Toddler & Pre-School Evaluations, Jonestown, July 1978

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2) Crystal Simon – at times is rejected by her mom. Was supervised by Shirley Pace, who gave her up to Corlis [Boutte]. These things don’t seem to affect her at school, but she does cry a lot in the evenings, when she’s with others. Is obese, which is not due to over indulgence, but appears to be hereditary, due to the fact that medical testing has shown no other cause. Crystal is basically quiet, has a very sweet personality. She seems to be progressing well in the program.

3) Becky Barrett – progressing well for someone, who has never been in a communal situation. Her mother displays more separation anxieties than the child and is over protective of her.

4) Will Gallee [Gallie] – Seems to be progressing at an even normal pace. Is a very well behaved child. Usually speaks up for what he needs or wants. Seems to enjoy the program. As a very good relationship with Pat [likely Grunnet], who tries to back us up all the way. Handles the gross motor activities fairly well, but needs to work on balance.

5) Detric [Deditrick] Walker – Detrick has made a great behavior growth in the past few weeks. He seems more confident in himself. Where as before his self image & self worth were so poor that he had pretty much given up. Really tries to get attention in a positive way. Detrick it is a very bright child and can be very manipulative. Seems to be progressing at a fairly good pace with the gross motor activities.

6) DeShon Johnson – DeShon is extremely bright and has shown a lot of sensitivity. He has shown a lot of awareness about racism and oppression. His relationship with his mom had been improving until she changed her work hours. He seems happy. Seems to be handling the gross motor activities with no problems. Even though he is overweight.

7) Lonnie Newman – Lonnie seems to be a well-adjusted person. He seems to have a good relationship with his parents & house parents. Has been prone to sores from time to time. Usually has a very good attitude. Lonnie seems to be handling the gross motor activities well.

8) Janeliah [Janilah] Wilhite – This is a very high strung person. I have never known her to take a nap except on rare occasions. She has had a very poor image of herself, but seems to be becoming more sure of herself. Absolutely adores her own natural Dad, and is easily devastated by harshness or rejection on his part. She is bright and seems in pretty good control of her body. She handles the gross motor activities very well. Janeliah is very bright. Seems to enjoy the activities of the children. Very verbal.

9) Michkell Carroll – Mikie is very bright, very verbal and very tall. Therefore a lot is expected from her, perhaps we expect more from her than she can handle at times. There are gross motor activities that she needs to work on such as balance and hopping on the one foot. Mikie enjoys doing jobs for her super-




visors. She likes very much to please adults. Mikie would benifit [benefit] from learning activities that would be challenging to her.

10) Randel [Wrangell] Carroll – Randy is a very friendly happy person, smiles and laughs a lot. Has a somewhat impish personality. Randy is very bright, likes to tease but has calm down a lot. Used to cry and throw fits constantly, but this now has been cut way down. I don’t really have an accurate evaluation of his gross motor-abilities at this time. He can be very stubborn and adjatating [agitating].

11) Angela Conesero [Connesero] – Angela seems to be a happy well-adjusted child. She has a close relationship with her mom [Versie Perkins Connesero]. At the present time her mom is out of town. She is handling this separation very well. Angela seems to enjoy the activities at school. No real problems.

12) Jamie Guevara [Jameel Regina Lawrence] – Jamie is somewhat high strung. It is a real chore for her to take a nap in the afternoon. She is very bright. But because she has been made the shining star in her nuclear family for a long time, her attitude for a long time was somewhat out of hand. This is better now. Jamie seems to have pretty good control of her body and handles the gross motor activities fairly well.

13) Johanna Davis – Johanna is very bright and very [missing word] and very verbal. She seems to have good control of her body as she handles the gross motor activities well. Because Johanna is pretty and has long black hair people have made too big of an ordeal [a deal] about this and even at her young age tries to win approval of adults by doing the latest dance or some other “grown-up” action. She very often buts [butts] into adult conversations or talks loudly over them.

14) Ishi Forston – Ishi is  very bright and affectionate. Will go into a baby act at times, but is better about this lately. For quite a while Ishi was wetting himself uncontrollably and cries or rather cried constantly. He went to visit his mom [Rhonda] for a few weeks and came to back a changed person. I think that the one-to-one relationship was the real order of the day. Ishi has very good control of his body and seems to handle the gross motor skill fairly well.

15) Tiffany Garcia – Tiffany is a bright affectionate child. Cries at times for small things, but has improved greatly in this respect. At times she seems to have trouble with the gross motor activities, but this that she has may be due to her visual problem.

