State Department letter to Dymally, April 18, 1978


Department of State letterhead

April 18, 1978

The Honorable
Mervyn M. Dymally
Lieutenant Governor
State of California
State Capitol
Sacramento, California 95814

Dear Merv;

Attached are copies of the pertinent outgoing correspondence concerning the Stoen case in Guyana. I can’t add anything to this other than to emphasize that the matter is in the hands of the Guyanan courts.
The prospect of launching the Committee’s work program is exciting and one I am looking forward to getting started on. With the vision and commitment of Bob West and yourself we are bound to succeed.

I have lined up several board members including Representative Dante Fascell, former Assistant Secretary and Under Secretary for Economic Affairs Bill Rogers, Gus Rimple, Secretary of Commerce for the Virgin Islands (a recommendation of Ambassador Todman), Dr. Berkley Burrell, President of the National Business League, and Harry Geyelin, President of the Council of the Americas (Advisory Board). I am also well along in putting together the prospectus. This should be to you and Bob in draft by the end of this week.

Warm regards,
Peter B. Johnson