29 August Rally notes in re Tim Stoen


[Handwritten notation: “Chaikin”]

29 August Rally notes in re Tim Stoen

All the young people in LA had to sign powers of attorney for him to go to Los Angeles

Bernice has papers with Tim Stoen’s handwriting on it

Tim Stoen gave legal advice given publicly

Signed adoption on Jay Warren

Signed adoption on Sharon Amos Beam, with Jack Beam appear before Broadus

Day of the riot in Los Angeles – went down to the police station with group of our people: Gene [Chaikin], Jack Beam, Carolyn [Layton], Joyce Parks, Kay Nelson

Got up and advised the whole congregation

Led and was in the picket line around the Examiner in September 1972

Not sure he was in the Fresno Bee March – [James] Simpson said his pix was in Fresno Bee

Muslim Mosk [mosque] on file ­ TV

Important thing about the picket line was that he gave legal advice on that line. Told people “don’t push, don’t shout, etc.”

Carol Dennis recalls him in the pix

Tim Stoen signed papers in Georgetown for our headquarters as late as 1977 and signed a conveyance document on record in Georgetown

Going into court 1st of October [1977] with Tim Stoen

Made public appearances as our lawyer

Going to court for us, as a group

Taking a group in the court

?David Gainous

Tim advised when Joe and Ronnie on trial in Santa Rosa – sent group there with Dick Tropp, Tish [Leroy], Tim Clancy – group to clear articles and advertisements

Tim handled couple of lawsuits for church

Discussed church business with Frolich in presence of Gene Chaikin, specifically advice on advertising, also in Tish’s presence with Frolich

74-75-76 regularly traveled on Bus #7, doing legal work on the bus

Tim advised to “let Jack A. Beam [Jack Arnold] go to jail” or get him out of the country… Jim was on side of the law

He was ordained in our church


Penny [Kerns] has a lot of recollection she says

Gave legal advice on Truth Enterprises; consulted with Prokes, Chaikin & Tish

Gave legal advice on formation of the two non-used corporations we set up – Peoples Forum and the other one I don’t recall name – for politics. Political Action?

Dad would like to send audio back on Tim Stoen, comments on film, also to the District Attorney in SF