Peoples Rally, January 7, 1978



After a long day of crisis and [a] pavilion gathering meeting was held.

Learning Crew:

Ava Ingram [Inghram] – Off

Linda Sadler – Off (Told not to leave work again.)

Anita [Anitra] Green – Off

Kim Rochelle – Off

Melanie Kemp – Off

Carver Cordel [Cordell] – Off

Different people were asked their opinion about the possibility of “revolution suicide” or fighting those who may be distorted socialists.

[Editor’s note: Each name listed on the entries for the balance of this document has a handwritten letter in the margin – from “C” to “F” – with no indication as to what the notations mean.]

  1. Ronni James – it was that he was too easy on Learning Crew people.
  2. Chris Cordel [Cordell] – It was said his attitude was bad toward SAT people, but he is good with Learning Crew.
  3. Penny’s [Penny Kerns] self-criticism was that she needs to listen to people more.
  4. Warning: Guards should never threaten to walk out or cut weapon. Don’t leave shells in chamber.

Stream in back is full of fish – untapped resource – could be a means of survival – some were assigned for this research.

Teachers referred some to learning crew:

Ricardo Arterberry, Keith Wright, Elli Beam, Stan Wright, James Johnson, Anita March.

Ricardo – problem in school.

  1. Keith Wright – Playing in class, and Don Bowers says he plays with children – slapping at them for no reason. (Chance) 1 more.
  2. Elli Beam – Warning: (Last Warning)
  3. Stanley Wright – (Warning) last
  4. Shanterri [Shawnterri] Hall: Nasty attitude – hostile to SAT workers Brady and Doug Sanders during crisis. (Learning Crew) Also James Turner said she was sleeping. Janet T. [Tupper] Lenin confirmed attitude. Dad asked Shanterri if she was happy – it was put to a vote for her to go on Learning Crew.
  5. James Johnson: (2nd time) Learning Crew

Jair Baker: 1 more Chance

  1. Anita March: Late for class attended 1 class this week. No excuses. She just walks in class – on floor before. Anita wants to be a vet. Marie Lawrence confronted her about coming to school. Anita did




say she checked in with Don’s class – ask Don for study class – Don told her to her to get it approved by Tom Grubbs first. She works well – (Chance)


Aleda [Alida] Santiago, Keith Newson [Newsome], (one warning to Aleda – told her about getting oranges saying it’s for crew the passed them out to those in dining area.


Renée McMurray [McMurry], Maurice [Marice] Anderson, Lisa Wright, Dorothy Buckley, Betty Gill, Ernestine Blair, Maryann Casanova and Mary Lenin.

Odell Rhodes: Stays busy, could push more.

Partake [Partak], Tom: Told to keep pace.

Rita Cordel [Cordell]: Sowing division on Learning Crew – Voted that she go to Learning Crew.

Steve Addison: Wants to increase his schedule with medical – told to work it out with Phyllis [Chaikin].

Warning: Dad says don’t be so quick to write up supervisors on Learning Crew (Medical people).

Earnestine March: Dad said to see what could be done in her case – could get money.

Willie Malone – Touchy – Learning Crew Supervisor – poking others on neck. Willie says he doesn’t remember – says he didn’t. Ronni Dennis says he did it to him. (Warning)

Pancho [Poncho] Johnson: After meeting it was reported that he was hostile about sleeping on duty / not wanting to do security –. (Learning Crew).

Others for Learning Crew:

Tyrone Cartmell, Ricardo Arterberry, Orlando Robinson, Tod [Tod] Klingman, James A. [Arthujr] Jones, Stephanie Smith, James Ford.

Praise: Mary Griffith

By: Vernetta C. [Christian]

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