Plans for groups going into Georgetown


Work in pairs, rotate every other week.

Rotate group in town every two months.

Give classes on background of our conspiracy in the US and bring up to date.

Give background on ministers and those in leadership in town.

Give classes on conduct, behavior, teach loyalty to Dad and the cause first and foremost.

Classes should be taught by Paula [Adams], Ava [Jones], Kay [Nelson], Sharon [Amos], Harriet [Tropp], Carolyn [Layton], and Mother [Marceline Jones] if she has time.

Rules and regulations on behavior in town.

Assignments should be given out to everyone before they leave Jonestown.

[Handwritten addition: “No phone calls or letters unless cleared by Dad through proper channels.”]

Permanent staff
Richard Janaro
Jack Beam
Joan Pursley
Tim Carter
Mike Prokes
Debbie Touchette
Sharon Amos
Karen Layton
[Handwritten addition: “Mike Carter”]
Others as you rotate them in.
Maybe Tim, Jimmy, Johnny, Lew [Jones] can be rotated in, one at a time

Team A – Coordinator: Sharon Amos, she will probably rotate and more frequently as needed
Group Leader – Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda – Beverly Mitchell
Erin Leroy – Corlis Boutte
Anita Devers – Tony Walker
Cook – Gloria Carter

Team B – Coordinator: Kay Nelson
Group Leader – Sandi Jones
Sandi – Avis Breidenbach
Rosie Burgess [Burgines] – Michelle Touchette
Kim Yoon Ni – Maude Perkins
Cook – Lenora Perkins

Team C – Coordinator: Carolyn Layton
Group Leader – Shanda James
Shanda – Claudia Bouquette
Lisa Wright – Evelyn Leroy
Versie Perkins – Luna Morrell
[Handwritten addition: “Lisa Wright”]
Cook – Ameal Staten

Team D – Coordinator: Ava Jones
Group Leader – Jocelyn Carter
Johnson – Yvette Muldrow
Renée Kice – Darlene Cobb
Shirley Smith – Andrea Walker
[Handwritten addition: “Tina Turner”]
Cook – Annie McGowan

[Handwritten notes]
1. Mother will rotate in once a month for leadership, morale & organization
2. News sent in every time boat comes in
3. [illegible word] should return on the boat
4. Get ID for group going in