been following through on her responsibilities as supervisor. Denise and others had expressed how talented Ruby is in decorating and what concern she shows in maintaining the house. They suggested that Ruby be the supervisor. Denise had admitted to trying to be a good guy and not confronting others. Denise was told that she would not be allowed to shift the supervisor’s responsibilities over to Ruby. Ruby would be  her co-supervisor however Denise Hunter is to take on the main responsibility.

Jan [Jann] brought up the point that the main fault in the house other than lack of cooperation is gossip. Stated that members of household including herself go about gossiping. They were warned the gossiping is a Public Service offense.



Situation: Concerning Selika Bordenave

Two cases written up on Selika. One concerning her making a comment about the damn tests. She said out loud that she felt like running away from the tests. She was counseled about this. Told to not to make a negative statement in front of people. Explain that she might influence people to do what she expresses that [what] she feels.

Esther Muller also wrote up an article about Selika’s attitude. Apparently it appeared to Esther that Selika has not been giving sufficient gratitudes to Dad. Selika was told not to be casting out negative thoughts to comrades. She was also told her [how] blunt she is and told not to be so blunt with people and learn to controll




Oliver Morgan & Mary Tschetter – Oliver accused Mary of sleeping in church & [when] he asked her to wake up she called him names. Mary admitted she did tell him to fuck off to that. She was wrong. Oliver wants to get with heads of security to make up rules that if a person give security a bad time they be written up for a warning.

Cottage 22