16) Jason Gieg – Jason is extremely bright, extremely verbal and HYPERACTIVE. it is a real chore to get him to take a nap. His attention span is sparotic [sporadic], this seems to enjoy the activities at school. Can get a whole group going by his behavior.

17) Mark Gosney – Mark has made real strides since he has come to the program. He is very bright. He studdered [stuttered] badly when he came, but this has disappeared. He has a grandma that smothers him, which I feel he resents as it comes out in certain kinds of play. He also tells her to her face that he dislikes her and he is going to kill her. It took Mark a while to come out of his shell, but has done so.




18) Richard Jackson – Richard is bright and has combated a lot of sickness that he had in the States. He has matured a lot lately. He seems to enjoy the program and handles the rustler activities very well although he has areas to develope [develop].

19) April Klingman – Has made a lot of headway in the program. She used to cry a lot and was pretty much out of it, but has settled down. Still does sneaky things to hurt other children but she does now do eye to eye contact with adults which we had trouble with before. Has a somewhat unstable opinion of her self. Is progressing fairly well.

20) Kimo Jones [Jim Jon Prokes] – Kimo is extremely bright and very inquisitive. He shows lots of affection and has a real sense of humor. Seems to enjoy the childrens program. Is going to be a leader as he can be reasoned with.

21) Rori Madden – Rori is bright and happy. Her relationship with her parents has improved and she works hard to please adults. She has shown a lot of responsibilities. Handles the gross motor activities fairly well. Seems to enjoy each activity that is done daily.

22) Danny Berry – Danny used to throw fits several times daily. But this has ceased almost completely. Has become responsible and helpful usually earns more stars than anyone. He has a sense of humor and seems to enjoy the program. His parents have been making a bigger effort to spend quality time with him. It is a real leader, it is strong in both body and will [mind] and will and yet has a tender side.

23) Clarence Moore – Clarence immatates [imitates] a line of older males that he is around a lot. For a long time, he was very disruptive to his group and gave his group leader a hard way to go. He has recently changed group leaders and seems to be doing better. Clarence is very sexual and when the opportunity arises he will be hiding in a tire with a little girl gently caressing them. Clarence tries to come off tough, but is easily devastated if talk to harshly. Seems to enjoy the program.

24) Raymond McKnight – Is very immature in several areas. His speech is unclear at times, but is slowly making progress. He used to cry constantly. Then with new house parents made vast improvement. But for one reason or another started crying and acting out a lot. Seems to be unsure and insecure. Has changed homes ago and seems happy. His visual problems more than likely contribute to his being unable to handle Gross Motor Activities very well.

25) Neil Touchette – Neal is a very bright happy boy. He seems to be– He seems to be enjoying the program. He really presents no real behavior problems, occasionally he will react in a normal 3 yr. old way to problems. Is progressing nicely.

26) Lisa Winston – Used to cry and throw fits frequently. Speech is




improving. Seems happier, rarely cries & throws fits. Has a real sense of humor and always participates in the activities. Seems to handle the Gross Motor Activities fairly well.

27) Dante Carroll – JoAnn & Dante have a real positive relationship. This has added greatly to his calming down. Used to be a real baby and would cry about everything. Seems to be progressing normally.

28) Dawnyelle Fitch – A very sweet child. Really presents no problems. Used to be quiet and shy but now is more out going. Seems to enjoy the program. Works very hard at whatever activities we may have. Seems to handle the Gross Motor Activities fairly well.

29) Tad Jensen – Tad is very bright. Seems to be very enthusiastic about activities at school. Can be quite stubborn. Used to be a real behavior problem, but has calmed down greatly, very verbal and inquisitive.

30) Yvonne Stanley – She is quite young. Smiles most of the time. She handles herself quite well here in the program. Seems to be progressing normally. At first had very little confidence doing activities, but this has improved.

31) Michael McCann – Michael is quite verbal and seems to be happy. Seems to be progressing normally. Does well in spite of his dominating relatives. Handles gross motor activities fairly well.

32) Michael Felton – Michael used to be hyper all the time. Used to tear his clothes off and scream. Has calmed down. Has moments of craziness, but seems to enjoy the activities. There are certain things that he looks forward to doing, like playing with dolls. Michael is very manipulative and will throw a fit and wet his pants. This child is very funny and can immitate almost anything he sees. Loves to dress up. Prefers to wear head wraps. It seems like it holds his head together.

33) Yolunda [Yolanda] Berkely – Is a real pleasure to have around. Seems to enjoy the program. Bright and happy. Seems to have good control of her body. Seems to have the gross motor activities well.

