Undated (1978) Plan for Creation of PT Archives




  1. Sermon Transcripts
  2. Transcripts of Personal Histories
  3. Life of Jim Jones: episodes and anecdotes
    1. As told by Jim Jones himself
    2. As told by others (Lynetta, Marceline, Jack)
  4. History of Peoples Temple
    1. As told by Jim Jones
    2. As told by others (memories, reflections)
    3. Documents: articles, memorabilia, etc. [Handwritten addition: “(need to sub categorize)”]
  5. [Missing entry]
  6. Testimonies by general public: letters, statements, etc.
  7. Conspiracy materials – documents, writings, articles, letters, etc.
  8. Healing testimonies: include personal healings, stories of a supernatural or extraordinary nature
  9. Guyana community – current and history of community, crisis


Peoples Forum: Under 4C

Diary of Guyana community – IX

Life of Jim Jones – breakdown: (under IIIA and IIIB)

  • Childhood
  • Indianapolis years
  • Redwood Valley years
  • San Francisco years
  • Exodus and Guyana

Statements about Jim Jones and Peoples Temple of a General Nature by Members (separate category) (V)

In each folder of classification, place a sheet that details the documents within that folder for reference. If an item would apply to another category, so designate by code of the other category.

Keep a running diary on the community.

Include recent developments and details, plus documentation, of efforts against us by conspiracy.

Number and code each and every document – keep a separate index. Code the classification first, then the document number, then the nature of the document

NEWS ARTICLES – check to see that this is being done in US – Laurie [Efrein]
CLANCY’S DEPARTMENT – send back a note on this
TAPES BEING MADE HERE – check with Maria




Order to proceed:

Basic idea: to transfer notes, scribblings, letters, various kinds of pieces of paper, tape recordings, etc. into a coherent system of classified documents.

Secondary procedure: To develop from these classified documents a series of publications. Non-strategic documents should be compiled for publication as papers of Peoples Temple – this would be a compilation of the total scope of the work of Peoples Temple, comprising history, reflections, letters, statements, personal memoirs, photographs, news articles, statements, activities, etc.

Tertiary procedure: To develop several publications drawing from the compiled documents and commentaries, as follows:

– A publication centering around the life and struggle of Jim Jones

– A publication built around a series of autobiographical sketches of various people who are part of the Jonestown community, with appropriate supplementary sections.

– A publication centering around the efforts to destroy the Temple and Jim Jones

– A publication centering around the healing ministry of Jim Jones

– A publication centering around reflective and essay-type writing by several people who are part of People’s Temple.

– A pictorial study of the Jonestown community

– Annotated compilation of materials concerning the ministry of Rev. Jim Jones – involvement, organization, structure of church, etc. etc.