Instructions to Letter Writers


[Editor’s note: The typed portions of this memo are in all capital letters.]

Letter information (instructions) to be done

Charles Touchette – Write letter to mom positive letter. Tell something about Guyana being friendly to US etc.

Magnolia Harris – Write daughter, tell about [Don] Freed and [Mark] Lane etc. [Handwritten notation: “Done”]

Clara Johnson – Write a nice letter to brother Erman [Earman] Sneed [Handwritten notation: “Done”]

Berta Johnson – Write to Ray Dupree – positive letter (a real positive letter)

Jane Mutchman [Mutschmann] – Answer letter but sign your friends in JT, Russel, Lee

Marshall Farris – Write letter to Rollo Younge, tell him how happy you are here, how healthy you are etc. He knows your [illegible word] (or I mean your niece who works for TWA) [Handwritten notation: “Tell about all the visitors to (Eunice [illegible last name]) positive”]

Dorothy Brewer – Ask her about writing to her sons [Handwritten notation: “Done”]

Sharon Kislingbury – Tell about Mark Lane – Don Freed [illegible word], the atty in [illegible word] the conspiracy

Toni James – Tony Williams (find out all boyfriends background [“Done”]

Esther Dillard – Write Mary asked her to wait until Earnestine is 18 so you can bring her with you

Write Ernestine – tell her of the beauty, entertainment, fun here, etc. [“Done”]

Shonda James – Write mom told her not to believe lies she hears, tell her of positive things about visiting guests – (Don Freed, Mark Lane, etc.) if you are coming over here, trusting and believing fine!! I wouldn’t be caught there after living here.

Pauline Groot – Answer letters

Hazel Horn – Nelly Jackson thank her for the seeds.

Paulette Jackson – Mr. Mrs. Wm. Kelly, thank them for jeans, sandles, dress

Mrs. Callie Mitchell (Shirley Matthews thanked her for the sun hat and shoes)

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Schatch [Schacht]  (Thank parents for the 8 children T-shirts, and any money they have sent)

Danny Beck (parents)

Janeros (Mom [Claire Janaro]


C-7-e-1b is blank




[First name illegible] Bryant – Writes to her daughter, I will be back in the near future. Not sure what she means by this, she did stay in her letter that this is where she wanted to be, and not to worry about her. (Don’t know if she thinks she will go back someday or what.??)?

Kay Nelson – I was never told whether to give Kay her letter from her husband. He wanted her to come back and take care of the books, and sell the business. He said someone had told him Kay was not coming back. He said some man I called him and told him Kay was not coming back, he did not believe Kay would do this without saying something to him. He wondered if she knew the man.

C.L. [Carolyn Layton] answers about the people from last time

The women that wrote Odell Rhodes was his cousin, Betty. She is 34 yrs old, use to work for the post office (sorted mail) to get a real estate dealer’s license. She had a couple of accidents 4 or 5 yrs ago. One in a rented car she got from Hertz. (Neck injury) The other one, she got her arm caught in an elevator at the post office (Sued Otis elevator company.) Doesn’t have a lot of money. As far as Odell knows she has no particular knowledge of Peoples Temple only that we are an agriculture mission (as far as he knows). She knows that PT helped Odell off drugs. This is the only relative that Odell has communicated with. The others are too bougoise [bourgeois]. And she was not as much so. Odell has been close to her. He would like to say she would fit here, but he doesn’t feel he knows her that well anymore. She has smoked weed (some) not into heavy drugs or heavy drinking. She is an independent person and does not depend on any male. She takes care of herself. Odell does not feel he would know her that well anymore to know if she would fit in here.

Melanie Simon – C.L. You asked me to ask Ava to talk to Melanie Simon about where she was concerning her Mom. Ava said she already knew, that she is totally hung up on her mom, and all of her outside relatives. (This was the same opinion I had after reading her letters etc.) Ava says Melanie will cry, holler, fuss when or if her mom comes to visit. Very family orientated. Ava thinks she should not come here for at least a year.

Jair Baker – I was never told if Jair should get the baby pictures and the letter from his mom. The other children have letters, they speak of the baby looking like Cris, but otherwise okay. Speaks of reincarnation in Jair’s letter.



letter writing information

Christine Miller – Letter from her sister saying there was a man and lady on TV was so upset, the lady was crying over her mother. The man had been as far as Guyana and they would not let him any farther. It was so much on TV.

L.C. Davis – Michelle Wagner gets letters from him saying how much he misses them. Says it will be a year or two before he can come. Because of his children. (Not one of age) Says he could bring some supplies over here by plane if we wanted him to. Would cost him $250.00 300.00 round trip to do so.

Letter to JJ – He says he has an airframe and power plant jet license. These licenses are good anywhere in the world. He can inspect or sign off any aircraft flying. If you fly into any country and they ground the craft for mechanical reasons, I can OK it to fly. these licenses do not have any no expiration date on them.