34) Jakari Wilson – Seems to enjoy the program. Has just recently rejoined us here. No real problem. Occasionally he will throw a fit. But he seems to be quite normal in his progress, and one of the youngest.

35) Camelia [Camille] Tom – Was very shy and withdrawn before when she first came. Rarely talk and had little or no eye to eye contact with an adult. She has really come out of her shell. She seems happy and is quite verbal and presents no real problem. Is very affectionate and needs lots of progress reinforcement.

36) Monique Bacon – Very verbal, bright child is talking more with her too. Seems to enjoy the program. Is our youngest member of the program.



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Pre-School Program

1 Bacon, Monique 2 yrs 3 mos Annette Jones
2 Barrett, Becky 4 yrs 4 mos Kathy & Ben Barrett
3 Birkley [Berkley] Yolanda 5 yrs – mos Wanda Souder
4 Carroll, Dante 3 yrs 7 mos Betty & Don Carroll
5 Carroll, Mikey 5 yrs 7 mos Ruby Carroll
6 Carroll, Randy 3 yrs Ruby Carroll
7 Cordell, Jamie 5 yrs 2 mos Marie Rankin
8 Connesero, Angela 4 yrs Versie Connesero
9 Davis, Johanna 3 yrs 11 mos Margarita Romano
10 Felton, Michael 4 yrs 9 mos Viola Forks
11 Fitch, Dawnielle [Dawnyelle] 3 yrs 9 mos Don Fitch & Michelle Wagner
12 Fortson, Ishi 3 yrs 10 mos Rhonda & Hue Fortson
13 Gallie, Will 4 yrs 9 mos Sue Ellen Williams
14 Garcia, Tiffany 3 yrs 8 mos Tanya Cox
15 Gieg, Jason 3 yrs 6 mos Renée & Rob Geig [Gieg]
16 Gosney, Mark 4 yrs 8 mos Vern Gosney
17 Jackson, Richard 5 yrs 2 mos Lourece Jackson
18 Jensen, Tad 4 yrs 9 mos Debbie Jensen
19 Johnson, DeShon 5 yrs 5 mos Patsy Johnson
20 Klingman, April 5 yrs 3 mos Ellen & Mike Klingman
21 McCann, Rori 5 yrs 1 mo Bea McCann
22 McCann, Danny 3 yrs 4 mos Bea McCann
23 McCann, Michael 4 yrs 3 mos Marie Ruggerio
24 McKnight, Raymond 3 yrs 1 mo Ray & Rose McKnight
25 Moore, Clarence 4 yrs 7 mos Linda Arterberry
26 Newman, Lonnie 5 yrs 6 mos Darlene Newman
27 Parks, Jay 4 yrs 7 mos Joyce & Dale Parks
28 Prokes, Kimo Jones 3 yrs 5 mos Carolyn Layton
29 Simon, Crystal 4 yrs Bonnie Simon
30 Stanley, Yvonne 3 yrs 2 mos Jackie Rochelle
31 Tom, Camille 2 yrs 5 mos Marcie Simon
32 Touchette, Neal 3 yrs 7 mos Joyce & Charlie Touchette
33 Walker, Detric 4 yrs 5 mos Barbara Walker
34 Wilhite, Janilah 4 yrs 5 mos Cheryle & Kenny Wilhite
35 Wilson, Jakari 2 yrs 7 mos Leslie Wilson
36 Winston, Lisa 4 yrs Acquinetta Robinson




Pre-School Projection

1 month

In one month we would like to have the plans of the new building and playground well firmed up.

Plus the day-to-day activities of:

Discussion of Dad’s principles

  1. Art projects
  2. Fine Motor Activities (i.e. puzzles, manipulative toys and games)
  3. Gross Motor Activities
  4. Language Development
  5. Music & stories
  6. Science Projects.

6 month Projection

In 6 months we would like to have the new building completed.

With the new building program could be run more effectively and more efficiently.

We would like to be able to run our

  1. Perceptual Motor program better and on a grander scale. This program is essential to the development of young children. This is all a pre-rec. [pre-requisite] for reading & math.
  2. The new building will take [care] of our ever present nap problem. Right now we have no perminate [permanent] place to nap the children.
  3. This building will also provide housing for the 36 children who are now in the Program and Plans are layed [laid] for 60 children.
  4. Plus the regular program of activities. Science Program; Stories & Music; Art; Language Development; Development of Gross & Fine Motor Coordination; Health & Hygiene.

The new preschool playground will be located right on the site of the building. This will provide outside activities for the children.

Plus we would like to have a small garden on the site for the children to work in, to give the children a feeling of being part of the Jonestown project.