Vegetable Stand Workers, October 1978


Vegetable Stand Workers

Evaluations: 10/27/78

Miller Bridgewater: Good workers, but jokes to [too] much at times
Maurice Hines: Work 1/2 of his full day, need to let us know when he goes when he leaves
Karen Harms: Work is good, hasn’t been sitting as much. Quick temper, plays too much
Mary Rogers: Work has improved some.
Hazel [Hazle] Newell: Good worker, takes on a lot of responsibility
Lourice [Lourece] Jackson: sits to [too] much
Doris Howard: Fast worker, goes over time, can improve attitude
Artie [Artee] Harper: Slow worker, good attitude
Fayrene [Farene] Douglas: Good worker, good attitude when there
Mary Rodgers Sr.: Slow worker, good attitude, quiet
Hazel Horn [Horne]: Hard worker, pleasure to be around
Mary Mayshack: Alright worker, good attitude
Sylvester Fair: Slow worker because of poor eyesight, good attitude
Bessie Bridgewater: Hard worker, came 10 minutes late to work one day
Thelma Cannon: Improved, been on time lately
Vinnie [Vennie] Thompson: Alright worker, but always wants to do things her own way
Pat Keeler: Good worker when told what to do, she won’t do nothing on her own. She was stand there watching everyone working.
Lillian Alexander: Good worker, client
Elaine Backman: Slow worker, bad attitude at times
Melanie Simon: Improved, needs to work faster
Bessie Dixon [Dickson]: Good worker, jokes to [too] much at times
Kathy Jackson: Good worker, sits to [too] much
Eileen McMurry: Good worker, can talk [illegible word] at times
Abraham Staton [Staten]: Good worker, can keep floor area cleaner
Santiago Rosa: PSU [Public Service Unit]


Davis Solomon: Works good, could improve
Mark Cordell: Part-time worker, works good while there, temporary job change because of sores
Stanley Clayton: Works alright, had several arguments this week, can improve attitude

School Project

Maurice Anderson: Works alright, always checks in and out
Yolanda Brown: Good attitude, comes early, but could pick up work speed a little.


1. Karen Harms
2. Lorece Jackson
3. Hazel [Hazle] Newell – all three work through their whole day off