People authorized to talk to guests


This group will also be a kind of community “task force” that will be given several assignments:

  • To keep negative, erratic people away from guests;
  • To keep own attitude very positive, friendly;
  • To be on lookout for debris, litter, eyesores, other potential problems & report them or clean them up.
  • To be neatly dressed, to see that others are.
  • To troubleshoot: food lines, crowding, noise, inconsiderate behavior, etc.



The plan we discussed is to first identify a large group of people who we would feel relatively good about having talk to the guest. These people would meet a few times for a group session to discuss how to handle various things that might come up.

Below is a tentative list of people who would fit into this group. Some emphasis is placed upon nuclear family groups, and we suggested during the guest time, that husbands, wives and children spend time together perhaps more than usual, come to entertainment in their nuclear family group, etc., so they would be visible as nuclear family groups.

After this group is identified, perhaps we should identify another group who we feel should definitely not make contact with any guests – people who are negative, erratic, unpredictable, or whatever. These would have to be met with and told firmly how to behave and not to behave (basically, how to walk the other way when they see guest, or whatever).

People who might talk with guests):
Johnny Jones (Cobb)
Debbie Touchette
Mike Touchette
Etta Thompson
Paula Adams
Laura Johnston
Annie McGowan
Pat Grunnet
Rose Shelton
Carol Stahl
Richard Janaro
James Edwards
Irene Edwards
Rose Shelton
Lucy Crenshaw
Christine Young
Sandi Jones
Andrea Walker
Loretta Chavis
Don Jackson
Luna Murrel
Doug Sanders
Eugene Smith
Ollie Smith
Mary Griffith, Sr.
Alice Inghram
Jan Willsey [Wilsey]
Eva and Jim Pugh
Mom [Burger Lee] Dean
Brother [Henry] Mercer
Dorothy Buckley
Corlis Boutte
Linda Sadler
Jocelyn Carter and Mike Carter
Loretta Wilkerson
Tom and Bea Grubbs
Sharon Cobb
Tish Leroy
Zippy Edwards
Irra Johnson
Zuretta Langston
Calvin Douglas
Darlene Newman
Ollie Harrington
Rose Keaton
Tommy Keaton
Eliza Jones
Harold and Edith Bogue
Lenora Perkins
Maria McCann
Fannie Jordan
Ava and John Jones
Terry and Lew Jones
Tim Jones
Stephean [Stephan] Jones
Lisa Wright
Geraldine Bailey
Karl and Kim Barnett
Jack Beam
Geneva Beal
Becky Beikmanm
Jim Murral
Mike Prokes
Dick Tropp
Carolyn Layton
Lee Ingram
Karen Layton
Tim Carter
Shanda James
Gloria Carter
Hue and Ronda Fortsyn [Rhonda Fortson]
Jann Gurvich
Anita and Darrel Devers
Russell Moton
John Harris
Joyce and Charlie Touchette
Albert Touchette


(Please add more if we left people out, or eliminate bad choices.)

Ava Ingram
Alice Ingram [Inghram]
Kay Nelson
Amanda Fair
Joyce and Dale Parks
DD [Deedee] Macon
Cleyvee and Willie Sneed
Gene and Phyllis Chaikin
Inez Wagner
Rennie and Bob Kice
Judy Ijames
Sylvia Sly [Grubbs]
Magnolia Fearris
Shirley Smith
Maude Perkins
Evelyn Leroy
Danny Moten
Terry Buford
Ann Moore
Marthea Hicks
Shirley and Rob Gieg
Ruby Carroll
Barbara Hoyer
Frances Johnson
Theresa King
Liane Amos
Diane Wilkerson
Marylou Clancy
Don and Shirlee Fields
Odell Rhodes
Demo Kutulas
Kevan Smith (Grubbs)
Bob and Vernetta Christian
Ken Wilhite
Bob Davis
Ray and Agnes Jones
Jack Barron
Cardell Neal
Nancy and Ron Sines
Peter and Mary Wotherspoon
Betty and Tom Fitch
Carolyn Looman
Ken and Pam Norton
Tim Swinney
Rita Dennis
Cindy Newell
Margarita Romano
Marie Rankin (and children)
Elsie and Al Bell
Marvin Janaro
Mike and Bonnie Simon (& kids)
Sebastian McMurray [McMurry]
Chuck and Carolyn Kirkendall
Phil Blakey
Joe Wilson
Carole Dennis
Patsy Johnson
Patty Parks
Edith Parks