I have to work on an aircraft prior to 6 months, whether it is our ours or an aircraft co.

I talked to Jack Beam and Norman Ijames and they said I coudldg [unknown word] get a job over their [there]. The Temple won’t let me come and see about it. I don’t want to quit here because I don’t want to lose my license. Tell me what to do.

Michelle Wagner – Another letter to her says you can ask Father if I can pay your way back so you can stay a while. (If I can’t get over there for a yr or two.) Let me know if you ever go to Georgetown for a week or so, or to work at the Temple. I will come down for three or four days. I am saving some money to pay me and Ronald’s way (his son) their [there] or pay you back.

Roberta Wade – Roberta (I presume daughter) had to go to the hospital because she had taken an overdose of reds. I think they said she took 35 reds at one time, and took 15 of some other kind of pill. And the guy she is staying with is a hype. A laney  was found laying close to Roberta’s house in a field. She is skinny. Told Georgie to leave Clay alone or she is going to get hurt.

*****Shall she get the letter???*****

Velma Darnes – letter from Cookie Taylor, did not finish the letter and says it is Part I.

Tells of her son, Roy, says his pimping days are over. A white girl named Lee Johnson, was Roy’s No. 1 lady and they had a baby. Later Lee got a place of her own. As she would turn trix [tricks] from her pad. This John came to her pad he handed her an envelope of money, when she returned from another room she saw him switch the money. They started fighting, and he beat her real bad, all the time the baby was on the bed. Lee got out of his grip got her gun and shot him in the chest with a 22 caliber pistol. He grabbed the gun from her and shot her three times in the chest around the neck area and in her hand. He took off. Lee went down the hall [to] ask for help, before they could hang the phone up she dropped dead. Roy was at home at the time, and when Roy got there she was already dead. This was on TV too. Roy went crazy, he kept saying she is not



she is not dead. Roy has the baby. Her parents offered him 50,000 for the baby but he kept her. Roy started shooting heroin (snorted it). He found himself getting hooked, but he started leaving it alone. (***The letter ends here, letter not finished, not signed) says on the envelope, Part I.) So I guess more is coming*** How should this be handled? Should she be told, given the letter, or what. Not going to take the news very well.

Patricia Bowman – Picture from Steven N. McIntosh saying “Holding on when love is gone. We both deserve each other’s love. Love always and forever.” Picture of him and a baby?? Write back, he says. I don’t know what this means as he is supposed to be with Pumpkin Winters, I thought????? Shall she got it.

Verdella Duncan – Letter from Walter Duncan, saying, “Ask her how much longer she wants to stay. When you are ready I am ready to send or come back for you. How are you doing in the hot weather. When you are ready, bring Regina and Ebony with you.

Regina Duncan – Letter from Dad, says he is saving money for her college education. Do you think your mother is improving there? Says Ebony and her mother will need her further up the road so please continue to prepare yourself for the future. Wants her to go to college too.

Richard Parr – Writes to Patty Cartmell, Jack Beam, Ken Norton. Says he has been stopped from sending or making any more direct donations to Jonestown. Says in Jack’s letter, SF [Temple] stopped him from making in the direct donations to Jonestown.

Dorothy Facione – Wrote a letter to Bruce Oliver and says even though he and Shanda are separated, she considers him her son still. Wants to hear from him, is sending him something. **** Shall he get the letter??? *****

Christine Young – Letter from Guy, Guy Young. Says he wants to be here with her. Evidently she has gotten out a letter somehow laying a heavy trip on him about Judy Flowers (she wrote one we did not mail it) and so she has gotten it through some other way (unless it was handled over radio as I turned it in, this is possible). Accused him of showing favorites to the boys etc. He is really hurt by this and upset, I know no such letter went out through us. *** So mail is getting out somehow. *** Shall she get the letter???

Vern Gosney – Letter from James Lee Gill saying the Temple let him come back, wants to know if Vern still wants to be his companion. ***Shall Vern get the letter???***



The following letters are being written to thank the following people for the letters they wrote on behalf of Peoples Temple. Write as a member of Jonestown. Some commission exactly what kind of out of the person wrote (info given below). Making letter different by adding some point about Jonestown, Peoples Temple, or Jim Jones. [Handwritten addition: “If you have an old SF or LA address, please use it.”]

1. Mike M. Fairchild
Executive Director
SF Educational Services Inc.
274 Brannan St. Suite 200
SF 94107
(he wrote Van De Kamp. Van De Kamp is the DA, Los Angeles and he was responsible for seeing to an investigation about PT being done by Steve Ramirez of the Major Division.)

2. Reverend Norman E. Leach
SFCC Program Administrator
944 Market St., 4th floor
SF 94102
(he wrote the FCC. The FCC was threatened to take away our license and therefore our capability for radio transmissions.)

