Memos of Jonestown Residents, Spring 1978


To: Dad

From: Lisa Wright

I was sent to Georgetown to marry Vincent Lopez & to procure money. Dad there is something that is bothering me. And that is I was sent back & I was told that I was sent back because Liane Amos [Harris] has to stay in longer for some medical treatments. And Tommy Kutulas was going to be helping while he was there & I was schedule[d] to come back in at a later date to come in to help. Marie [Maria] Katsaris told me this, she mentioned about me not helping around the house. I always asked Marie [Maria] McCann if there were anything to do and if there was I did it. I never refused to procure, I went out every day that I was there. The only thing I said no about was Liane Amos said Georgetown main location was already did so we would have to go farer [further] out. And she asked me the second day did I think I could do it by myself. I say no I want to stay with her and will work with her a little longer so I would not say the wrong things & I knew my way around a



little better. But the report that got back isn’t true and I just want to clear myself on that situation. And the only reason why I waited so long to say something is because I though [thought] it might get brought up and I was going to explain then. But I just wanted you to know what I was told when I was told that I was going home & isn’t true I refuse to go procure. It bothers me because I always helped if it was needed. I could have done more. But two night[s] I when [went] to a meeting. We got there Wednesday morning. But Dad I don’t think it’s fair when I was told something different & the report was different. But I was trying hard because I know a lot of people have let you down but I wanted to do my best. The last thing Joan [Pursley] got sick that Saturday and she called in & told Mari]e Katsaris & she asked could I stay out in a new area. I said I didn’t want to but I would. The only reason



I said that was because I didn’t want to get lost somewhere where I new [knew] nothing about. But I never say no I wouldn’t go procuring I was always ready every morning. Sandy Jones & Joyce Douglas knew about me helping around the house. It’s true I really don’t like Georgetown, but I kept saying I wanted to please you and then I try to do it right. Dad I really don’t know what I did wrong because Marie K did say I really did any out of place she say something different. I talk positive to the people [who] arrived in Georgetown the same night. And I really hate to bother you with this but I only want you to know my side. Because I don’t want to let you down.

Lisa Wright



Jocelyn Carter – Ruletta Paul found me to inform me that Ruletta had hit Robert Paul in the nose that was bleeding & looked broken.  Robert had complained to Ruletta for him having to take care of the baby [Robert Paul Jr.] while she was on security at the front gate.

We were going to put her on Public Services for violence he said not to press charges she didn’t mean it. She said she did & laughed.

I lefted it at one?





Bernice Thomas will not sign for her checks. She informed me that nothing had been done for her since she had been in the unit therefore, she wasn’t signing her checks over. This is the second day she actually refused to sign, she is in SCU [Special Care Unit] at this time.

The following checks are not signed:

Clara Winters = not here
Jane Owens = up river
Bernice Thomas = refused
Richard Wade = not here and his wife don’t understand why he sent it to her. Please give her the answer if you have it.

Amanda Fair



I am in the fields looking out for my own health and helping others in a very needed area.

To sit here hungry and sick watching other people to keep them from waiting and breaking things is not what I was trained for.

You can have me shot or whatever. I have to follow my conscience. I can help organize part-time. I don’t care to be in here all day & all night.

Mary Black



[Reverse side of previous page, with notation: “For Phyllis Bloom [Chaikin]”



Dear Phyllis

I don’t want to do lab work and I don’t want to stay here. You said I should let you know – so I’m letting you know. I’ll be in the fields where I am needed. You have five other technicians who can handle the lab work.

Dad sent word before I came that I would not be required to stay. It’s causing too much trauma for other people.

Mary Black


[Reverse side of previous page, with notation: “For Phyllis”]



I’m not staying in the lab as long as there are people here who are not getting enough to eat. You cannot buy me off by slipping me an extra sandwich. I can get extra sandwiches by working in the fields. I resent your offer!

You are not hearing my feelings in the matter with all due respect to your intellectual approach to the matter.



I cannot have the right focus on “other people’s health” when I am not well myself. I made that very clear before I came – that I was not able to do physical therapy because it takes energy and strength which I can’t spare at this time.

Many of these orthopedic problems – people brought them when they came. Some are focusing in on medical and physical situations because of other dissatisfactions

[Mary Black]



Larry [Schacht]: Told Mrs. Boyer [Gladys Boyer, a Guyanese woman] that her baby is very low in blood and possibly has underlying problems going on; that is causing her baby not to grow. He explained it would be best for the baby to be taken to Georgetown.

Marcie: Offered air fair [airfare] to the mom with the baby to Georgetown and she was told she could stay at our home in Georgetown.

Mother: Said she herself was a nurse and that she knew for a fact that Dr. Schacht did all he could for the baby. We tried a special diet, antibiotics for kidney problem, make sure the baby received the proper amount of fluids. And the baby had a 24 hour a day nurse caring for him.

Mrs. Bowyer said the baby was a normal birth – fat baby – she took the baby to get its vaccinations when it was time to get the baby’s second shot he got sick with a cold, that was at



about 7 months and the baby has been sick since. The baby breast-fed until 4 months – at that time the mother began him on canned milk and “pourage” [porridge?] barley-plantain cereal on oats.

Arrangements were made for the mother and baby to go to GT. Johnnie Jones was taking her in to get all of the arrangements made.

She left happy – sorry that we couldn’t help her baby – but grateful for what we did do for him.

Sylvia [Grubbs]



Received of Peoples Temple Agricultural Project the sum of $40.00 for the sole & express use to purchase one airplane ticket for the child known as Gregory Boyer, who is critically ill and needs immediate medical treatment in Georgetown. The sum of $40.00 is to be used only to purchase a ticket for the child to be sent to Georgetown for medical treatment.

Dated: March 13, 1978
by /s/ Gladys Boyer
by /s/ Sylvia E. Grubbs (witness)
for the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project



[Sheet of paper with signature of “Mother: Gladys Boyer”]