Memos on needed supplies for Jonestown


Supplies Needed – order w/ Tish

Clothing – amt
Raincoats – 60
Rain boots – 60
Socks – 240 pr.

Sheets, flat – 90
Hand towels – 120
Wash cloths – 180

2 Blenders
2 hot plates

Personal Items
Mild soap – 4 cases
Shampoo – 12 doz
Skin oil – 20 doz
Toothbrushes – 180
Hair grease – 40 doz

Paper – newsprint to be ordered by the ton from AAA Associates in Oakland at $300 per ton.


Recommend purchase of items separately for different agents, so 2×2 not put together / Harold Bogue


Order # 5664
Date: 14-June 78
Day: Weds.
From: Finance Evaluation Board
Supervisor: John Jones
Dept: Security
Order for: Johnny Jones
F.E.B. Tish [Leroy]
Dept needs by: Rush
[Handwritten annotation: “Pricing only!!”]

  1. Chemical supplies
    1. 20 lbs. Sulfur – chemical grade
    2. 1 qt. Sulfuric Acid concentrated
    3. 1 qt. Nitric Acid concentrated
    4. 20 lbs. Salt Peter
    5. 4 qts. Casting Resin
    6. 4 qts. Epoxy Cement – quick drying
    7. 15 lbs. Magnesium – any shape (stripe rod, sheet, or bar)
  2. Electrical Supplies
    1. 50 1” shielded alligator clips
    2. 1 roll 1000 ft #14 THHM copper wire
  3. Hardware supplies
    1. 50 2” Pipe Caps
    2. 25 Schrader Valves (Solder on type, similar to the ones found in refrigeration shops)
  4. Other
    1. 1 High PSI pump such as use to fill skin diving tanks


Order # 80-5683
Date: 22 May 78
Day: Mon.
Dept: Insecticides
Order for: Russel Moten
Supervisor: Russ Moten
When needed: Rush
[Handwritten annotation: “For pricing only… Versie”]

5 cases Basudin 40 or Diazinon
2-55 gallon drums Aldrin
5 cases of litre bottles Anthic (or one 55 gal drum)
10 gal dr. Chlordane
4 cas or 1-55 gal dr Palithion
5 cases Dikthane
2-55 gal dr. Triona
These insecticides are critical to us in rainy season. Get all that you can and the rest can be put thr[ough] the states. See if any available thru P.R. [People’s Republic] Korea? Or USSR? If these will be coming in, or if they have comparable. What is Cuba doing?


Good for running out rats, or other pests. Maybe this smoke can be piped down into the shit house to smother flies

Ken Norton: (items of interest)

1) Magneto telephones – a Carlson-Stromberg telephone requiring no switch board to operate, turn the crank on the phone and a loud ring is heard at the other end. They are capable of loud clear conversation at any distance. These phones could be of value in remote areas when the possibility of intruder reception of our CB system. Cost $16.95 each.

2) Mercury lighting 175 Watt – Mercury lighting is more efficient than incandescent. 175 Watts will give as much light as 800 Watts as incandescent. Mercury bulbs last 25,000 hrs. to 45,000 hours. Incandescent are short-lived. These units will fit 2” pipe operate on 115 V. Cost $25 each, photo cell $5 per lite.

3) 12V police siren – Sirens are audible for greater distances than are horns. In event of White Night one siren should be audible over the whole project. Everyone responds to a siren. Cost $39.50.

4) 30” reach sewing machine – While at Bonanza in Oakland I found a Singer sewing machine with a 30” reach capable of sewing canvas, tarps, quilts, leather or any other problem material. It is an extra heavy duty machine including table, motor, clutch, legs, and machine. This machine now sells for $5000, but Jack at Bonanza (phone 534-3030) will sell it to us for $600, the price he paid for it. The Singer salesman in LA said the price is ridiculously low and said parts for one 30 years old and a new one were exactly the same, parts are not a problem. The machine is currently in operating condition. Ruby Carroll said we could definitely use it since we do not now have anything that can be used for the purposes that this machine would. As a matter of fact, she needed one the AM I told her about it. [Handwritten addition: “Find out cost on shipment & what kind of leather.”]

5) Drill bit sets: He understands that we do not have enough drill bit sets. Currently we have only 4 partial sets of alphabet bits and those sets of fractional bits. We can get fractional bits sets from 1/16 to 1/2 by 1/64 graduations for $24.95. List price is $9.00 per set less than the best price. They can be gotten in SF. Due to the unstable economic system in the US he suggests getting 10 sets to hold us in supply for some time in the future.

6) Saw Blades: The shake mill is nearly functional but we lack saw blades of the appropriate size which is 24” in diameter. We decided on 24” steel blade 1/8” plate thickness with 1/32” insert teeth, 36 teeth, 1 1/4” arbor hole, 100-8 gauge 2 1/2 tennons & 200 teeth. These blades are not available from Georgetown but are available from SF. He does not know the prices but imagines $800 will cover the cost of the following: [Marginal note: “Simonds Brand”]

a. 2 each 24” x 1/8” plate x 1 1/4” arbor x 36 teeth blades
b. 100 each 8 gauge 2 ½” tennons
c. 200 each style 2 1/2” 8 gauge 7/32 kerf teeth

[Handwritten annotation: “Is this the portable sawmill?”]

Under normal circumstances I would recommend 4 each 24” blades because blades under continuous usage should be rotated to minimize mental fatigue and failure. He imagines the blade may cost $200.00 each. If they are under $200 each we may consider 4 each? The reason these blades are so expensive is because they are commercial saw mill duty blades. Check first with Acme Works on 1012 Brant St. and 2nd with Quality on Bayshore St.