3. Yvonne Golden or Irman Tuominez
Co-chairperson of the World Peace Council of Northern Ca.
PO Box 930
SF, CA 94102
(one of them wrote the FCC)

4. Michael Snedeker
Attorney at Law
1317 18th St.
SF 94107
(he wrote the FCC)

5. Robert Winslow
c/o Irella and Manella
Attorneys at Law
1800 Ave. of the Stars
Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(wrote Van De Kamp)

6. Dorothy Helle (Joe’s mom)
2633 Piedmont Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704
(wrote the FCC)


Colonel Qaddafi
c/o Libyan Embassy
Georgetown, Guyana
South America

the leader of Libya, we are to write and tell him about Jonestown and praise him for the progress and development he has led in Libya. Use your own words, be creative.

[Handwritten address: “Col. Muommar Al Qaddafi, Pres. of Libyan Arab Rep.”]



[Editor’s note: The typed portions of this memo are in all capital letters.]

Letter information

Marcia and Barbara Simon – Letter from Dad and Emily saying, “Do you think there is room for another comrade?” (Their dad was in Concerned Parents [Concerned Relatives]) – *** Trick using the word comrade as far as I am concerned***

“Emily and I are thinking about going over to make this our home since you said it is so beautiful. (At least we won’t have to hear about all this killings and murders. People stealing from their friends and hating one another all over America) *** (Phony phony, I believe)*** All is well with Niguel and he may be coming soon.

Carrie Corey – Letter from daughter, Margie L. Corey. Says she had bought a newspaper and read all the mess that happened to the Temple. Hope whoever was involved has to pay (Seen some part of Guyana in the Sun-Reporter)

Wanda Kay Souder – Letter from a husband Stephen Berkley (in prison in San Luis Obispo, Calif). Still upset because Wanda left without saying goodbye to him, or without letting him see the children. Concerned about the children’s education as he thinks America has the best education. Says when he gets out he will be here to see them. Since that is not too far away.

Wants to know if she got his check for $1300. Says it is hard for him to believe that she would take all of that money without giving him a few dollars. It was from a settlement his lawyer Donald Cohen said he had the check mailed to Wanda.

“Wanda, there is quite a bit of controversy about Jim Jones over here and his move to South America. It has been on TV and in all the newspapers at the people that are talking about Jim Jones our people that was members of the Peoples Temple. One man was real high in the Peoples Temple staff his name is Timothy O. Stoen and a lady whose name is Kathy Hunter, wife of the Ukiah Daily Journal newspaper [editor]. They had an article in the Times newspaper, LA couple suing religious leader Jim Jones. The article was wrote by the Times possibly religious writer, Russell Chandler, and on Channel (2) Two news they had some people from the Peoples Temple saying that [words repeated] they had some people from the Peoples Temple saying that they had turned their property over to Jim Jones and they were crying because they could not see their people in South America or any money from their property. Wanda, this man, Timothy O. Stoen, was in South America with Jim Jones Long before you got there but left because he and Jim Jones had a disagreement. “Wanda, I really cannot speak on it because I am not there to see for myself, but it seems kind of strange to me the people doing all the talking and accusing Jim Jones of doing such things as forcing them to sell their property with fear and keeping people from



Wanda Souder Cont. – keep people from leaving South America or Jonestown are people that was members of the Peoples Temple for many years, but as I said, I can’t speak on it and rather than judge a man, I will try to understand him, but if it is true what they are saying about Jim Jones, time will tell, that’s for sure, because what you are in the dark will come to the light for sure, but I am more than sure that you know that better than most people, right, Wanda Kay.” Wants some tapes she had and pictures of the girls. *** Shall she get the letter??? ***

*** Note: Stephen is the director of the Narcept program they have there at the Calif men’s colony.

Betty Fountain – Another letter from her brother say that her boyfriend’s wife is upset because she heard that Betty was pregnant by her husband. Trying to find out when she is coming back etc. Shall Betty continue writing this man or not??? *** Shall she get the letter. This is the second one we have had. *** She is pregnant due in Feb. ****

[Handwritten addition: “Rita Lenin [Tupper]: Nov 15, 78. Rita – We have to get the community together on this right away. You, Mary Weather[spoon] too, me (Mary Lou [Clancey], Tish [Leroy], Harriet [Tropp], Ava [Jones.]”)


C-7-e-6a – e-6b are duplicates of C-7-e-5a and e-5b



[Editor’s note: This memo is in all capital letters.]

Letter information

Dottie Harris – Letter from Tyrone Duncan says he loves her, and will be seeing her sooner than she thinks. Last I heard Donnie Harris is going with Amando [Amondo] Griffith. *** Shall she get the letter??

Novella Sneed – Letter from these says a bubber [brother?] Has cancer and the doctors say he is almost at the end. He wants to see Novella and her dad will send the money if she will come. *** Shall she get the letter?? expected to die before the first of the yr.


C-7-e-8 is duplicate of C-7-e-7